19 highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada in 2023

highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada: Many people want to know One of the most popular countries for immigrants to settle in is Canada. One of the main reasons why Canada is a popular immigration destination is because of its welcoming immigration regulations.

Canada’s high standard of living, medical benefits, safety and security, gorgeous geographical regions, and abundant job possibilities all play a role in luring newcomers to the country.

Since the number of immigrants to Canada continues to rise each year, one question we frequently get is: What are the highest-demand occupations in Canada? Well, here it is.

It is often easier for individuals to create a career path in those occupations that are frequently featured among the most in-demand jobs in Canada, especially with the support of staffing firms.

Demand for almost all positions has gone up this year.

Positions for skilled workers such as truck drivers, welders, and general laborers are available. Human resource manager, project manager, account manager, administrative assistant, and receptionist are just a few examples of administrative and professional positions.

Opportunities await you across Canada, in each province and territory. And people of all educational backgrounds, skill levels, and professional aspirations can find satisfying work in fields spanning from the blue-collar to the white house.

Here you’ll find information on Highest Paying Jobs to Immigrate to Canada in 2022.

highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada

Details on Highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada

Companies all over the world are launching digital transformation efforts, and this means that IT departments at the enterprise level must work together more closely than ever before on both strategy and implementation.

Creating high-quality products, tailoring services to individual needs, and making a profit are all motivating factors in this movement.

However, the rising number of projects and acute shortage of technical personnel are just two of the difficulties that this trend is causing for those in charge of technology.

More than half of North American IT departments are understaffed, per a Robert Half Technology survey, and the skills gap in Canada is increasing at an alarming rate.

Furthermore, employers have been known to offer bonus pay of up to 10 percent to workers who demonstrate in-demand skills and expertise.

Technical proficiency in coding stands out as a major differentiator in this group.

You’ll have a leg up on the competition for IT jobs if you have a solid technical background, a genuine interest in programming, and the appropriate credentials to back up your claims.

Here are the 19 highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada

Web developer

Web designers and developers are employed by a wide range of enterprises and agencies, from startups to multinational conglomerates.

A web developer is a computer programmer or application development expert.

Web developers have a realistic chance of getting a work visa in Canada thanks to the country’s fast two-week processing time for applications submitted through the Global Talent Stream.

Salaries: $69,305 on Average

NOC Code: 2175

Professionals in the fields of Web Design, Web Development, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are often grouped.

Managers of human resources (HR)

Managers of human resources in Canada are tasked with filling open positions with qualified candidates. The position of human resources manager is among the most in-demand in Canada.

Compensation: $89,003 on the Mean

NOC Code: 0112


Electrical Engineer

Professional electrical engineers play a crucial part in the current economic system. Electrical engineers are responsible for the design, analysis, specification, construction, and testing of electrical systems and components.

In General, People Make Around $91,832 Per Year

The corresponding NOC Code is 2133.

Electrical and electronics engineers are related professions


Veterinarians (Vets)

Pets are very popular in Canada, and many households have multiple pets. However, there is a severe shortage of veterinarians in Canada, making this a highly sought-after profession.

considering this is a provincially regulated profession, one must obtain a license from the relevant provincial or territorial authority.

The Typical Wage is $95,804

NOC Code: 3114

Veterinarians in Canada must graduate from an accredited veterinary college. A veterinarian establishing a career in Canada


Human Resource and Recruitment Officers

Since more businesses are opening their doors, there is a greater need to fill available positions. Officers in charge of recruiting people to fill open positions are vital to meeting Canada’s seemingly insatiable need for workers.

The need for recruiters is especially great in competitive industries like engineering and technology.

In Canada, a recruiter seeking advancement in their profession is expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, such as human resources.

Joining the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada and registering as a professional recruiter can help a recruiter’s chances (APRC).

$65,292 is the average salary.

NOC Code: 1223

Related Job: a person who works in human resources

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help people and families figure out how to take care of their money. Financial advisors who work at a bank also advertise the bank’s products and services.

Average Pay: $62,971

NOC Code: 0111, 1114

Related Jobs: Financial Managers, Other Financial Officers, Financial Sales Representatives.



When it comes to people’s health and happiness, pharmacists are the go-to experts because of the work they do. A pharmacist’s career options are many, including working in a hospital, a store, or even starting a pharmacy. Pharmacists are regulated by each province.

A pharmacy degree, successful completion of the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) exam, and provincial/territorial registration are all necessities for practicing pharmacy in Canada.

Over the past few years, this has been one of the best-paid and most-wanted jobs in Canada. In Canada, pharmacists make an average of $45 an hour. If they work an average of 12 hours a day for a year, they could make an average of $129,600.

$89,314 is the average salary

NOC Code: 3131



One of the best things about being a welder is that you don’t have to go to college or university to do it, but you still get paid well. Welders have always been one of Canada’s most in-demand jobs.

For this skill, you need to know something about welding. In Canada, you need either a trade school or an apprenticeship to become a welder or both.

This job is now one of the 15 most in-demand jobs for this year, which you can see by the fact that the number of skilled trade workers is going down.

