How To Lock WhatsApp On IPhone

Face ID and Touch ID can be used by Apple for a variety of purposes, not just to open an iPhone or to authorize Apple Pay.

Many applications require Face ID or Touch ID authentication to grant access, even when your device is already open. These applications include banking applications and various retail applications, and you can now adjust WhatsApp on it.

To lock WhatsApp on your iPhone so that your face or fingerprint is required to see whatsApp chats even if your iPhone is already open, follow these steps:

1. Open the WhatsApp application

2. Click the ‘Settings’ tab at the bottom right of the screen

3. Click on the account

4. Open privacy

5. Press the screen lock

6. Switch Requires Face ID / Dial Touch ID on

7. Select the length of time for the desired Face ID or Touch ID

When you activate screen lock, messages can still be answered from notifications and callbacks, but WhatsApp chats can not be accessed without the recorded face or fingerprint.

If Face ID or Touch ID does not work, a white screen appears that says “WhatsApp Locked.” Open the lock with FaceID / Touch to open WhatsApp. There is no option to use the passcode instead, unless you follow the steps below.

How to Override Face ID or Touch ID on WhatsApp is Closed

If you need to access WhatsApp chats protected by Face ID or Touch ID, it is possible to do so but only if you have an iPhone passcode. We will not ask why you may need to do this, and we will tell you just how to do it.

These steps will bypass the Face ID or Touch ID lock functionality on WhatsApp:

1. Open the settings on your iPhone

2. Scroll down to “Face ID and passcode” or “Touch ID and passcode”

3. Enter the iPhone passcode

4. Click “Other Applications” under the section “Use Face ID / Touch ID for”

5. Switch off the WhatsApp

6. Reopen WhatsApp

7. Enter the iPhone passcode

It’s not a formal way as such, and more than a flaw in the feature. It simply cancels the WhatsApp license to use Face ID or Touch ID, but it should work and give you access to WhatsApp chats with your passcode.

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