Salesforce Jobs in Canada – Best Guide 2023

Are you interested in salesforce jobs in Canada? In this article, we will explain all you need to know, including the salary, the Salesforce Interview Process, the reason why Salesforce is one of the best places to work, and a lot more.

Salesforce is delighted to continue supporting businesses and Canadians to prosper in today’s digital economy. In 2018, Salesforce announced a $2 billion commitment over five years to power the Canadian business environment. 

Salesforce and its more than 1,600 employees across Canada are dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. They have donated over 235,000 hours and more than $2.7 million. Read more on all you need to know about Salesforce jobs in Canada.

What are the Jobs at Salesforce?

Salesforce jobs are an umbrella word for many job profiles and responsibilities whose primary responsibility is to assist CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Salesforce has three sorts of specialty positions: salesforce administrators, salesforce consultants, and salesforce developers.

These professions have varying responsibilities and compensation based on their job title. Salesforce administrators manage users, security, and data for customized service cloud apps, among other things.

Why should you work at Salesforce?

Salesforce workers and individuals from the broader IT ecosystem want to work at Salesforce for various reasons. You don’t have to go far to uncover the several awards that Salesforce receives each year, naming them one of the finest places to work in the nations where they do business.

Recent honors include being named one of the finest places to work in the UK by Glassdoor in 2021 and falling only a few spots to third place in 2022. In the United States, Salesforce was ranked fourth among the Fortune 100 greatest businesses to work for.

These awards are divided into three categories, which are important to Salesforce: company culture, outstanding leadership, and social consciousness – fighting for gender and race pay disparities, free speech, and environmental challenges.

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Why Is Salesforce One Of The Best Places to Work?

Publications worldwide compile their own “Best Places to Work” lists, and it’s rare to see Salesforce not rank among the top companies in many countries from year to year.

So, what about Salesforce makes it one of the finest places to work? As a 73,500+ employee* business IT corporation, you may think Salesforce has lost touch with its idyllic founding ethos – but you’d be incorrect.

Salesforce is unique in many ways, including that equality and well-being have always been prioritized alongside the other core principles of trust, innovation, customer success, and (just added) sustainability. Here are some of the efforts that Salesforce has pioneered over the years, focusing on its most recent endeavors.

Salesforce Common Roles

What are some of the most popular roles that Salesforce workers and others in the tech ecosystem seek to fill at Salesforce? Let us have a look.

Solution Engineer

The Solution Engineer function is most likely the most popular career path for technical professionals at Salesforce. You will be entrusted with assisting the Salesforce deal cycle with technical product queries, building tailored demos to meet customers’ demands, and acting as a storyteller to demonstrate the value of the Salesforce platform.

Senior professionals, particularly Salesforce Consultants and current solution engineers, are typical candidates for this position.

Account Executive

Another career path for salespeople in Salesforce is the Account Executive (AE) function. The AE function will be in charge of the client interaction and help them through the whole sales cycle.

Account Executive positions are ideal for sales professionals in an ISV or consulting firm.


Architects at Salesforce come in various ‘flavors,’ such as Solution Architects, Technical architects, and Programme architects. You might be helping some of Salesforce’s most sophisticated deals as a pre-sales representative (akin to a solution engineer).

You might also work in customer success, assisting existing Salesforce customers or implementing things.

Other Roles

As you might expect, Salesforce hires for a wide range of positions, so while the above are the most prevalent, hundreds of other alternatives will be available. Working on the Trailhead team, workforce development teams, as a sales operation analyst, or even as an Admin or Developer evangelist, speaking at events and developing material to promote the Salesforce platform, might be part of this.

Salesforce jobs in Canada Salary

Annually, or $51.28 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at $74,320 per year, with the most experienced professionals earning up to $141,375 per year.

Salesforce jobs in Canada – Salary per region

Alberta $110,000

Ontario $107,250

Quebec $98,350

British Columbia $92,500

What Does the Ideal Salesforce Candidate Look Like?

Salesforce has over 70,000 employees (at the time of writing), and the skills they are looking for will vary based on the department and role. However, from my research and the interviews I conducted for this article, it’s clear that there are common skills and values that Salesforce expects from potential candidates.

  • Salesforce’s values must be a part of you.

One of the reasons every organization outlines its core principles is to ensure that specialists who share them are hired. Salesforce takes its core values seriously and ensures that its recruiting, products and corporate strategy always align with these beliefs.

Conduct extensive research on Salesforce’s five core values before applying them: trust, customer success, innovation, equality, and sustainability. Meeting these Salesforce principles will ensure that you are culturally compatible.

  • Understand the Salesforce Mission

Secondly, it’s critical to understand Salesforce’s general objective with its goods and services. Salesforce’s objective is to “empower enterprises to engage with their customers in a whole new way” – in other words, Salesforce’s business is to assist their customers in growing their businesses.

This is fundamental to every discussion a Salesforce employee has with a customer; thus, it’s critical to understand how Salesforce accomplishes this through its products and services.

  • Business Acumen

Salesforce is the most rapidly growing enterprise software company in history. This was accomplished through innovation, putting the consumer first, and operating as a sales and marketing machine.

Although most of those reading this will come from a technical background, Salesforce is a commercial business, and depending on your role, many talks with customers may have a commercial consequence, such as selling a new product or more licenses.

