9 Natural Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes from Biting You

9 Natural Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes from Biting You

9 Natural Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes from Biting You

There are ways you can chase mosquitoes far from you and you will be able to fend off itchy mosquitoes bites that might have had harmful effect on you. Mosquito would wish to feed on humans and it usually cause different itchy red bumps on the body and that is why it is essential to prevent it from happening.

During warm weather, people will always wish to spend so much time outside such as engaging in outdoor activities which might include sunbathing, hiking or barbeques.

Mosquitoes will be willing to taste your blood and they usually thrive most especially during warm weather. You can get rid of mosquitoes bites and still be able to enjoy the sunshine. There are some ways you can prevent mosquitoes and it will be discussed in this article.

Everyone would be willing to avoid been bitten in order not to contact mosquito-borne diseases such as fever, malaria and many more. The following ways can help you prevent mosquito bites:

  1. The use of fan: It isn’t always easy for mosquitoes to fly anytime there is wind and you can make use of this opportunity to avoid them. You will get their weakness to fight them, it only requires to power on your fan. Consider putting the fan downward in order to chase mosquitoes away since they won’t want to move around where there is breeze.
  2. Lavender: All Insects don’t wish to perceive the smell of lavender and you can make use of this to chase away mosquitoes from biting you. You will only need to plant a few lavender plants in your garden and this will help chase them away. You can also choose to rub lavender on your skin directly with the use of some essential oil, this will also help you push mosquito away from you. Consider making use of this scope most especially when it is time for bed as the smell of lavender is said to relax people while chasing away insects.
  3. Lemon Eucalyptus: According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), lemon eucalyptus is a good repellant to combat mosquitoes. You can make use of this essential oil to fight against mosquitoes as it also helps to relieve symptoms of common cold such as congestion and coughing.
  4. Clear out any standing water around your home: Mosquitoes can build up in a minute amount of water in an old flower pot or rain gutter. If you are having a pond in your house, it is advisable to add some mosquito-eating fish such as guppies or minnows. You can also treat the water with natural bacteria known as Bacillus thuringiensis which is powerful in killing mosquitoes and doesn’t affect people or plants.
  5. Light clothes: Wearing light clothes will help you stay away from mosquitoes since most of the insects usually operate when the sun is just rising or just setting because they only see when there is light. They will look out for color that will help them contrast with the horizon such as black or dark color. If you wear clothes that have light colors, they won’t clearly see you and hence less appetizing to them.
  6. Garlic: Garlic could also be disgusting to humans but it is a good way to fight against mosquitoes. It is possible that eating a lot of garlic can make your pores excrete smell of garlic. In this way, you won’t really smell like human to mosquitoes and they won’t be interested to come to you.
  7. Cloves: Cloves also operate just as lavender. Mosquitoes are always disgusted with the smell of cloves and this is a good way to get rid of them. You can get a bowl and put water therein and then add some cloves to it. Take this to a table or probably on your nightstand and mosquitoes with other nasty buggers would run away from you.
  8. Peppermint Oil: This is another natural repellant to fight against mosquito. You can simply mix the oil with other scents such as lemon and then rub them on your skin. Meanwhile, be aware that peppermint oil is hot oil that can cause warm sensation when applied to the skin. You can choose to add a carrier to it such as canola oil.
  9. Keep mosquitoes outside: It is very possible for you to keep mosquitoes outside your home. Try making use of screens on the windows or air conditioning to help chase away mosquitoes from coming through the windows. In a situation whereby you don’t have screen around your windows, get a fine mosquito net and hang it over your bed or crib.


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