It is always interesting for grandmother to be with the grandchildren and in fact, studies have it that it
helps the grandmother to grow longer and healthier. The caring attribute of a grandmother is very
pivotal to their health as it is observed that any grandmother that care for her grandchildren posses a
lower tendency of death compare to those that didn't care. So it is good to stay healthy by being
responsible and caring.

The mental fitness is unarguably needed to keep fit and healthy and also when a grandmother babysit
their grandchildren, they are prone to be happy with their doings because in life what keeps the health
maintained is to find happiness in anything you do. The grandmother with the old age would not want
to engage in stressful or hectical task as it can be unhealthy so they need to feel the sense of humor by
staying with their grandchildren which will keep them mentally active. Although, it is not necessary that
the grandchildren should be strictly from the family, it can be above family.

Also, grandmothers are said to be caring when they look after or do something with a grandchild in the
absence of his or her parents. Alongside, it is observed that grandmother without any grandchildren can
also be healthy by taking care of grandchildren that aren't related to them and assisting in any societal
commitments. Certainly, the most vital part of staying healthy is to always engage in anything that can
birth peace and happiness to the mind.


It is noted that those who care whether for their grandchildren or for others had a lower risk of death
over a 20-year period than those who did not help others. Also, It is evident that is fascinating when
grandparents babysit because their presence will benefits their grandchildren. In fact, young children
who are cared for by grandparents seems to have better vocabulary skills, and learn more about their
roots, tradition and culture than young children who are not been taking care for by their grandparents.
More also, the grandchildren that are always cared by their grandmother are expected to have a good
manner and respectful due to the fact that they'll be trained to be responsible and well cultured.

There are many studies and researches that buttress and conclude that there's relationship between the
act of babysitting and life expectancy. It is a fact that babysitting can cause longevity and more also,
There is a study done in Australia suggests that when a grandmother spend a moderate amount of time
caring for grandkids, it may prevent Alzheimer’s disease by increasing brain function and memory.

Although, it is observed that grandmother can feel exhausted or depressed anytime they have more
intense involvement in taking care of the grandchildren, this is perceived to be a tedious task because
they might feel psychological stress and consumed much more reason why it is pertinent to have a
limitation to what they can or should do due to old age.

We have different families but yet it is good to appreciate whom deserve it, hence the parents need to
make sure the arrangement of grandmother taking care and babysitting their grandchildren is beneficial
for everyone so that it can be time to build magical memories for all three generations and not as
exploitation of the grandmothers.

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