Library Jobs in Canada: Amazing Guide

Library Jobs in Canada: Are you a librarian looking to work in a library in Canada? Library jobs in Canada are one of the top jobs in Canada that would earn anyone a living. Asides from professional jobs like Tech jobs, Accounting, Engineering, Nursing, and more. Library jobs is another top in-demand job in Canada.

Even though many librarians have moved to Canada in the past few years, there is still a significant need for them on a national and provincial level all over the country.

Librarians lead and oversee the provision of library and information services. They pick, buy, organize, store, and find many materials to make information easy to find. 

The responsibilities of a librarian vary according to an organization’s size and type; for example, a public library, school, government department, corporate office, or information technology firm. However, librarians’ tasks, in general, are listed below.

Library jobs in Canada: Duties of Librarians

  • Ensure that people can obtain the resources and information they need. 
  • Educate folks on how to navigate internet resources using their devices 
  • Respond to inquiries by evaluating the data in reference sources critically 
  • Evaluate, choose, and buy materials, and bargain software license contracts 
  • Create metadata records for materials and catalogue them. 
  • Create access materials such as online tutorials, web pages, electronic pathfinders, and bibliographies 
  • Analyze, choose, employ, and manage computer hardware and software 
  • Create and deliver information literacy training programs. 
  • Participate in planning and research for facilities and communities. 

Librarians can work in large libraries that serve the public as a whole or in smaller libraries that serve specific groups of people with technical information and resources. 

Librarians may work full- or part-time or shifts, depending on the institution or organization. At academic and public libraries, librarians may work some evenings and weekends. Up to 10 kg of lifting can be necessary.

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Library jobs in Canada: skills Librarians should have

It would be best if you had both technical and soft abilities to work or practice effectively as a librarian in Canada. Consequently, talent is what most employers of labour look for. Observe them below.

  • Researching skills: Even though research and study materials will always be messy in the library, you can make it less of a problem by being more organized. This can be done by continuously keeping an eye on the time and specifics of library activity.
  • Data collection skills: Liberians need these skills because they are used to analyze the collection, insertion, and retrieval of library materials. No matter what type of section library you work with, be sure you have data collection skills. You can then access the hiring section whenever you like.
  • Excellent writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills: Communication is essential for library work, so you need to be able to write, speak, listen, and read well. Your communication ability will help you solve issues amicably and offer solutions.
  • Sound decision-making abilities: To make decisions that have an impact and make sense, you must be intelligent, clever, and have a thorough understanding of the work. As you prepare to become a librarian in Canada, work on getting better at making decisions about the library and how to help its users grow.

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Library Jobs in Canada: Other skills required

  • ingenuity, flexibility, and creativity 
  • Personality traits and a commitment to providing excellent customer service 
  • an aptitude for computers and an interest in technology 
  • talents in communication (oral and written) 
  • time- and resource-management abilities 
  • a rapid understanding and transmission of information 
  • analytical skills to assess services and formulate creative suggestions 
  • Professional knowledge of the philosophies, ideas, roles, values, and practices of public libraries 
  • excellent reading comprehension, research, and information fluency skills 


Librarian jobs in Canada: Where Librarians can get employment 

If you are concerned about where you will work as a librarian in Canada, you shouldn’t be. Instead, below are places where you might work as a librarian in various roles around Canada.

  • You could work in universities, colleges, private libraries, or public schools. They all have academic libraries.
  • You could work in Government libraries, including those run by the federal government, provinces, the military, and local districts.
  • You could work in Special libraries, including hospital libraries, archives and museums, technology firms’ libraries, and a lot more.

A rising number of librarians work as independent contractors or business owners. Eighty per cent of librarians in Canada work in the following sectors: 

  • The employment outlook
  • Recreation, Information, and Culture 
  • Educational services

Several different variables, including the following, will have an impact on this occupation: 

  • Events and trends that have an effect on overall employment (especially in the industries listed above) 
  • Location in Alberta 
  • Employment fluctuation (when people leave existing positions) 
  • Occupational expansion (when new jobs are created) 
  • the size of the profession 

From 2019 to 2023, Alberta’s 5111: Librarian job category is expected to grow at a faster-than-average rate of 2.5% per year. This job category is expected to add 58 new positions each year on top of the 58 new jobs created each year.7

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Library jobs in Canada: Job posts for Librarians

Librarians could work in different places with different job positions, but they would remain librarians in different designations.

