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Are you interested in Sap jobs in Canada? This article would guide you on all you need to know as regards Sap jobs in Canada

Consider a job as an SAP consultant if you have a background in computer or software systems. SAP consultants are SAP module experts who use generated data to direct companies and organizations. The employment market is highly competitive, and SAP consultants have excellent earning potential. This article will cover what it takes to be a successful SAP consultant and how to become one.

Five former IBM employees established a multinational software business called SAP. The way businesses function globally has been innovated by it. Since its founding, SAP has expanded and eclipsed a lot of other businesses.

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Factors to Consider

These three elements are used as a wellness check to determine Canada’s most popular SAP module.

Does the program offer employment opportunities? In SAP, there are 25 components, as I mentioned above. But not every element has been used. This reduces it to six crucial modules that are in demand in Canada due to the jobs available in these modules.

The six most common modules with open positions are listed below.

  • SAP FI
  • SAP MM
  • SAP SD
  • SAP PP
  • SAP Basis/ ABAP 

Various SAP modules

SAP offers a wide range of products concentrating on company management, customer service, sales and marketing, and financial operations. Recently, SAP has shifted its attention to cloud-based options. Some of the most popular components are listed below:

SAP FI module

Finance-related SAP FI software’s main objective is to store a company’s financial info. An SAP expert uses this information to assess a company’s financial position in the market. SAP FI maintains financial data in a global context involving numerous businesses and currencies. SAP FI experts are responsible for incorporating this information into the business’s financials.

SAP CO module

Planning, reporting, and monitoring organizational activities are the primary uses of the SAP CO module, also known as the SAP controlling module. The management team can make better business choices thanks to the data that the module collects. You can find variances using the SAP CO modules by comparing plan data with real data.

SAP HR module

The SAP Human Resources (HR) section is also referred to as the SAP Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or SAP Human Capital Management (HCM). (HRMS). The HR department of a company can automate record-keeping with the aid of SAP HR software. When handling payroll and administrative tasks, this framework is perfect.

SAP MM module

Supply chain planning and execution capabilities are part of SAP Materials Management (MM), a core role. Organizations use SAP MM to make choices and deal with problems about purchasing vendor management and raw materials. Additionally, it chooses inventory levels, creates replenishment plans for raw and finished products, and disseminates data on material requirements.

SAP QM module

The supply network benefits from the SAP Quality Management (QM) module. It oversees all aspects of product quality management, including planning, inspections, execution, and supervision. SAP QM consultants check the quality of in-process items throughout the production process, finished goods are inspected before being sent to the warehouse, and materials are inspected as they enter the manufacturing facility.

SAP SD module

An organization’s shipping, invoicing, selling, and transportation of goods and services are managed by the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module. Along with managing client relationships, SAP SD is the module that handles billing for goods and services and sales quotations. The SAP SD module must be handled with other modules like SAP MM and PP to be used effectively.

SAP ABAP module

Advanced Business Application Programming, or ABAP, is a 4GL language that companies and groups use to create and modify their specific SAP software. It aids in developing mainframe apps for business-related functions like procurement and finance. You need a fundamental grasp of Java programming and database technologies like PL/SQL to start as an SAP ABAP consultant.

Sap jobs in Canada

SAP careers paths to choose from

If you choose to be an SAP consultant, here are various career paths you can choose from:

SAP business consultant

Someone who comprehends the business aspect of things more than the software is called an SAP business expert. The company manages the majority of customer contacts. These encounters might involve pitching concepts, securing contracts, repping the business, carrying out projects, and offering general assistance throughout the project.

SAP functional consultant

SAP functional experts can customize the SAP software at the client’s request. They collaborate with programmers to create unique ABAP programs tailored to the customer’s needs. Critical SAP functional components include SAP PP, FI, CO, QM, and MM.

SAP technical consultant

Due to their role as software creation and integration advisors, SAP technical consultants are also known as developer consultants. They carry out the ABAP and Java programming and scripting to create the crucial system. They work to identify and fix issues with SAP technology, and when necessary, they also offer assistance and training.

