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Are you a job seeker looking out for available Jobs in Yukon Canada? You are at the right place! You can get all the information you need in this article. 

Yukon is a Canadian province most known for the Klondike gold rush, which saw over 100,000 prospectors risk their lives for the precious metal from 1896 to 1899. The Yukon River is as wild and beautiful as it was over a century ago.

The majority of the Yukon terrain is made up of glacier-fed lakes and massively gorgeous mountains. Whitehorse, the historical capital city, has a population of slightly more than 25,000 people and is located along the Yukon River.

Job prospects in Canada are plentiful, but no region offers a distinct quality of life like the Yukon, which you won’t find anyplace else on the planet. While the cost of living in Yukon is slightly greater than the national average due to the region’s remoteness, residents are paid more on average.

Finally, we must mention one of the Yukon’s most popular attractions, the northern lights or aurora borealis, a breathtaking natural phenomenon that frequently causes the winter night skies to light up in a variety of stunning colorful hues.

Let’s take a closer look at how to immigrate to the province and which jobs will be in high demand in Yukon in 2023.

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Immigration Stream

You can obtain a Yukon nomination through the Express Entry program, the Skilled Worker Program, or the Critical Impact Worker Program

You must meet federal immigration standards if you apply through the Express Entry program. This program may provide a faster road to permanent residency; nevertheless, it has more severe qualifications you have to meet. 

The first stage is to decide which stream you want to apply for and to get a valid job offer from a designated firm. You must meet the prerequisites for your chosen stream.

Express Entry and Skilled Worker Program

Candidates having an active Express Entry profile and a legitimate job offer from a Yukon firm may be eligible for a provincial nomination from Yukon. Because this program is linked to the federal Express Entry system, successful applicants should expect their applications to be processed more quickly. The following are the candidate’s prerequisites to be eligible for the Federal Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The candidates:

  • Acceptance into the Express Entry pool is required.
  • Must have a job seeker validation code and a current Express Entry profile. 
  • Must have a full-time job offer from a Yukon employer.
  • You must demonstrate your desire to live in the Yukon territory.

These immigration options are available to candidates whose employment type is categorized as 0, A, or B in the National Occupation Classification. 

Jobs in Yukon

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In-Demand Occupation List

NOC Code  Eligible Occupations

  • 1311  Bookkeepers
  • 2174 IT Professionals
  • 3012 Registered Nurses
  • 3112 General Practitioners & Family Physicians
  • 3113 Dentists
  • 3223 Dental Technicians
  • 4214 Early Childhood Educator
  • 6322 Cooks
  • supervisors & managers
  • 7237 Welders and Related Machine Operators
  • 7241 Electricians
  • 7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
  • 1111 Accountants
  • 6313 Accommodation, travel, tourism, and related services 

Yukon Skilled Worker 

Foreign nationals with a legitimate job offer from a Yukon business and work experience may be eligible for provincial nomination. After getting it, the candidate can apply directly to IRCC for Canadian Permanent Residency.

Both the Skilled Worker and Express Entry immigration streams are available to candidates whose work type is coded as 0, A, or B in the National Occupation Classification (NOC). Examine the in-demand occupations in both of these streams:

NOC Code Occupation Name

  • 1111 Accountants
  • 6313 Accommodation, travel, tourism, and related 
  • 1311 Bookkeepers
  • 2174 IT Professionals
  • 3012 Registered Nurses
  • 3112 General Practitioners & Family Physicians
  • 3113 Dentists
  • 4214 Early Childhood Educator
  • 6322 Cooks
  • services supervisors & managers
  • 7237 Welders and Related Machine Operators
  • 7241 Electricians
  • 7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
  • 3223 Dental Technicians

Critical Impact Worker Stream

This immigration program is intended to solve urgent labor shortages in the Yukon. It is aimed at semi-skilled jobs in NOC C and D categories. These occupations do not necessitate post-secondary education but require a high school diploma and on-the-job training. 

These relevant vocations are filled, and the local economy benefits by granting permanent resident status to immigrants who live and work in Yukon and plan to settle and dwell there.

