What are the Available Accounting jobs in Canada: 2022/2023

What are the available Accounting jobs in Canada: you can get available accounting jobs in Canada in provinces like, Alberta, British Colombia, Manitoba, New Brunswick and other notable cities. An accounting job in Canada is one of the best things anyone would wish for. As a kid, some of us have dreamt of being an accountant at some point in time because we see it as a professional high-income job. 

Growing up as a graduate in accounting, it is certain anyone would want to practice the profession in a good company and get paid well for it. Interestingly, you can live and work in Canada as an Accountant. Accounting jobs in Canada are one of the in-demand and highest-paying jobs in Canada. Although, Canada is known to have in demand jobs in field such as Engineering, Tech, and medical field and you can even get to work from home and earn high in Canada but Accounting is still one of the most taskful, professional and high paying profession that requires good qualifications. 

Talking about immigration, are you scared that you might not be granted a visa for immigration, that getting a job and staying there won’t be easy or that you will not be welcomed in the new country you are immigrating to? This is why we have come up with this guide, to explain all you need to know concerning accounting jobs in Canada. The guide includes the duties, skills, sales, and likeable questions and answers. Read below; duties and job titles for accounting jobs in Canada. 

Accounting jobs in Canada: Available jobs 

Listed below are the available accounting jobs in Canada. Click on the link to access job postings according to the job bank.

Accounting jobs in Canada: Duties of Accountants 

  • Set up, manage, and prepare financial data for individuals, departments within organizations, businesses, and other establishments. 
  • Accounting records and financial statements, and reports 
  • Establish and maintain cost-finding, reporting, and internal control procedures 
  • Examine accounting records and prepare income tax returns. 
  • Analyze financial reports and give financial, business, and tax advice 
  • bankruptcy trustee 
  • Trains articling students, accountants, and administrative technicians. 

Accounting jobs in Canada: Job Positions 

  • internal auditor
  • chief accountant
  • accountant (CPA, CGA)
  • accountant
  • chartered professional accountant, chartered accountant (CPA, CA)
  • chartered professional accountant certified general financial auditor
  • income tax expert
  • industrial accountant
  • chartered professional accountant, certified 
  • management accountant (CPA, CMA)

How to Become an Accountant and Immigrate to Canada

It would help if you first thought about the criteria and your level of accounting expertise. There are many accounting positions in Canada for foreign nationals, many of which offer excellent potential for financial success.

However, foreigners should be aware that some accounting roles are regarded as regulated occupations, necessitating the acquisition of a foreign qualification recognition for foreign accountants.

It’s preferable to contact the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA) or the Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario to learn more about the procedure so that you can become qualified as soon as possible. Similar to international healthcare professionals, it may be difficult but possible to gain the necessary certifications to work for particular roles in Canada.

Accountants Immigration Programs to Canada

The following step is to apply for your preferred Canadian immigration program after receiving acknowledgement of your foreign qualifications. We’ve selected the quickest programs appropriate for accountants to take into consideration to familiarize you with the best programs for accountants. Some of the programs to select are listed below.

Express Entry

The Express Entry online system is a pathway through which the Canadian government screens and selects candidates who intend to go and live and work as skilled workers in Canada. It is known as the quickest route to permanent residency in Canada.

By providing their accounting history, and experience from their home country, seasoned accountants can get a lot out of this program.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Work Visa

Another fantastic option for accountant immigrants seeking entry into the country is the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Work Visa. 

A successful LMIA paperwork will demonstrate to the government that there is a genuine requirement for a foreign worker to take over the position if you have been engaged to work in Canada by an employer. 

You can apply for a work permit by asking your Canadian employer to submit an LMIA.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, available to people with an employment offer from a specific employer and a personalized settlement plan for themselves and their families, is another convenient way for accountants to apply for permanent residency. 

Because firms do not need to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment, this programme is another hassle-free immigration alternative to consider (LMIA).

The accessible streams are listed here:

  • The Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP)
  • Program for Intermediate Skills in the Atlantic (AISP)
  • International Graduate Program at Atlantic (AIGP)

Accounting jobs in Canada: Best cities to Apply 


In the centre of British Columbia is the city of Vancouver. Amazing Reasons to Move to Vancouver, Canada, in 2022The city is renowned as a seaside port with a strong economy and excellent employment prospects. 

Due to its “often-termed” moniker “The Canadian Silicon Valley,” Vancouver is home to various start-ups needing accounting and financial services.


Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is one of the biggest cities in Canada. Immigrants and international students from all over the world commonly go to Toronto, one of the largest cities in the world. 

One of the biggest financial hubs in Canada, Toronto is the start-up capital of the world.


In Canada, Ottawa is likewise regarded as a major metropolis. 

Thousands of immigrants and international employees each year come to the Ontario region, where Ottawa is located. 

The city has many financial institutions and accounting positions that present excellent employment possibilities for foreign accountants.

Accountant Salary in Canada

Canadian accountant salaries average $56,279 per year or $28.86 per hour. Most experienced workers make $75,000, while entry-level jobs start at $45,826.

  • Salary per region
  • Alberta $63,425
  • Quebec $62,500
  • Ontario $61,460
  • Saskatchewan $60,123
  • British Columbia $60,000
  • New Brunswick $59,250
  • Manitoba $55,000
  • Nova Scotia $54,708
  • Prince Edward Island $53,625

Accounting jobs in Canada: Conclusion

Canada houses are the best landmarks and attractions in the world. You should consider local attractions and characteristics like Niagara Falls, crystal-clear blue-water lakes, gorgeous moose, a warm and welcoming community, first-rate healthcare, and an abundance of accounting employment alternatives. 

All those years of careful consideration are worth it if you immigrate to Canada! 

We’re confident that you won’t have any trouble realizing that Canada is the greatest country for you if your problem-solving abilities as an accountant are excellent. Employers are constantly looking for accountants, and there are more than a thousand accounting employment opportunities in Canada. 

Accounting jobs in Canada: FAQs

Are Accountants In-Demand in Canada in 2022?

In Canada, accountants are required everywhere and constantly! According to studies, there are predicted to be 79,600 job openings from 2019 to 2028, while 79,500 firms are expected to be looking for employees. Since practically all businesses require accountants, it is not surprising that Canadian employers actively recruit foreigners for accounting positions in Canada. 

Is Accounting a Salable Profession in Canada? 

Advice for Accounting Candidates to Pass a Canadian Immigration Interview. The majority of immigration interviews in Canada involve asking a lot of questions. To pass your first interview, regardless of your profession. Whether an accountant, a doctor, or even a flying trapeze acrobat, you’ll need to honestly and professionally answer these questions. 

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