  • Associate librarian for art 
  • automation specialist 
  • Bibliographer 
  • Librarian for a bookmobile 
  • library cataloger 
  • librarian for children’s services 
  • Library classifier 
  • search engine librarian 
  • Cybrarian 
  • database specialist 
  • librarian for documentation 
  • medical librarian 
  • Iconographer 
  • Librarian of information and resources 
  • Librarian for information services 
  • librarian for law 
  • librarian liaison
  • librarian library advisor 
  • Coordinator of libraries Supervisor of libraries 
  • medical linguist 
  • audiovisual librarian 
  • music specialist 
  • broadcasting librarian for music 
  • Librarian for periodicals 
  • librarian for citations 
  • sharing and processing of resources 
  • research librarian 
  • Library for technical services 
  • Head unit librarian

Library jobs in Canada: Librarian Salary

According to, in Canada, a librarian earns an average salary of $67,832 a year, or $34.79 an hour. Most experienced workers make up to $83,276 annually, while entry-level roles start at $49,752 annually. titles, jobs, or position descriptions and yet be eligible to practice as a librarian. 

Moving to Canada as a librarian with a permanent residency

Permanent residents of Canada may;

  • Reside and work in Canada 
  • Entry and exit will be unrestricted 
  • Carry out research in Canada 
  • Visit Canadian hospitals
  • Utilize social services 
  • After four years, a permanent resident can apply for citizenship and dual nationality. 

Library jobs in Canada: How to become a librarian in Canada 

The following can help you successfully launch your career as a librarian in Canada:

First, if you want to work as a librarian in Canada, you need a diploma in library science. With a diploma certificate, you can become a library assistant, a job that mainly teaches how libraries work in the real world.

But to advance, you must earn both a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in library and information science (MLS).

Second, decide on your area of expertise as a librarian. There are at least six different types of librarians, so this is crucial. They consist of the following:

  • Public librarian
  • User Services Librarian
  • Specialty librarian.
  • Academic librarian
  • Technical services Librarian
  • Administrative services librarian

If you know exactly what you want to do as a librarian, it will be easier to find an internship and a job.

Third, you can move up in your job by getting the necessary experience for at least five years. For instance, in Canada, a librarian with five years’ experience makes more money than a librarian at entry level with the same credentials.

You can get more experience in this field by doing an internship at a specialized library and volunteering at libraries in your area.

Fourth, you can add to your librarian portfolio by taking classes and getting certifications, especially in your area of expertise, librarianship.

These professional programs include the ones offered by the American Library Association (ALA) or its Canadian equivalent and library and information science (LIS).

If you get this certification, you will be able to compete well and get jobs that pay well and give you opportunities.

Lastly, prepare a detailed resume and send applications to well-known libraries in your field.

Library jobs in Canada: Conclusion

Being a librarian is one of the best job positions. Librarians are so important in most places that research and development are carried out that it’s a good idea to become one in Canada. Even though it is a prerequisite, more than a high school diploma is needed to become a librarian in Canada. You will learn the requirements and other stages of becoming a librarian in Canada.

There is little doubt that librarians advance in their profession, as seen by their ranks and pay. It’s interesting to note that immigrants who meet the conditions can also take advantage of the opportunity to become a librarian in Canada and Canadians.

Therefore, as you read this article, you should have learnt about what a librarian is, their duties, the NOC, and everything else you need to know.

Library jobs in Canada: FAQs

In Canada, do I require a license to work as a librarian?

In Canada, the only things you need to do to become a librarian are to have good grades and work experience. But the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) or Fédération Canadienne des bibliothèques (FCAB) is an excellent group to join. Although these organizations have provincial sections, there are advantages to joining them.

Are there any openings for librarians in Canada?

In Canada, librarians are always needed by the federal government, provincial governments, and private libraries. So, especially for professions requiring experience, readily available employment ensures you satisfy all the requirements.

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