To increase your chances of getting a job as a welder, you can learn how to weld underwater. To do this, you need to be a good swimmer and not be afraid of water.

Salary: $73,504 on average

NOC Code: 7327

Welders and people who run similar machines also do this job.

General Laborer

General laborers move materials and equipment. They do jobs that are hard on their bodies, like digging, tearing things down, and packing things down. Construction craft workers get work sites ready and clean them up.

$47,678 is the average salary

NOC Code: 7611

Related vocations include construction craft workers and aid workers in the construction industry.


Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers plan, research, test, develop, and keep track of how space vehicles and systems are made and kept up.

Such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, and other related aerospace equipment. There are several places where you can get a degree in aerospace engineering.

In Canada, it’s easy to get a job as an aerospace engineer because older engineers are retiring and making room for new ones. There is also clear growth in the industry all the time. This is a job that pays well and is in high demand right now.

$98,347 is the average salary.

NOC Code: 2146

Aircraft engineers, aeronautical engineers, and spacecraft design engineers all do similar work

 Administrative Assistants

People in this role help their coworkers with things like accounting and other administrative tasks. Administrative assistants who focus on accounting or bookkeeping tasks have a better chance of getting hired because the job is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada right now.

$45,927 is the average salary

NOC Code: 1241



Merchandisers usually work for stores like Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Real Canadian Superstore. They decide what new products to bring in and how to put them on the shelves.

$48,610 is the average salary.

NOC Code: 6222

Retail and wholesale buyers are related jobs.



There are several types of drivers, including those who transport goods, transport people, operate heavy machinery, or drive vast distances.

The ability to operate a commercial vehicle will greatly increase your employment prospects in Canada.

As people plan to transport commodities and products, there is a high need for commercial drivers in the huge labor market.

A commercial driver’s license or a forklift operator’s license is required. If you have the appropriate credentials, finding work in Canada shouldn’t be hard.

Earnings on Average: $44,836

7511, 7521, and 7452 are all valid NOC codes.


The company’s frontline representative. When it comes to making a good first impression on potential or current clients, a company’s receptionist plays a crucial role.

Professionalism in both verbal and nonverbal communication is expected of a receptionist, as are excellent customer service and client interaction abilities.

Knowing your way around a computer is a must in this position, and the ability to multitask will make dealing with customers one-on-one feel like less of a burden.

Normal Wage: $31,304

NOC Code: 1414


 Project Manager

Those skilled in this area are needed in many other industries, including advertising, retail, engineering, and more. Being able to switch gears and switch specializations in the management of people and finances is essential to their profession.

One of the most in-demand professions in Canada over the past few years has been a project manager. The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is highly sought after by employers and can increase your chances of being recruited.

The Salary is $91,425

NOC Codes: 0211, 0213, 0711, 1221

Account Manager

Those who make a living in this industry are expected to be masters at cultivating relationships with clients, both new and old.

Account managers with a focus on sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are in high demand in the Canadian job market. In Canada, account managers typically make a combination of a base salary and commission.

Account managers are in high demand across several sectors, including advertising, banking, sales, IT, and consulting. Building lasting connections with customers is crucial for any account manager.

The Typical Income is $86,104

NOC Code: 4163


Business Development Manager

Prospecting new customers and assisting the sales team in closing transactions are two of the most important responsibilities of a business development manager.

salary is $84,003.

NOC Code: 4163

Business development officers, marketing analysts, and consultants all fall within this category.



When we think of an accountant, we usually picture someone who keeps track of money. Accountants, in actuality, are professionals with knowledge of finances who are responsible for keeping tabs on things like income and expenditures.

Auditing, taxation, payroll, and many more sub-disciplines have emerged as distinct sub-disciplines within accounting. When it comes to accounting in Canada, having a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designation is required.

The Typical Income is $59,100

NOC Code: 0111, 1111


Registered Nurse

The adage, “health is wealth,” emphasizes the importance of health care. The fact that nursing is one of the most sought-after professions in Canada is evidence of the widespread support Canadians have for universal health care.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing and registering with the appropriate territorial and regulatory authority are both necessary steps on the path to becoming an RN.

The healthcare industry is seeing the effects of a recent dramatic fall in the nursing population.

The Average Earnings is $77,603

NOC Code: 3012

highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada

What are the Highest-Paying Industries in Canada?

Naturally, if you reach a senior or leadership position, the salary potential in many fields increases dramatically. Finally, the joy you get when you succeed at something you enjoy doing is unparalleled.

However, in fields such as information technology (IT), law, and architecture, even the median pay puts you in a better financial position than the vast majority of workers.

It’s important to keep in mind that average earnings are only meant to serve as a guide. Nonetheless, your earning potential is highly reliant on your level of education, experience, and network.

The college you enroll in will have a significant impact on your future employment prospects; with this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top recommendations.

Software Developer

For those seeking to enter the six-figure salary range, a leadership position is typically the best choice in the software development and software engineering industries. These jobs are compensated extra because

They rely on specialized knowledge gained via extensive training both in the classroom and at the work.

They can call for specialized knowledge or credentials in a technical field.

They require excellent interpersonal and managerial abilities

Everyone needs to put in some time as a developer or engineer before moving up to a senior position with a greater salary.

