What are the Best Jobs in Montreal in 2022/2023

What are the Best Jobs in Montreal in 2022/2023: Web developer, Assistant nurse, Software engineer/ Software Developer, professor, Civil Engineer, cook, driver, and teacher are some of the best jobs in Montreal. Have you chosen Montreal as where you want to live and work in Canada? Montreal is ready to accommodate you with its arms open, regardless of where you come from.

Canada’s Quebec province is home to the city of Montreal. With almost 1,700,000 people, the city is the second-most populated in Canada. The city is situated alongside many other smaller Islands, including Montreal Island. 

Many industries, including finance, manufacturing, technology, design, art, film, international affairs, tourism, and education, have their hubs in Montreal. These are some of the city’s most well-known industries, as well as its hub.

Similarly, the city is home to many significant MNCs that employ a sizable workforce. Immigration offers many chances for those who desire to settle in the city. As a result, we’ve selected jobs in Montreal; some of the city’s most in-demand jobs are below:

Best Jobs in Montreal

Chartered Professional Account / Certified Management Accountant (CPA/CMA)

The most demanding accountants in Montreal, Canada, are CMA and CA. There are several chances in both small and large firms in the city for accountant experts. The duties of a CPA or CMA include auditing, maintaining records, handling transactions, and assessing the organisation’s profit and loss. 

Their work in an organisation focuses primarily on tax and auditing. You need to have a professional degree and some years of experience to become a CPA or CMA. The only salary on Average: is $65,000 to $78,000

Software engineer / Software Developer

Professionals who write code and create programmes are software engineers or developers. They are in great demand throughout Canada and all developed nations. 

A software developer’s job is to plan, design, code, and implement software following requirements. In addition, they work on a variety of projects while developing software. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in software engineering is required to work in the field. Salary: $70,000 to $90,000 on average.


This is yet another difficult position in Montreal. If you match the requirements, you can easily find work as a professor at one of the city’s numerous internationally renowned Universities. The duties of a professor include research, teaching, and other comparable tasks. To be a professor, you must hold a PhD or doctorate in a specific field. 

Similarly, you must have years of experience to get hired for this position. $120,000 to $150,000 on average 

Web developer

This position is in high demand in Montreal. Professionals who code and create websites following specifications are known as web developers. 

Most of their work entails online building, while occasionally, they may work on already-existing websites to add new functionality. Due to digitisation, a web developer has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. 

Since most businesses are converting to digital service delivery, there is a significant demand for labour. It would help if you earned a software development degree to qualify for this position. $60,000 to $80,000 on average.

Assistant Nurse

The position of an assistant nurse is another well-liked one in high demand across Canada, not just in Montreal. Due to the city’s enormous population, there is a great demand for medical personnel. The people who assist physicians, surgeons, and patients are known as nurses. When doing surgery and diagnosing patients, they support doctors and surgeons. Similarly, they assist patients by giving them the medication the doctor prescribes. They also aid in your recovery from illness and so forth—$ 60,000 to $70,000 annually on average.

Project Manager

In all industries, project management is one of the most demanding jobs. All industries, including those in health, information technology, marketing, manufacturing, finance, and construction, have a demand for them. 

A project manager is a specialist who aids organisations and businesses in completing particular projects in a predetermined amount of time. They participate in project-related processes, such as planning, leading, overseeing, controlling, and wrapping up. 

It would help if you had a degree or master’s in project management and a few years of experience to get a position in project management—salary range: $75,000 to $90,000. 

Game Developer

Another well-liked profession in Montreal is that of a game developer. There are numerous game development businesses in Montreal. You can apply for this position if you have the necessary training and expertise in game development. Coding, graphics design, simulation, and modelling are the talents needed to become a game developer. 

Most of the time, if you apply to larger organisations, they will ask you for a degree or master’s in game development. Salary on Average: $65,000 to $72,000 

Data Scientist

Data science is a recently developed profession. Data scientists are in demand across various industries, including those in science, business, computer science, and marketing. 

