Strange Ways Your Underwear Affects Your Health That You Should Know

Strange Ways Your Underwear Affects Your Health That You Should Know

Are you aware that your underwear can truly affect your general health? It is very possible. There are some types of underwear that you should try to avoid as much as you can in order to prevent serious health problems for yourself. Your vagina health might be disrupted and hence make it uncomfortable for you to have a good day.

While everyone have their underwear preferences, it is necessary to note that there are some strange ways that the underwear can affect the health since vaginas are very resilient making them to easily be liable to irritation and infection. There are health implications associated to some underwear most especially when they are too tight or wet. This indicates that regardless of your preference, you should consider knowing those strange ways your underwear can affect your health.

It is also pertinent for ladies to note that there are some underwear rules they should be aware of and it is possible to have underwear drawer that will have a little bit of everything you need.

Here are some things you should keep in mind about how your desired underwear can affect your vaginal health:

  • Wearing tight innerwear can lead to yeast infections and ingrown hairs: It is obvious that the skin around your vagina is thinner enough for you to know how sensitive it can be than other part of your body skin. Due to this fact, it is important not to wear innerwear that will be too tight which can cause friction and mild irritation with ingrown hairs. Aside that, wearing of tight innerwear can aid the development of yeast infections since there will be possibility of heat and moisture to develop in the vagina area. Unarguably, it will be easy for bacteria to develop at anywhere there is heat and moisture.

  • Wearing G-strings can spread E. Coli bacteria to the vagina: If you love wearing thongs mostly when you don’t wish to go panty lines, it is right time to reconsider your decision. While it is not bad to wear thongs, you should be aware that it can cause some negative reactions to your health. Thongs usually move inside your butt crack and most times they end up sliding a bit and hence transferring E. coli bacteria to the vagina through the anus. Therefore, if you are willing to wear thong, ensure it is most appropriate for you and won’t slide all over the place. Also, you should ensure that it isn’t too tight in the inseam.

  • Go for breathable fabrics: The best type of fabrics you should consider is breathable fabrics. They are always 100% cotton and seamless panties. Wearing non-breathable fabrics (such as lace, polyester, nylon and lycra) will only irritate your vaginal area and hence make you prone to developing yeast and bacterial infections.

  • Shapewear can eliminate your circulation, mess with digestion and cause UTIs: It is time to stop considering everyone’s best friend “spanx” as it could be really bad for you. Desist from wearing tight underwear for a long duration of time. Also, spanx can make it difficult to go to bathroom for women as they will tend to “hold on” more than they should which can lead to more UTIs. In addition, high waistspanx that cover the entire abdomen can affect the food digestion and make you experience bloating and gas.

  • Moist underwear can cause yeast infections: Have you heard about how bad it is for ladies to sit around in a wet swimsuit? Yes, it is very bad. So also are wet, sweaty or moist underwear. If you are someone that really sweats a lot, it is pertinent to always change your underwear more than once in a day just to avoid developing a yeast infection around the vagina area. In case you engage in physical activity either at the gym or a long walk or probably exercise, you should kindly change your underwear as soon as you could. Wet areas are breeding ground for yeast and bacteria, you should avoid it.

  • Make your vagina happy by sleeping nude: A great way to make your vagina happy is by going commando at night. Night time is a great opportunity for your lady bits to air out.

  • There will be major irritation when you make use of scented detergents: A nice way to avoid any irritation from synthetic fragrance is by making use of detergents that are scent-free. You should ensure that your undies aren’t washed with scented detergents or dried with scented dryer sheets. The heavy fragrance can lead to irritation and itching around your vagina because it is very thin and sensitive.


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