Sponsorship Jobs in Canada – Top 10 Companies to Apply

Are you interested in sponsorship jobs in Canada? This article has shortlisted 10 top companies that sponsor visas in Canada. 

If you’re an international student seeking work in Canada, visa-sponsored jobs are a fantastic way to get started. After all, according to a Canadian government assessment, immigration will account for nearly all of the increase in the Canadian workforce in 2021.

Foreign graduates might enter the Canadian labor market through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A Canadian firm may need to obtain the LMIA before recruiting a foreign worker.

Read below for companies sponsoring visas in Canada.

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Top Companies for Sponsorship Jobs in Canada

Google Canada 

The top company on our list of visa sponsorship companies in Canada is Google Canada. A network of foreign employees has grown since Google Canada’s doors opened in Toronto. They practice equal opportunity and do not discriminate based on race, creed, color, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, among other things.

There are five job categories available in Google Canada’s Toronto office: 

  • Business Strategy, 
  • Engineering and Technology, 
  • Marketing and Communications, 
  • Design and Sales, 
  • and Services and Support.

Sponsorship Jobs in Canada

Farming P&H 

Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited, a Canadian family-owned corporation (P&H), is a pioneer in agriculture. P&S was started in 1909 as a growth-oriented, diverse company with over 1,500 workers. P&H focuses on feed milling, crop inputs, flour milling, and grain marketing.

Given the magnitude of the Canadian agriculture industry, which according to the Government of Canada, will employ 2.1 million people in 2021, farming enterprises like P&H are continuously looking for personnel to fill the labor shortage.


If you want to work in Canada’s financial industry, KPMG is a beautiful place to start. The auditing and tax advisory firm, which has around 46 sites across Canada, has openings for seasoned professionals, executives, new grads, and students.

Working for KPMG will provide you with several learning possibilities. Their technical, business, and leadership abilities can be developed through the KPMG virtual business school’s formal and on-the-job training. Degreed, a digital learning platform from KPMG, may also be used to customize your professional growth and access learning resources.


The Bank of Nova Scotia, generally known as Scotiabank, is a multinational financial services organization headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. According to Investopedia, it is one of Canada’s Big Five banks and the third-largest bank in terms of deposits in the country.

The bank provides a variety of job options based on your interests and aspirations. If you appreciate building trustworthy relationships, consider joining the Retail Banking team. If you want to design secure and smooth digital experiences, join the Technology team and help shape the future of banking. 

Elastic Path 

Elastic Path, a business that specializes in evolving digital commerce experiences, is the final organization on our list of visa sponsorship jobs in Canada. They are based in Vancouver and offer a headless commerce solution that can help you launch a career in a variety of fields, including IT, marketing, product development, operations, and management.

PWC Canada 

One of the world’s top networks for professional services is PWC Canada. They take pride in their 110-year history of fostering Canadian organizations’ expansion. Public and private clients can get services from PwC that are industry-focused. Additionally, their associates and staff members are dispersed across the nation and employ their expertise to offer high-quality services and products that support the resolution of pressing problems. 

The company offers the services listed below: 

  • Data analytics, 
  • risk management, 
  • and assurance and audit consultation Tax 

Agrifresh, Inc. 

The highest international health standards are followed when planting, harvesting, creating, and delivering wholesome and exceptional food goods and services. 

Fresh agricultural products are delivered on time thanks to the work of Agrifresh produce specialists who operate in a crucial geographic corridor. They have received instruction in safe handling procedures and consistent product hauling. 


MobSquad makes it simple for US businesses to create a virtual subsidiary in Canada. They give businesses the choice of building a team of highly skilled technology workers nearshore in Canada or keeping hold of current technology employees despite the restrictions placed on US work visas. They hire highly skilled foreign technology workers from US companies who have been turned down for work visas in the US and relocate them to Canada. MobSquad manages the ongoing administrative processes for finding talent in Canada. 


Enbridge improves the quality of life for millions of people by connecting them to the energy they require daily. They plan for the future by investing in and building modern infrastructure, enduring communities, and dependable energy. 

Enbridge operates across North America and beyond through its four main businesses, supplying reliable, affordable energy sources while empowering society and the economy. 

  • pipes for moving liquids 
  • natural gas pipelines 
  • Natural gas distribution and storage 
  • renewable energy sources

Schneider Electric Canada Inc.

It was founded in 1836 and is an automation and control company. The company offers its employees opportunities for professional development as well as emotional and physical support. They discovered a program where they send furniture (chairs and sit-stand workstations) to employees instead of just allowing them to work from home.

Permit to Work 

You can work in Canada if you have a work permit, which is a card or document. Once you have located sponsorship employment in Canada that will grant you an LMIA, you must obtain a work permit. Two categories of work permits exist: 

Open Work Permit 

This kind of work permit is unrestricted. There needs to be more information about the company’s employment in the work permit. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or job offer is unnecessary.

Sponsorship Jobs in Canada

Work Permit Specific to Employer 

These work permits have restrictions. It limits you to that particular position and specifies the nature of your employment as well as the name of your employer. 

Although you must apply for a new work permit to work for a different employer, you will typically keep your current work permit. 

You need to have a job offer and a labor market impact assessment to qualify for this type of work visa (LMIA). Once you’ve satisfied these two requirements, you can apply for a work permit.


What is LMIA? 

A Canadian employer must obtain a favorable Labour Market Impact Assessment before hiring a foreign worker. Because of this, the IRCC is assured that no suitable Canadian citizens or residents can fill the employment gap. When a foreigner is required to fill the position, the government ought to issue them with a work visa so they can come to Canada and fill the void. 

How do I find a job in Canada?

The first thing you must do is write a CV in the format demanded by Canadian employers. It must be truthful, accurate, and well-written in English. 

Second, you can use Google to look up these Canadian employers who sponsor foreign workers and the jobs they offer. Before applying, make sure you meet the minimum qualifications for the position to avoid disappointment. 

Thirdly, you can visit websites for finding jobs, such as Indeed or Linked In. Create a profile with your objectives, location, experience, and credentials, then start looking. Select the filter for “jobs for foreigners” or “visa sponsorships.” 

Do I need a job to immigrate to Canada?

Even though you are not required to have a job to immigrate to Canada, it will increase your chances by giving you more points on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Additionally, obtaining a work permit in Canada may help you obtain permanent residency in the long run.

Conclusion On Sponsorship Jobs in Canada

Canada has seen a significant increase in immigration in recent years. More than a quarter of all employment in Canada is held by immigrants. There are more opportunities for immigrants to enter the workforce due to Canada’s aging population and low birth rate. 

As a result, Canadian employers are looking for immigrants with the skills needed to keep their businesses operating. Even though they don’t always sponsor’ foreign workers, Canadian businesses help you apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) with Employment and Social Development (ESDC) Canada. 

The goal of this department is to raise people’s quality of life and standards of living in Canada. They keep an eye on the labor market and ensure that just and equitable employment policies are in place. The hardest part of working in Canada is this. 

You can apply for a work visa if the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is favorable. The first step in your journey should be applying for a work permit in Canada. It’s crucial to ensure you work for an employer who will handle the application process for you and cover the associated costs.

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