The majority of data scientists work in these industries. The job market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Data scientists are in greater demand as more businesses move toward digitalisation. In some situations, you need a master’s or a PhD to qualify for this position. Salary: $80,000 to $130,000 on average 

Marketing Manager

Numerous significant organisations and multinational corporations have their headquarters in Montreal. Multiple fashion labels are product-based businesses employing marketing managers to promote their goods publicly. 

Marketing managers are the experts overseeing a company’s promotion and advertising. Their primary task is to draw in as many clients as they can. In addition, they serve as a channel of communication between the business and the general public. You must have experience in marketing or business to be hired for this position. $55,000 to $75,000 on average 

Doctor and Surgeon

These two professions are in high demand in the city. In Montreal, there are many hospitals, which increases the need for physicians and surgeons. The city has a sizable population, which necessitates many health professionals. So there is a huge need for workers here. It would help if you had a master’s in medicine to be hired for this position. You are qualified for this position if you already have a few years of experience. $150,000 to $250,000 on average 

HR manager

Montreal is home to several large businesses and organisations with a sizable workforce. A human resource manager is frequently employed to manage such a sizable workforce. If they have the necessary abilities and credentials, HR managers can apply for many opportunities in the city. This position requires a management degree to be hired. You must also be skilled at motivating yourself, communicating, and making decisions. In such a case, getting this job will be simple. Salary: $65,000 to $96,000 on average 

Electrical Engineer

Another in-demand profession in Montreal is electrical engineering. Montreal is among the largest cities in terms of both population and size. Electricians and utility managers are crucial in managing the city’s electricity, which requires enormous energy. 

They work in places like power grid systems and power distribution centres to transmit power to people’s homes. It would help if you had an electrical engineering degree to get hired for this position—salary on Average: $60,000 to $71,000.


Another difficult job in the city is driving. There are numerous eateries, inns, retail stores, and product-based companies in Montreal. Drivers are always needed in this industry, and hotels deliver goods and food to customers’ homes. Due to this, there is always a great need for drivers. 

In the same vein, there is a demand for producing and distributing commodities and products in the city. You must possess a driving permit and licence to be hired for this position. $54,000 to $67,000 annually on average 


Another occupation with numerous prospects is the cook. They primarily work in eateries, hotels, workplaces, and educational institutions. 

Many people live in the city, and most prefer to eat out. Since the majority of people in Montreal speak French, you should be able to prepare French cuisine. 

If you can prepare basic meals, you may not need a degree in some areas. While working there, you can eventually learn how to prepare various foods. $56,000 to $68,000 on average

Civil Engineer 

Civil engineers are essential to the construction sector’s design, planning, and administration of significant projects. Although commercial construction companies may recruit them, they primarily work for public sector organisations like cities and states.

They must be able to think deeply while maintaining constant awareness of how their decisions will affect the final users of these structures. Although specialists in this area need specialised education and training, they can anticipate higher wages and better job security than in construction in exchange for a less physically taxing working environment. Their average salary is $65.331 


When caring for and educating these young children while their parents are at work, working to support their families, those who work with infants and toddlers provide an essential service. 

The Quebec provincial government is seeking around 2,700 daycare providers and early childhood educators to fill positions in places like Montreal. 

These occupations are immensely satisfying if you have the credentials, training, and temperament to work with children. Teachers in Canada receive a salary of C$58,518. 

Best Jobs in Montreal

Jobs in Montreal: Guide on Getting jobs in Montreal 

Best Jobs in Montreal 2022/2023: The metro area of Montréal, which makes up a significant share of the GDP, serves as Québec’s economic centre. Food production, entertainment, banking and finance, nanotechnology, environmental technologies, information technology, aircraft, and, most crucially, the services industry are all significant Montréal industries. 

You can investigate job market trends for each Canadian province and territory using the CIC’s interactive Canadian Job Market tool. The range of industries in Montréal gives foreigners several opportunities to enter the market, although competition is challenging due to the extensive local labour. 

