10 Ways To Tell Your Partner That You Love Them Without Saying A Word

10 Ways To Tell Your Partner That You Love Them Without Saying A Word

10 Ways To Tell Your Partner That You Love Them Without Saying A Word

We tried to do this without using words. Unfortunately, it seems that everything we tried did not work, so we will do it with their help – so you will not need them.
Tell your partner “I love you” (without a word) by doing anything …

  1. Cook their favorite meals
    They say that “the fastest way to overturn a person is through their stomach,” so we don’t discriminate between the sexes. Even if Gordon Ramsay isn’t in the kitchen, eating your favorite microwave food speaks volumes about how you see honey and wherever you are as a couple.

  2. Make sure that their clothes are clean
    Unless your important character is really not important to you, you want to smell her clothes fresh the next time you use them. Washing, drying, ironing, put it back in the closet. Fellas, sometimes you need to drag your finger in this section as well.

  3. Turn the outside light (and leave a love note) if your other half is working
    They don’t need to hit their phone to see exactly where the door lock is if they show this simple gesture. It also illuminates the vicinity so as not to walk in total darkness. How depressed is going home to it?
    A love note? They will be happy to read it (and they have the light to do it) …

  4. Apply fresh towels when the workday / night ends
    This is very similar to # 2. However, this time we don’t usually use towels as clothes, unless you are alone alone! Nothing says “I love you” just like leaving clean towels ready when they are most needed.

  5. Make an appointment for the night
    Ensure that all other distractions are out of the question, including children, pets, intervening friends, intervening mothers, and others. In fact, if you can put them together so that two planes like to enjoy the “us” time, everyone wins! Spending some good time together, refreshing the relationship and allowing you to do so is usually not allowed when you’re not alone.

  6. Wear their favorite clothes
    We all love a woman / man in uniform. Her in a sexy nurse costume, his in a firefighter uniform. Let’s race with these pulses, the way the bedside nurse will see it! The firefighter will extend his hose and extinguish all fires of desire, too! It’s suddenly hot …

  7. Give them an unexpected set and / or kiss
    Who doesn’t like some unexpected sugar? This can be enough to make someone’s day, especially those hugs and kisses from behind. They not only feel good, they are also good for our health. According to Dr. Mercola, a hug of 10 seconds a day can “reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce stress, combat fatigue, strengthen the immune system, fight infection, and relieve depression.” Now imagine what kissing can do …

  8. Send them a sweet text message
    What exactly to send, you just know. What we do know is that they will be absolutely about receiving this message from you. Be as creative or crazy as you want, you will be guaranteed to smile all day long and may send something if they get the chance.

  9. Do something they enjoy
    For him: watch the game with him wearing his team colors. For her: go to the ballet with her wearing a nice suit and Italian leather shoes. Of course, these suggestions can be changed to suit all tastes. If you go with them to do something they love, they will love you more for it. It’s a matter of making an effort for your boo.

  10. Be helpful to them (if possible)
    Being spontaneous with pressure means you can drop your hair and enjoy life. An impromptu trip makes you love your life with it, a nice little trip that listens to your favorite songs and sings to break the routine. In the end, you can laugh and say that you can’t believe you’ve already done it. We get only one life, so enjoy the life you love with your favorite person with you.

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Image Credit: Quora.com

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