How to Prevent Bad Breath: What You Should Know

How to Prevent Bad Breath: What You Should Know

No one really wish to have bad breath and people with it usually have poor experience and hence result to possible ways to get rid of it. A person that has bad smell or odor coming from their mouth anytime they talk usually find it difficult to associate with people ourselves and it won’t be easy for them to express their feelings to other people publicly.

Other people won’t always wish to be very close to those with bad smell and taking to them would become difficult. It is on this note that everyone need to ensure good hygiene and proper care of the body in order to look good and have nice breath. It is only when you are having a good oral hygiene that people will be able to walk unto you and move closer to you during discussion.

However, there are possible ways one can get rid and prevent bad breath and start living a fulfilling life with good smell. Meanwhile, before we start talking about handy tips that will help prevent bad breath, it is important we quickly look into the cause of bad breath and other risk factors.

Bad breath according to science is generally referred to as halitosis which is as a result of poor dental habits and it could even be a sign of serious health problems. The causes of bad breath are attributed to the type of foods we consume and some other unhealthy lifestyle habits. While consuming foods, the foods will start to breakdown in the mouth and eating strong foods with strong odors such as garlic or onions will typically leave some odor in your mouth that won’t exit until the foods have passed through your body completely.

There are some health problems that can be associated to bad breath which include dental caries, gum disease, yeast infection of the mouth and a lot more.

How to prevent bad breath:

There are different ways you can follow in order to prevent bad breath and some of it includes:

Engage in good oral hygiene: While it is recommended for every individual to brush their teeth at least twice a day, there are some people that do forget to brush their tongue along and this could be a great factor of having bad breath. There are usually some residues that stay around the tongue which will remain on your tongue unless you flush it out. Those residues would eventually affect your mouth if not properly taken care of and that is why you should always clean the tongue by slowing scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush moving from back to the front. Also, consider replacing your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months or probably after an illness.

Avoid much sugar: You will start to have bad breath when you eat a lot of sugar; this is because sugar will cause the bacteria in the mouth to ferment and brings about some nasty smells. It is imperative to reduce the amount of sugar consumption in order to have nice breath. If you are someone that loves chewing gum, you should consider picking a sugar-free type of chewing gum.


Always visit your dentist: It is very important for you to pay your dentist regular visit at least twice in a year. They will be able to conduct oral exam and other professional teeth cleaning for you and this will enable them to detect if at all there is any periodontal disease or other problems that might cause bad smell from the mouth.

Consume more bread: You might be happy you are told to consume more bread; this might be due to diet that is low in carbs and protein. When you have such diet, it is possible for you to have bad smell from the mouth. It is because the body is likely to make use of fat instead of carbs for energy and this will make your body to burn fat which causes the chemicals to accumulate in the body and those chemicals will only leave your body through mouth. This will certainly bring about nasty smells from your mouth.

Quit smoking: Smoking can cause bad smell because when you chew tobacco-based products and other nature of smokes, there will be some residuals around your mouth that will later bring about bad odors. It is important for you to seek the consent of your dentist in order to kick off this habit.

Drink enough water: You mouth will moist by drinking enough water which will result to fresh breath. Aside drinking water, there are some other drinks that can also give you good results such as tea. You can add ginger to a lemon tea and the result would be refreshing. It isn’t only giving you a fresh breath but also provide other health benefits.


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