Additionally, it is home to numerous top-notch educational institutions that enable fresh workers to enter the workforce daily. Foreign nationals must also fulfil stringent criteria to obtain a work permit. 

If you want to work in Canada, you must be fluent in either English or French. Be aware that the language requirements for entering your desired profession in Canada may differ from those for entering Canada as an immigrant.

A labour market opinion from Human Resources and Social Development Canada/Service Canada is required before a Canadian company can hire a foreign worker. This opinion analyses the effect the foreign worker would have on the Canadian labour market or how an offer of employment to a foreign worker would affect Canadian jobs. 

You must apply for a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada once you have a job lined up in Canada and your employer has a labour market opinion approving your employment.

Despite these challenges, not all occupations and people are affected by them. You might find the ideal employment in Montréal if you have a unique speciality, work in a field where there is a labour shortage (like the health sector), or are ready and able to work hard and persist.

Job Hunting 

Here is a list of things you’ll need to launch your career: 

  • Construct a curriculum vitae (CV) 
  • Investigate prospective employers 
  • Find employment opportunities 
  • Creating cover letters 
  • Complete applications for jobs 
  • Interview 
  • Follow-Up 
  • Get a job!

Lookup search Engines 

You can use search engines to browse a wide selection of jobs and to focus your search on particular criteria. Additionally, it is a good idea to publish your CV online so recruiters can find you. On many websites, you can also sign up to receive email alerts when new positions become available. 

There are also many resources provided by the Government of Canada that can help you in your job hunts, such as the national Job Bank or the provincial Emploi Québec

The Club de recherche d’emploi du Centre-Ville, Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi, Centre Génération Emploi, and Fondation Ressources-jeunesse are other government organisations that can assist you in your job search. Also, check the job sites below to search for jobs in Montreal.

  • Monster
  • Job shark
  • Wowjobs
  • Careerbeacon
  • Indeed
  • Jobboom
  • Workopolis
  • Hire Canada
  • Craigslist


A further resource for job seekers in social and ex-pat forums. The Canadian job ads on Easy Expat are a fantastic resource. Browse the newest opportunities and search by industry. 

Local publications and newspapers 

Print or online classified newspaper ads can also be a useful source of information. For job listings, check out their employment department. 

Globe and Mail (choose “Job” from the search box above) 

Montreal Gazette 

You can publish your advertisement in the newspaper. This could result in more spam than responses, but it is a viable approach. 

Recruitment Firms 

An organisation that connects employers and employees is known as an employment or recruiting agency. One such agency is Emploi Québec, which also serves as an employment agency for numerous private companies. 

Most agencies have a particular area of expertise, including computers, nursing, secretarial work, accountancy, catering, or construction. Large corporations may also use “head hunting” firms to find CEOs, managers, or professionals. 


  • Adecco 
  • Kovasys.com: Montréal-based corporation that specialises in IT staffing. 
  • Headhuntersdirectory.ca 
  • Hunt personnel  
  • Manpower Professional 
  • The People’s Bank

Temporary Agencies

Some organisations can help you locate temporary employment with another company if needed. Office jobs, child care, gardening, security, and other occupations are all possible. They will make an effort to match your skill set with jobs. Additionally, temporary employment may occasionally result in a lengthier contract. The use of this route to enter Canada by foreign labourers is sometimes every day. 

If there is a need for live-in caregivers, foreign employees may be able to fill that need and enter the nation. A work visa is necessary for most temporary occupations in Canada. You must also apply for a Temporary Resident visa through Citizenship and Immigration Canada if you are a temporary worker from a nation that needs a visa to visit Canada. Refer to the manual’s section on “Passport, Visa & Permits” for more information.

Job Fairs 

Job fairs are a great place to learn about available opportunities and positions. You can frequently visit a wide range of firms in a single day and submit applications for numerous vacancies. Entry is often free, but signing up online is frequently advised. Bring your résumé and look your best if there are any on-the-spot interviews. 

To entice workers to immigrate to Canada, job fairs for Canada are also conducted abroad. Numerous international job fairs are industry-specific, including job fairs for the mining, engineering, and energy industries.