Financial Controller

The average salary for a financial controller is between $80,00. The annual salary of $150,000 (or less), the number of years in the field, the credentials held, the level of schooling, and the nature of the entity that employs people.

Business jargon for companies that significantly spend more money on, and competent overseers and controllers departments of finance or top-level executives in.

The best pay is commonly found in the accounting industry.

The application programming manager

Managers of application development teams can make over $100,000 a year with the expertise, and even more depending on factors including team size, location, and employer type.

These jobs pay highly because they require a high level of expertise, familiarity with numerous computer languages, and the ability to manage teams and mentor less experienced analysts.

Managers in the field of application development also shoulder considerable responsibility, as their teams may be accountable for the upkeep and enhancement of the technology that drives a whole organization.

The marketing director

The marketing director manages the marketing department, which may consist of several teams.

They need to be able to collaborate with managers and other team members to develop overarching strategies for branding and messaging, and they need to be familiar with all aspects of marketing, including traditional, digital, and disruptive methods.

Directors of marketing often have a breadth of experience across many marketing channels, having worked their way up from entry-level positions.

They are compensated well since the messages associated with a company’s brand are in their hands.

Marketing positions found through a search engine

General Manager, Business Development

Those who work in business development may expect to make between $85,000 and $100,000 annually. by having worked in the field before and having succeeded before.

Their yearly salary potential is up to $175,000. The high salaries of business development managers reflect the importance of these roles to any given company.

Businesses are prepared to pay more for top salespeople because of the value they add in terms of closing transactions, building client relationships, and increasing income.

COVID-19 has contributed to the position’s status as one of the highest paid in the economy. Customers may be hesitant to work with unfamiliar companies, and in the cutthroat markets that follow a pandemic, every sale will count for a great deal.

Managers who focus on business development are in the spotlight now.

highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada

Highest-Paying Jobs in Canada for Fresh Graduates


1. A doctor makes $253,843 a year

2. A dentist makes $177,266 a year

3. $138,000 per year for a psychologist

4. A registered nurse makes $89,579 a year

5. An eye doctor makes $103,328 a year

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Computer Science & IT

1. Product owner $118,650 a year

2. Full Stack Developer: $87,915 a year


Architects make $94,153 a year


The mining industry makes $128,221 per year


What Degree Pays Most in Canada?


Business Management




highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada

Highest paying jobs to immigrate to Canada in 2023 FAQ

Family Sponsorship

If you don’t have a job offer in Canada, a family sponsorship may be your next best option. If you have a Canadian citizen or permanent resident relative already residing in Canada, you may be eligible to apply for family sponsorship.

Your sponsor must be at least 18 years old and financially secure enough that you won’t need any state or federal aid.

Sponsoring a child costs $150 while sponsoring a spouse/domestic partner, parent, or grandmother costs $1,050. You can also provide financial support for a relative’s or a friend’s child who has lost both parents.

Caregiver Programs

Canada’s new Caregiver program facilitates the immigration of qualified and experienced caregivers in the fields of child care and home support.

For a total of $1,155, you’ll have to pay to get your application processed and get a work visa. Every prospective candidate must:

  • Have a job offer in Canada; Show proficiency in English or French on a language test.
  • Have a Canadian post-secondary diploma or certificate of at least one year or an ECA showing that their qualifications meet Canadian standards
  • Have work experience that is relevant to the job.


Which field is in most demand in Canada?

Web Developer

Human Resources Managers (HR)

Electrical Engineer

Veterinarian (Vet)

Human Resources and Recruitment Officers


Which city in Canada has more job opportunities in 2022?

Do you want to work and live in Canada and are looking for ways to enter the country through its provinces and territories?

If that’s the case, you should find out which Canadian state has the most job openings. Let’s examine this facet of immigrating to Canada and the prospects you will have in the province with the highest concentration of work opportunities.



British Columbia




Is it easy to get a job in Canada?

No is the short answer to your query. To be sure, it’s just as challenging to get work in Canada as it is in Nigeria or any other country with a lot of rivalry for jobs.

Finding a career is full-time ‘work,’ and I firmly think that nothing worthwhile is ever easy to obtain. Knowing why someone is moving is crucial before they make the decision to go to Canada or anywhere else.

Will they be seeking NRI status? Is it possible to find work in their preferred field in Canada? Which major do students prefer? and a lot of others besides.


Which city in Canada has the lowest cost of living?

Canada is very expensive, but some places are less expensive. Here are the most affordable:

Niagara Falls ($2100)

Port Colborne (1500 dollars)

Windsor ($1400)

Gatineau ($1350)

St. Catherines (1200 dollars)

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Which city pays the highest salary in Canada?

Salary data for Canadian IT specialists in 2017. Broken down by region of the country. There was a significant difference between the average salaries of IT professionals in each Canadian province, with Alberta paying the most at $76.3%.


Which provinces in Canada need workers?

  • Saskatchewan
  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba


What is a good starting salary Canada?

Thin e average decent pay in Canada is $44,500 per year or $22.82 per hour. Entry-level occupations start at $31,200 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $90,714 per year.

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