Apple Announces $250 Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

As previously reported, Bates earlier today officially unveiled a new pair of Powerbeats wireless headphones with a design inspired by AirPods. In other words, imagine the current Powerbeats3 design without a wire.

The new headsets, named Powerbeats Pro, feature many of the same technologies that Apple recently introduced with AirPods 2, including the new Siri handsfree and the new H1 chip. As a pair of exercise-oriented headphones, the Powerbeats Pro will of course be resistant to sweat and water-resistant.

The new Powerbeats Pro speakers have no official launch date, although Apple suggests they will come sometime this spring. Price wise, Powerbeats Pro will retail for $ 250. Powerbeats Pro will be available in four colors: ivory, moss, navy, and black.

For battery life, each individual headset provides up to 9 hours of operation and “more than 24 hours of built-in operation with a magnetic lock.” Furthermore, earphones can charge up to 1.5 hours of operation after only 15 minutes of charging. The new Powerbeats Pro is 23% smaller than its predecessor and 17% lighter.

Some other interesting stories through the press release include:


Audio was a top priority in the development of Powerbeats Pro. Completely redesigned from the inside out, the earphones feature a sophisticated linear piston driver that increases the efficiency of compressed airflow to create a strong audio response in a small package. Improved sound quality means incredibly low distortion and a large dynamic range across the entire frequency curve.

Physically fit

Powerbeats Pro is a great solution for comfort, convenience and stability with its direct impact on audio delivery. To achieve the best possible compatibility on the widest range of ears, more than 20 electronic configurations have been designed and tested physically. The result is a completely new sound envelope with an engineering angle that sits comfortably in a concha receptacle with an eccentric nozzle. Comes with four sizes of earpieces and adjustable ear hook, an innovative part of the Powerbeats line since its launch in 2010.


Powerbeats Pro features a fully functional design with volume and track volume control on each headset. This means full control over your music and phone calls, regardless of whether you’re using the right or left earphones or both.

Long-range and short-range optical sensors enable auto-start / pause and call handling when you put the earphones out of your ears.


Powerbeats Pro provides incredible voice performance for phone calls. The first is Beats, an accelerometer for speech detection in each headphone and microphone to form beams on each side that target your voice and external sounds such as wind and ambient noise. This means that you can answer a quick call in the middle of your workout in the gym with clarity and confidence.

No power button does not mean any concern. PowerBeats Pro speakers are turned on when they are ejected from the enclosure and turned off (and charged) when placed inside. The accelerometer is detected when the earphones are idle and not in use, and they automatically enter sleep mode.

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