To ensure you are aligned with the Salesforce sales teams, these dialogues demand a certain level of commercial understanding (and common sense).

  • Recognize the Salesforce Ecosystem

The Salesforce ecosystem and the enterprises that live within it are inseparable. Salesforce relies on its consulting partners to execute exceptional projects, and it is up to independent software vendors (ISVs) to create creative products.

Salesforce is at the core of this ecosystem. Therefore it’s critical to understand how everything works together, including the different sorts of organizations, roles in the ecosystem, and responsibilities.

  • Salesforce’s Community

Salesforce evangelists shape how the world perceives Salesforce, and they are everywhere! They run thousands of user groups worldwide, write blogs, make YouTube videos, and present at various events.

This is also known as the Salesforce community, which surrounds Salesforce and its suite of products. If you’ve been around the Salesforce ecosystem long, you’ve probably observed that well-known figures in the Salesforce community frequently transfer to Salesforce. These people will have spoken at events, obtained certificates blogged online, and done various other things.

  • Storytelling

Many of the most prevalent tasks for Salesforce workers involve storytelling. You will spend a lot of time with customers, presenting the business value of Salesforce and leading them on a journey.

Your soft skills, presenting tactics, and ability to distill technical Salesforce and business jargon into a well-crafted tale is critical.

Salesforce Interview Process

Salesforce’s interview process usually consists of several rounds. The procedure may vary depending on the post and your level of expertise, but most applicants will go through three or four key stages:

The first stage will be a phone interview with a recruiter. This conversation will go through your fundamental experience to see whether you’re a good fit for a career at Salesforce. It is critical to impress at this level since the recruiter will decide whether or not to advance you.

Following that, you will likely have a call with a manager or team lead to further analyze your abilities and competencies. At this time, the manager will often question, “Why Salesforce? Why is it now? And why are you doing it?”

Next, suppose you are applying for a highly technical post (for example, a Technical Architect in Customer Success). In that case, you may be subjected to a technical test at this step to establish your suitability.

Finally, a panel interview is frequently done as the final step before a job offer is made. Most Salesforce roles require you to interact with customers. Therefore having applicable soft skills and presentation skills is essential. It’s also beneficial to be at ease answering queries under duress.

Salesforce jobs in Canada

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Tips to Land a Job at Salesforce 

As you can expect, the Salesforce recruitment process is quite rigorous. Salesforce is a world-class corporation that wants to ensure that all new hires share their values and mission.

So, to increase your chances of success, keep reading to learn about a few strategies.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Existing Salesforce Network

If you already have a network of Salesforce employees, make the most of these connections. Existing employees can refer you to the company, allowing you to “jump the line” when submitting your application, and, of course, having a referral is preferable to not having one.

You may also ask them questions about the role and what is expected to ensure you are prepared to face the task.

Industry Knowledge

Salesforce has verticalized many of its internal teams, meaning each function will belong to a team tied to a specific industry, such as financial services or real estate.

When applying to Salesforce, you will see that many positions are industry-specific. To improve your chances, highlight your previous industry experience in your CV and during the interview process.


This article should have provided an excellent starting point for understanding what Salesforce wants from prospective candidates, but make sure you conduct your research before applying. This should include the following:

  • Understanding the Salesforce website from top to bottom. Take note of the language used and the business value they are promoting, and research their company culture.
  • Visit Glassdoor to learn more about the interview process.
  • Check out wonderful resources like this video to hear from military veterans about their path to a job with Salesforce.
  • Presentation

Although Salesforce is a pretty relaxed firm regarding remote working and acceptable workplace dress, they are still an enterprise software company that does million-dollar deals. This means you may present to CEOs of huge corporations, and you must impress them with your expertise and how you present yourself.

If you are interviewing with Salesforce remotely, dress as professionally as you would for an in-person interview, and keep the area surrounding your desk neat.


Don’t be discouraged if you apply to Salesforce and fail any rounds of interviews; I’ve heard enough stories of people who applied several times only to fail, fail, and then land a job.

Salesforce’s hiring process is distinct, with a strong emphasis on customer-facing and presentation skills. Consider each application a learning experience from which you will benefit each time.


After reading this post, tweak your resume and application to emphasize the highlighted talents and values.

This can include your commercial abilities, charity work, significant speeches you’ve given, and any other highlights or accomplishments you believe are pertinent.

Salesforce office locations in Canada.

  • Halifax
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

Salesforce Job Page 

  • Visit here to access their career page
  • Visit Here to search for jobs
  • Click here to join the sales force talent community


Salesforce is, without a doubt, one of the top companies to work for in the world. While consistently rating at the top of “best places to work” rankings, Salesforce also pushes for equality and gives incredible benefits to employees.

As a result, Salesforce is a firm that many people working in the broader digital landscape, as well as organizations within the ecosystem, desire on their résumé.

This article should have given you a good understanding of Salesforce’s hiring criteria and what they look for in an ideal candidate. As you may expect, getting a salesforce job is difficult. Salesforce is a world-leading, award-winning technology company, and the “greatest place to work” worldwide will attract many applications.

While anyone with the necessary abilities can get a job, you have a huge advantage if you are already working in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce prefers to hire from inside the community since these individuals understand how the platform operates and the complexities of the Salesforce ecosystem.

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