Italy farm working jobs with visa sponsorship 2024

Italy farm working jobs

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Are you looking for Italy farm working jobs visa sponsorship? Then read this comprehensive guide to agricultural prospects in Italy.

There are several options for farm labor in Italy, particularly during the hectic planting and harvesting seasons. 

Planting and managing crops, caring for livestock, and maintaining farm equipment are all examples of farm employment in Italy.

Some farms in Italy provide lodging for their employees, which might be a helpful alternative if you need both a job and a place to stay. 

It is important to note that some farm jobs in Italy may demand special qualifications or expertise, so it is a good idea to investigate potential employers and the available employment types before applying for a position.

Italy is one of the EU’s top agricultural producers and food processors, contributing approximately 2% of GDP. 

The northern region of Italy is known for its cereals, soybeans, meat, and dairy products. In contrast, the southern section is known for its fruits, vegetables, olive oil, wine, and durum wheat. 

Even though much of the country’s hilly topography is unsuited for agriculture, agriculture employs around 6% of the population. Most farms are tiny, with an average size of 11 hectares.

Suppose you are a non-EU citizen and wish to work on a farm in Italy. In that case, you will need to secure a work visa before lawfully accepting a position. 

Farm businesses in Italy may be able to sponsor you for a work visa. Still, the process of acquiring a work visa can be complicated and may necessitate the advice of an immigration lawyer. Some farms in Italy may have more experience with visa sponsorship than others, so it is a good idea to study possible employers and their visa sponsorship procedures before applying for a position. 

It is also a good idea to become acquainted with the conditions for acquiring a work visa in Italy, as these can differ based on your country of origin and the work you will be performing.

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Italy farm working jobs

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Why Work on a Farm in Italy? 

Why should you work in Italy as a farmer? Agriculture is one of Italy’s most important economic sectors. Italy is one of Europe’s top agricultural producers. 

Most of the workers who harvest fruit and vegetables in Italy’s fields are seasonal immigrants from other countries, and they get different perks and benefits from being a farmer, which is not limited to good pay.

Italy farm working jobs with visa sponsorship

Are you interested in Italy farm working jobs with visa sponsorship? Worry no more, as they are farms in Italy willing to sponsor farmers to come and work as farmers in Italy. 

Below is the information you need for farm working jobs in Italy.

Roles and responsibility

  • As a farmer, you are expected to harvest fruits such as Strawberries, raspberries, and other berries. 
  • You are expected to Harvest, sort, and package.
  • You have to transport the Harvested crop.
  • Cleaning, weeding, and gathering stones in the fields.
  • You collaborate with other functional and research teams to progress project goals and meet deadlines.
  • You assist the commercial team in launching new products/solutions.
  • Assist in conducting greenhouse experiments to create internal knowledge of the performance of new technologies in various perennial and annual crops.

Qualification Requirement

As much as this is unskilled labor, it requires little or no expertise or qualification. It is still paramount that you exhibit some characteristics and qualifications to stand out in the crowd.

Below is the required qualification you need for Italy farm working jobs. 

  • Ability to speak in English fluently, both verbally and in writing;
  • You should be able to work independently while handling many tasks at once and cooperating across disciplines.
  • It would be best if you were Execution-focused and team-oriented, with the capacity to flourish in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and occasionally ambiguous atmosphere; 
  • Deep curiosity and drive to learn from and educate colleagues; and 
  • Excited and motivated by Invaio’s ambitious objective to create nature-based solutions.

Jobs Details

Below are the details of the Italy visa sponsorship jobs for farm workers jobs.

  • The Farmworkers’ job is in Italy.
  • It is in the agricultural industry. 
  • Job Type: Farm Workers
  • No experience is required.
  • Not high knowledge is required.
  • Age Limit: No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Salary: 2,835.00 EUR

Who is Eligible to Apply for Italy farm working jobs? 

It makes no difference where you are from; Farm Worker Jobs in Italy are available to people worldwide. Anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to apply. 

Anyone, including foreigners living outside of Italy, is welcome to apply. However, it is crucial to remember that only individuals considered qualified for the job will be contacted.

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Italy farm working jobs

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List of Italy farm working jobs

EURES Italy Jobs

This portal was designed by the European Commission to assist people in finding work in Europe. This portal has Agriculture Related Jobs in Italy.

Farm Jobs. It

The best farmers are interested in you. You can email your CV/resume directly to this website. They make direct touch with Italian farmers to learn about their requirements.

Job in country – Coldiretti

Italy. To use the site effectively, you must first register on the “Registrazione Lavoratore” page. You may also upload your CV, which farms looking for labor can view and contact you about if they are interested in your job experience.

Agrijob – Confagricoltura

Agrijob, founded by Confagricoltura, is another site for finding jobs in the agricultural sector.

CIA – Agricoltori italiani

You can also register on the CIA-Agricoltori Italiani site by providing your personal information and some information about your agricultural expertise. You will be contacted if any job possibilities become available.

Other Private and Official Job portals for Italy

  • ClicLavoro
  • Ministry of labor and social policies
  • Bakeca
  • SeasonWorkers (In the search category, please write seasonal jobs in Italy.)
  • Indeed (Please write seasonal jobs in Italy in the search category.)
  • JustLanded (In the search category, please write seasonal jobs in Italy.)
  • AnyworkAnywhere (Please write seasonal jobs in Italy in the search category.)
  • Transitionsabroad (Please write seasonal jobs in Italy in the search category.)

Job Sites to get Italy Farm workers jobs

  • Farm workers’ jobs in Italy on Indeed
  • Farm workers’ jobs in Italy on Glassdoor
  • Farm workers’ jobs in Italy on LinkedIn 


How much do farmers get paid in Italy?

According to the Economic Research Institute, in Italy, the average salary for a Farmer Field Crop is €39,462 per year and €19 per hour. A Farmer Field Crop’s average income ranges from €28,413 to €47,473. A Less Than HS Degree is the most common level of schooling for a Farmer Field Crop. 

Is it worthwhile to relocate to Italy as a farmer? 

Moving to Italy has its advantages, including affordable free healthcare and paid time off, wonderful weather year-round, breathtaking natural beauty, and delectable gelato. 


If you are currently looking for work, look into seasonal opportunities in the agricultural sector (jobs for a defined period of time). 

The bulk of laborers that harvest crops in Italy’s fields come from foreign countries to pursue seasonal jobs. This personnel can now go to Italy due to border closures caused by the coronavirus issue. 

The government, agricultural groups, and farmers seek innovative techniques to encourage and develop agrarian operations. 

Coldiretti, the leading Italian agricultural organization, has created a website to connect farmers asking for labor with individuals looking for jobs as agricultural laborers.

Additionally, if you want to explore more agricultural job opportunities in your city or region, try a web search for “agricultural work + name of your city or region,” such as “agricultural work Toscana (Tuscany)” or “agricultural labor Arezzo.” 

Keep in mind that while some companies prefer agricultural employees with prior industry expertise, others do not. You can apply even if you have never worked in the farming industry.

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