Google Assistant Gets The Voice Of The Legend Today

Last year, Google started stirring up a number of celebrities who were working for Google Assistant. One of the celebrities who voted for the project was John Legend, and although Google at the time said its voice would be available sometime in 2018, it seems that implementation has been particularly delayed. Google fixes that day, by sending the Legend live avatar to all Google Assistant users in the United States.

For example, Google says you can ask the helper to tell you some jokes and this will be the Legend that responds. He will also ask questions such as “What kind of music do you prefer?” Or “What is the temperature outside?” Assuming you chose a question that was not covered during the Legend time at the sign-in booth, the usual Google Assistant will take the job.

Google says it has also hidden a number of Easter eggs inside this inscription. The two they told us included asking “Hello Google, are we just ordinary people?” Or “Hello Google, give me the green light,” but after these games, we leave to our own devices to find the rest.

No matter how you access Google Assistant, you’ll be able to talk to John Legend regardless of your device, whether it’s a Google Home speaker, smart display, Android phone, or iOS. Google says Legend’s voice will only be available through the Google Assistant for a limited time, so talk to it as you can.


Select John Legend sound from the plugin

1. Open the Google Assistant app on your device

2. Press the button which depicts three vertical points

3. Press Settings

4. Click Preferences

5. Press “Voice Assistant”

6. Select your selection through the picker

J Cameo’s voice on the assistant was one of the most important requests we heard from you, and with the help of the modern speech synthesis model, WaveNet, is now a reality.

Because John Legend’s voice is a limited-term deal, we expect to see (and hear) more of the huge names of celebrity names.

The voice of the ohn Legend will not help you in everything

Keep in mind that the John Legend veil on Google Assistant will not cover every need or request. But there are specific things you can say to get them to respond, rather than one of the most common Google helper voices. What Google’s Google helper changes the ego can not answer, the Google regular assistant will. Here’s the full list, including Easter Eggs.

Will there be more Google Assistant votes?

Probably, yes! Google says:

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