Costly mistake to avoid when submitting your visa application


Many people keep thinking about what they didn’t do right with their visa application

An applicant’s eligibility for a visa may be denied by the consulate if they don’t have all the information.

For this reason, anybody applying for a visa should seek the assistance of an attorney with extensive experience in visa matters.

An applicant’s application may be rejected if they do not meet the requirements of the visa category for which they have applied or if they have a criminal record.

For instance,

You have an important business trip planned for the near future that will take you out of the country.

So you do a few final checks to make sure you have everything you need.

Passport? Check!

Suitcase? Check!

What’s up with the Visa?

Your visa application is due now, so you’ll have to hurry and submit it.

Even when your application has been rejected soon after, there is still time to appeal the decision.

Denied? Disaster! Do not allow yourself to become the victim of this crime.

Costly mistake to avoid when submitting your visa application; more details

This article will show you how to avoid five of the most common mistakes made by visa applicants.

visa application

  • First and foremost, don’t forget to read the directions!

Not reading the application guidelines thoroughly is one of the most common mistakes made by visa applicants.

As a general rule, the application will describe exactly what documents and paperwork you must provide.

Despite this, many people apply for visas without the paperwork.

They may delay your visa application because of this hiccup.

Pay attention to the directions. They’ll save you a lot of time and effort!


  • Giving erroneous information on a passport

Incorrect passport information is a common problem for visa applicants every year.

Filling out your information correctly cannot be emphasized enough.

Visa applications with wrong information (such as an incorrect date of birth or passport number) will not be accepted.

Hence the importance of double-checking your passport information.

After you’ve double-checked everything, conduct the third check!


  • Don’t provide wrong passport-sized images.

Candidates are often required to submit passport-sized pictures as part of their visa applications.

In most cases, the application documentation specifies the specifics of the photo criteria.

Despite this, visa applicants frequently make the error of submitting the wrong passport photos.

Among the most typical problems with passport photos are:

  • The photo’s background is the wrong shade of blue.
  • There is too much contrast in this image.
  • The photo is out of proportion to the rest of the image.
  • Is there anything we can do for you?
  • Pay someone to take your passport photos.
  • Yes, it will set you back a few pounds.
  • At least your visa application won’t be held up by a minor inconvenience like passport photos.


  • Submit a photo of “your passport”

Isn’t it true that a smartphone can accomplish just about anything?

Well, it’s possible that nothing…

Even if you don’t believe it, smartphones might actually be a barrier when it comes to visa applications.

A ‘copy of an original passport’ is a regular requirement for visa applications.

As a result, a large number of applicants supply passport images taken with their mobile phones.

Exactly what’s the problem, exactly?


It is not uncommon for a smartphone’s picture quality to vary dramatically.

furthermore, let’s face it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to be a photographer (apologies if any of the following sounds like you!).

Isn’t it common for passport images to be presented that include includes of a smartphone or background, making it impossible to read a person’s passport?

It’s hard to argue with any of these.


If your passport information isn’t clear, your application won’t be approved.

If a smartphone isn’t an option, how can you make an acceptable “copy of your passport”?

Easy! Scanners can help!

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  • The clock is ticking down.

Many visa applicants don’t leave enough time to complete their applications before departure.

The process of obtaining a visa is lengthy.

As a result, rather than putting off your visa application until the last minute, apply for it as soon as possible.

visa application

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You Made a Mistake on Your Immigration Form. Now What? Is There Anything I Can Do About It?

How to get in touch with the proper government office if you made a mistake when filling out an immigration application or petition?

If the government has not yet taken any action,

It’s easier to fix a mistake if you discover it before the government responds to the form you sent.

Do a quick assessment to see how significant a mistake you’ve made is and whether trying to rectify it right away is worth your time and effort.

 Mistakes in your personal information (such as a misspelled name or the erroneous birth date) or in the information that could affect your eligibility for a benefit should be corrected immediately.

However, if you made a simple typo in the zip code of a company you worked for 10 years ago, you can breathe a sigh of relief:


Forms for the Department of Labor

The iCERT interface does not allow employers to make changes to labor condition applications (LCAs) that have already been submitted.

A new LCA must be submitted with the correct facts if it is desired that you withdraw your previous one.

Please refer to the latest iCERT External User Guide if you have any questions about utilizing the portal.

A PERM labor certification application mistake can’t be fixed either. Withdraw and resubmit your application using the online PERM system.

A FAQ can be found by clicking on the “Frequently Asked Questions” link.

When it comes time to file with USCIS, you may resolve discrepancies between the information contained in a Department of Labor filing and the accompanying USCIS application.

Considering this alternative is a good idea even if you have time to correct the LCA or labor certification and the error is minor.

Keep in mind, however, that the Department of Labor is extremely strict about mistakes on LCAs and PERMs.

USCIS may have already taken action on your application.

USCIS may accept your modification and begin work on your form if you submit it early enough.

There could be two outcomes if a mistake is discovered after USCIS has already begun processing your application.

 A “Request for Evidence” may be sent to you asking for more details regarding the error. (For more information, see How to Handle a USCIS Request for Evidence (RFE)).

Alternatively, USCIS may reject your initial form and require you to start from scratch. Filing and payment of fees will have to be done all over again.

Forms With Inadequate or Inconsistent Data

The process of filling out an immigration application can be intimidating, so make sure you read and understand everything that is asked of you before you begin. Pay close attention to each form, as the same information may be requested in multiple places.

If you misspell your name (e.g. William Thendale on one form and William J Thendale on another), or if you offer an address with dates that aren’t consecutive, your chances of winning could be harmed.

As a result of incorrectly or forgetfully adding your signature, the complete application may be returned, which accidentally delays the process.