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Cyber Security jobs in Canada: Ultimate guide

Cyber Security Jobs in Canada: Do you have a passion for cybersecurity and want to work in this field in Canada? Then read on. This article includes all you need to know about cyber security jobs in Canada. After reading this guide, it will do justice to the vital information that you need.

Cyber security jobs in Canada are one of the in-demand jobs in Canada, and the demand for these professionals is expected to double, especially now that digital involvement and data usage have risen. Thus, it would be best if you kept expecting a continuous rise in the demand for workers who work in cyber security. 

The wonderful thing about cyber security is that it covers a wide range of topics. Yes, some roles are pretty technical. But many different areas also have a role in a company’s security posture. As more businesses in the modern world move their operations online, the need for cybersecurity experts keeps increasing. asides this job role you could also get jobs in the fields like Tech, Engineering, Social work, nursing, Accounting, and others as an expert in the fields. they are all in demand in Canada.

Professionals in the field of cyber security have a variety of significant responsibilities, including defending our country; safeguarding our financial assets; securing our electricity distribution systems; safeguarding our identities; ensuring the privacy of our medical information; and preventing ransomware attacks, to name a few.

To make a wave in this career, you must keep abreast of technology and be very creative. Cyberattacks are always coming up with new ways to do things, so cybersecurity needs to stay at the forefront of all data procedures. 

Listed below are the types of cyber security jobs in Canada and each person’s salary for different kinds of cybersecurity.

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Cyber Security jobs in Canada

Cyber security Jobs in Canada: Various cyber security positions

A CISO, or chief information security officer

This job position is one of the best cyber security jobs in Canada. Chief information security officer, is a senior-level person responsible for the overall security of information in any organization. Working in this job role gives you the liberty to be in charge of making and keeping up-to-date programs for risk management and information security. They also talk to the people with a stake in the organization to inform them about IT security problems. It requires a lot of cyber security industry experience to become a CISO.

Security Architect

A professional in cyber security known as a “security architect” is in charge of creating robust security frameworks that are used to thwart malware attacks. To be in this position, you must be an expert and have the required qualifications. It is one of the most in-demand and high-paying cybersecurity jobs in Canada. Security architects also do vulnerability scans and help other people on the security team with technical issues.

An expert in cybersecurity

Cyber security Engineers are professionals who design the security controls that are put in place to protect a business from cyberattacks. These engineers oversee an organization’s core data and network security. These professionals also create cyber security systems and work with other teams to maintain security.

A Malware Analyst

A malware analyst is a specialist who recognizes and also investigates online dangers, including infections, trojans, and bots, to comprehend their nature. They create tools for preventing malware assaults and strategies for doing so.

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Penetration Tester

An ethical hacker is another term for a penetration tester. They usually work as security consultants for networks and, like hackers, take advantage of a system’s flaws. They then create more advanced penetration tools and record the outcomes of the tests. The main goal of all of their work is to reduce the threat of viruses and cybercrime.

Computer Forensics Analyst

Computer forensics analysts get data and digital evidence from computers when working on cyberattack cases. They are in charge of attempting to recover lost, destroyed, stolen, or altered data. Their work is extremely informative because it provides a deeper understanding of cyberattacks.

Canadian Cybersecurity Jobs’ Average Salary Ranges

According to, the average cyber security compensation in Canada is $92,608 per year or $47.49 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $130,000 annually, while entry-level roles start at $76,850.

Cyber security jobs in Canada: Salary per region 

British Columbia $106,948

Nova Scotia $91,062

Saskatchewan $86,694

Ontario $92,554

Quebec $90,753

Alberta $81,250

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Cyber security jobs in Canada: Salaries per Job position

Analyst for computer forensics

In Canada, a digital forensics analyst can earn anywhere from $47,623 to $120,000 a year.

Penetration Tester

According to, a penetration tester makes an average of $126,750 annually, or $65 per hour in Canada. Starting salaries for entry-level roles are $95,000 annually, while those with the most experience earn up to $217,625 annually.

Malware Analyst

In Canada, a malware analyst has an average yearly pay of $71,263.

Cybersecurity Engineer

In Canada, the average annual income for a cyber security engineer is $120,000, or $61.54 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $145,563 annually, while entry-level occupations start at $119,944 annually. This was according to

Security Architect

According to, in Canada, a security architect makes an average salary of $103,697 per year or $53.18 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $150,375 annually, while entry-level occupations start at $85,207 annually.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

In Canada, a chief information security officer makes an average salary of $153,189 annually.

Cyber Security jobs in Canada: Why every industry needs cyber security.

  • Every industry needs to implement cyber security safeguards of some kind. This applies to more than just IT corporations, including the government, the healthcare industry, and financial services. This implies that you’ll have lots of options for the industry you want to work in and more career prospects.
  • You may work from home: Working in cybersecurity already enabled remote work before the pandemic. Since most work is done online and focuses on technology, you may work for any company in Canada from anywhere in the world.
  •  Excellent room for expansion: Your professional path and learning chances have a lot of space to expand with cybersecurity. All of the other IT skill sets and security disciplines will be taught to you. Cyber security experts try to learn as much as possible about how businesses and technologies operate.
  • A degree is optional: There are numerous self-taught experts in cyber security, and people from other areas have been able to move. Instead of returning to college or university, you can use industry-recognized certificates to enter or grow in the cybersecurity area.
  • The absence of qualified workers in the industries.

Different businesses have a considerable need for qualified cyber security experts, which is another excellent reason cyber security analysts are moving to Canada. Since there are few applicants to fill all open positions, you, as a skilled professional, have more opportunities and your likelihood of landing a job rises.

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Cyber security Jobs in Canada: Conclusion

Cyber security Jobs in Canada: Because of the significant digitization of our environment today, cybercrime rates are at an all-time high. Since cyber security professionals are in charge of protecting a company’s advanced IT systems, assets, and data, these jobs are both challenging and very rewarding. Professionals in this position must have a solid grasp of security and essential IT. A benefit would be some background in engineering or data analysis.

The use of technology and the data it is based on has become practically universal in modern life. Because of this, almost every industry now has to deal with cyber security, an essential part of the internal infrastructure that is constantly changing.

Cyber security specialists are needed more than ever as digital dangers develop to target a workforce working from increasingly remote locations. Even the number of jobs for security analysts is expected to grow by 31% by 2029.

Furthermore, top jobs in the industry are now extraordinarily wealthy. Ethical hackers, information security engineers, cyber security sales engineers, chief information security officers (CISO), and cyber security architects have yearly incomes in the six figures for security-related positions.

You are undoubtedly eager to find a job in this lucrative profession if you have already completed your formal education in cyber security through conventional college courses, a self-guided endeavour, or a cyber security Bootcamp. 

Cyber security Jobs in Canada: FAQs

How much money do Canadian cyber security experts make?

According to, if you work as a cyber security professional, you should earn an average of $92,608 per year or $47.49 per hour. Most experienced workers make up to $130,000 annually, while entry-level roles start at $76,850.

Which cyber security position offers the highest salary?

The maximum income for a chief security professional is $229,000, with the average salary for this position being $165,985.

Is cyber security a lucrative profession in Canada?

Cybersecurity is a good career choice in Canada because there are many options for both beginners and more experienced people.

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