Many job openings are filled informally because advertising a position takes time and money. Accordingly, sometimes it matters more who you know than what you know. 

Information about open positions is frequently disseminated through managers, employees, business contacts, friends, and family in what is known as the “hidden job” market. 

The most outstanding technique for looking for jobs in the untapped labour market is by networking. Ask your friends, family, and professional contacts to find out whether they have any ties in the industry you want to work in. Increase your online presence and let people know what you’re looking for. Additionally, there are professional social networks like Linkedin that facilitate business networking. 


Before hiring you, a corporation will have the opportunity to interview you. Interviews can be straightforward, unstructured encounters between you and a possible employer, or they might be formal appointments with a panel of people and predetermined questions. 

A series of interviews are standard, especially for management roles. Before the interview, please research the business to learn about its goals and strategy. The initial meeting lasts 30 to 60 minutes, with subsequent sessions potentially spending all day. 

  • Put on a clean, conservative look. 
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the interview. It is unacceptable to be even slightly late. 
  • Bring copies of the certifications, your resume, and business cards. 
  • Pose inquiries. Show off your expertise and enthusiasm. 
  • Gratitude is appropriate for the interviewer: It is normal to call your interviewers afterwards to express appreciation or find out how far along the hiring process is. Depending on the application deadline, this can be done a few days to a few weeks following your interview. 


Employment contracts underpin the majority of jobs. It should be in writing and contain the following information: 

  • Period of the Agreement 
  • Workplace of the employee Information about the home and its residents 
  • position description 
  • working hours 
  • Pay and other circumstances 
  • living circumstances (if applicable) 
  • Transport expenses (if applicable) 
  • employment costs (if applicable) 
  • responsibilities of the employer 

At a new job, a probationary period is typical. To decide whether an employee is suitable for long-term employment with the company, the employer will assess and evaluate them during the probationary phase. This term should be described in detail in the contract and often lasts between 60 and 90 days.

Jobs in Montreal: FAQs

Is it easy to find a job in Montreal?

Canada is renowned for having a robust labour supply and a low unemployment rate. However, finding work in Montreal can be more challenging than in your home country. Read below if you have a working holiday, work permit, or study permit and have just arrived and are still determining where to begin.

  • Focus on your Resume
  • Come up with a hitch-free cover letter
  • Learn the French language 
  • Use job portals online
  • Have work experience 
  • Focus on connecting and networking 
  • Be interview ready
  • Maintain good attitude

Can a foreigner work in Montreal?

Ex-pats looking to work in Montreal must meet the requirements of the Government of Quebec, and foreign nationals seeking employment in Montreal must have either permanent residence or a work permit for Canada.

What is a good salary in Montreal?

The national average pay in Canada is $47,487; the average salary in Montreal is $40,079, or 15.6% less. A worker in Montreal earning $160,000 a year will have a take-home pay of around $99,189, which is 299.2% higher than the city’s typical worker.

Can I have a job in Montreal without speaking French?

Yes, you can live in Montreal if you need to learn French. You must demonstrate your ability to speak, read, write, and comprehend it to become a citizen of Canada. Learning the mother tongue is a crucial component of immigration for newcomers.

Quebec has French as its official language. You must master it to integrate into society and obtain employment in Montréal. However, when looking for a job in Montréal, some professions may benefit from having English language skills.

In Quebec, it is everyone’s right to work in French. They can talk and write in French, and they can also use that language to ask for office supplies and software. Because a worker needs to speak English or another language fluently, they cannot be fired or denied employment.

Jobs in Montreal: Conclusion 

Best Jobs in Montreal 2022/2023: Despite competition from other Canadian cities, Montreal continues to attract many highly skilled professionals. As a nexus for various enterprises, this area’s labour market provides a wide choice of chances for qualified people at all stages of their careers. Choose a position from the list of Jobs in Montreal in 2022 if you’re ready to develop your career, and submit your application as soon as possible.

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