SAP basis consultant

A person who provides technical support and management of SAP systems for an organization is an SAP basis expert. Their duties include installing, upgrading, and implementing support programs, fixes, and patches for SAP software. Additionally, SAP basis experts ensure the organization’s crucial data is backed up and secure from online hackers.

How to become an SAP consultant

There are many ways to enter the SAP market, as many SAP modules make obvious. You can attempt a few of the following to launch your career as an SAP consultant:

1. Become trained and certified in SAP.

Choose the module you want to specialize in, locate a relevant SAP course, and obtain certification from a licensed SAP training partner. Over 150 certifications, ranging from entry-level to expert, are now available from SAP. You must pay for the courses, so do your study to find one that matches your interests and professional objectives.

2. Collaborate with an advisory firm.

You might consider working as a junior SAP consultant for an IT consulting firm if you already have solid business or industry expertise. You could learn how to create cutting-edge solutions by getting the most recent tech and platform knowledge from this. You might join a group of SAP specialists attempting to change companies’ operations.

3. Participate in SAP assistance training.

Consider working as a trainee or support staff for a business that has already adopted SAP. Later, the business might decide to pay for your SAP instruction and certification. Finding a company that wants a trainee can take some time because they might already have employees in these roles.

4. Become a non-SAP employee on an SAP project.

SAP initiatives frequently call for expertise outside of SAP. For instance, if you are skilled with databases and SQL, you could join the project as a person who handles data conversion and later educate yourself on SAP. Finding out if a career in SAP consulting is appropriate for you could result from this.

Prerequisites to become an SAP consultant

Here are some requirements to meet if you’re contemplating becoming an SAP consultant:

  • Although a postgraduate degree can improve your chances of landing your first employment, a college degree is still the minimum requirement.
  • A computer science degree or previous experience in data or programming-related jobs is essential when selecting SAP technical modules.
  • The most important factor is SAP module approval.
  • You typically need to have domain expertise to use functional modules. There are no set guidelines to follow when selecting a module, but having prior job experience or expertise in the area of the module you choose will put you at a distinct advantage.
  • Another element that will help you get the SAP consultant job you want is business and industry understanding.

How to succeed as an SAP expert

A lot of perseverance and diligence are needed to become an SAP expert. Here are some crucial pointers to help you succeed as an SAP consultant:

Develop skills

Although you may be concentrating on one of the many SAP modules, it can be useful for you to be familiar with the fundamental operations of the other modules as well. Diversifying your areas of expertise is crucial, and staying current on developments across all SAP modules will assist.

Get training

You might need to participate in training programs to advance beyond merely having a functional understanding of SAP. Both online and in-person SAP instruction is offered in a variety of topics. You can enroll with a reputable trainer or an SAP learning group depending on the ideal option.

Discover more domains

Experience in a variety of fields is excellent. Exploring modules outside of your expertise is regarded as a strength as your career development continues. Improve your understanding of program functionality and architectural optimization.

Be current

Your accomplishment goes beyond a simple credential. Keep abreast of the most recent changes in the SAP world. The SAP software and apps are constantly evolving, and

Build your network

Networking is the key when it comes to achieving corporate success. Build a network to enhance knowledge and stay updated with the industry. One way to connect with other SAP experts is through social networking sites and discussion forums.

Continue Learning

Training and gaining knowledge is a never-ending process. Subscribe to SAP newsletters and magazines and attend classes to ensure your SAP knowledge is always current and relevant. Industry knowledge is the key to providing quality services as an SAP consultant.

Apply for Sap Jobs in Canada

Salaries for Sap Jobs in Canada

In Canada, the typical sap jobs salary is $100,900 annually or $51.74 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $139,994 annually, while entry-level jobs start at $91,792 annually.


Is SAP valid in Canada?

Anywhere in the globe, including Canada, a career in SAP is a good one. If your SAP skills are strong, finding employment should be easy. Since you’ll be speaking with business people, having a strong command of the English language is very helpful.

In Canada, how much money does a junior SAP make?

The national average pay for a Junior SAP Consultant in Canada is $115,967, according to glassdoor.


We have compiled in this article all you need to know about Getting Sap jobs in Canada In 2023. finding a job has never been easy but going through the right step will bring you close to getting your dream job. read through this article and you wont regret it.


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