In-Demand Occupation List

NOC Code Eligible Occupations

  • 6421 Retail Salespersons
  • 6525 Hotel Desk Clerks
  • 7511 Truck Drivers
  • 8431 Farm Workers
  • 6611 Cashiers
  • 6711 Food Counter Attendants & Kitchen Helpers
  • 6731 Hotel Housekeepers & Room Attendants
  • 6733 Janitors, caretakers, and building superintendents

The Yukon Community Pilot

Six provincial communities have implemented the Yukon Community Pilot due to strong labor demand (YCP). This three-year special pilot program will allow foreigners who obtain a provincial nomination to apply for a work permit that will allow them to work for two or three employers simultaneously. 

As you may be aware, working in an occupation for at least 30 hours a week is one of the conditions for applying for permanent residency in Canada. This special work visa will meet those criteria if you can get two or three jobs totaling at least 30 hours each week.

Yukon Business Nominee 

Individuals with business and entrepreneurship experience may be eligible for this stream. Candidates in this stream must own and run a business in Yukon. Candidates must have a minimum personal net worth of CAD 500,000 and complete the other qualifications.

How to apply for Yukon PNP?

The steps for the four streams in which candidates can apply for nomination together with NOC 0, A, or B categories are as follows:

1) Express Entry: To be eligible for a valid work permit, candidates must meet all of the standards outlined in the federal economic immigration program. The aspirant must first submit an Express Entry profile. After receiving the nomination, the candidates must complete and submit the application form.

2) Skilled Worker Program: To begin, the candidate must submit an Express Entry Profile and receive a nomination. The individual must apply for permanent residency after obtaining the invitation.

3) Critical Impact Worker Program: Candidates can apply for this program under the NOC C or D categories. To begin, candidates must create an Express Entry profile. After receiving the nomination, they can complete and submit the ITA application.

4) Business Nominee Program: This stream operates through the EOI system, which stands for Expression of Interest. Candidates will be recognized in the pool of applicants if their business proposal meets the criteria for the stream after successfully submitting the proposal. The YNP picks applicants from this pool and invites them to apply. It should be emphasized that the criteria for selecting candidates have not yet been revealed.

5) Yukon Community Pilot: To apply for a Canada Work Permit through the Community Pilot stream, individuals must apply online and have two or three qualified employment offers, in addition to meeting other criteria. Furthermore, this stream’s application forms and process vary depending on where the candidate applies.

Get yourself employment opportunities

As a foreigner who is looking to work in Yukon, you can utilize so many jobs sites for this purpose. These sites could include, but are not limited to:


What is the Yukon PNP application fee?

Although there is no application fee for the Yukon PNP, candidates must pay a fee of $1,325 to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

How long does the Yukon PNP take to process?

Processing applications for skilled worker immigration and key worker immigration programs typically take 12-14 weeks, but this time frame may be extended owing to a high volume of applications.

What is the Yukon PNP’s minimum CRS score?

The minimal CRS required for Yukon PNP is 743 because candidates are automatically allocated 600 points upon nomination under the Express Entry System.

Can I apply for the Yukon PNP if I don’t have a job offer?

No, a job offer is required to apply for the Yukon PNP.

Is IELTS required for Yukon PNP?

Yes, IELTS is required for the Yukon PNP. A level 6 is required to be eligible for Yukon PNP. CELPIP and TEF can also be used as language competency tests.

To which YNP stream should I apply?

Yukon Express Entry System applicants must have a current profile in the Express Entry system. Those without an Express Entry profile may be eligible for the following:

Skilled Worker stream, if their occupation falls under NOC Skill level 0, A, or B Critical Impact Worker stream, if their employment falls under NOC Skill level C or D.

What is the leading industry in Yukon?

Mining resources, specifically lead, zinc, silver, gold, and copper, is Yukon’s main industry. These are the main minerals found in Yukon. Finding a career in this industry would thus be advantageous to you. As tourism is Yukon’s second-largest industry, you can also find work as a hotel manager or staff member.

Is a Job Offer Required If I Want to Work in Yukon?

Nominations for the Yukon Nominee Program are accepted from both inside and outside of Canada. You must have a full-time, year-round work offer from an approved Yukon employer and meet the specific criteria of your application stream to be eligible for the Yukon Nominee Program.

Conclusion On Jobs in Yukon Canada

There are numerous diverse work options throughout the country, but no other province or territory provides a higher standard of living than Yukon. Because the territory is distant, the cost of living is slightly greater than the national average, yet, the average wage in the Yukon is also substantially higher.

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