Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada: Amazing guide

Truck drivers jobs in Canada: Are you looking for an easy job in Canada that requires little or no education at all? Then truck drivers jobs in Canada is one of the best jobs for you. Foreigners are in very high demand for truck driver jobs in Canada since most foreigners in Canada prefer to work in positions of this nature. 

Because truck drivers jobs in Canada are well-paying, fun jobs with no stress. Truck drivers in Canada typically make between $16.00 and $33.08 per hour, making them highly-paid professionals. 

The truck driver’s duties include picking up materials and items, checking loads for accuracy, and delivering them as directed. Pack and unpack the cargo. Basic car repair is your responsibility, and you’re always required to follow safe work procedures.

Why apply for truck drivers jobs in Canada? 

Canada has a high demand for trucks. The most obvious advantage is the tremendous demand for drivers across Canada. 

Truck drivers are always in demand as a profession. Particularly in the province of British Columbia, where drivers receive training. Approximately 1,35,900 job opportunities are available.

The benefit of truck drivers’ jobs in Canada

Many chances and benefits are reportedly available to truck drivers in Canada, including pay that ranges from $55,000 to $70,000 per year and other bonuses, including social benefits. It is significant to highlight that Canadian employers favour long-haul truckers. 

The employers of long-haul truck drivers provide them with a fair wage and numerous other benefits. For these reasons, competent employees and immigrants are interested in applying for foreign-applicable truck driver employment in Canada. 

The work schedules of truck drivers in Canada are flexible. Truck drivers occasionally embark on journeys that take weeks or months to complete. Long-haul truck drivers can then discuss with their employers the number of days off each week and the working days and hours.

Duties of truck drivers in Canada

In Canada, a few instances of truck driver duties are: 

  • They deliver items to customers over large distances. 
  • Deliver the items and materials after having the loads checked for accuracy. 
  • They transport between the USA and Canada. 
  • Truck drivers pack and unpack the cargo. 
  • They record deliveries of freight. 
  • They Refuel and wash the car. 
  • Inform the dispatcher of any traffic issues. 
  • They make sure to observe the traffic laws. 
  • They examine and Examine trucks to know that the car is in good shape and note any problems. 
  • They observe accident protocols.
  • Plan your travel and logistics, and get the paperwork you need to transport your goods. 
  • Perform pre-trip, in-transit, and post-trip inspections of the vehicle’s equipment systems for things like tires, lights, turn signals, brakes, and cold storage. 
  • The cargo, service times, journey distance, and fuel consumption should be documented. 
  • Create bills of lading and either manually or electronically keep logbooks. 
  • Ensuring that cargo is securely fastened in accordance with all safety regulations and adheres to the safety guidelines for moving hazardous materials

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Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada:

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Truck drivers jobs in Canada: Does Canada employ foreign truck drivers?  

The foreign applicants, whether or not they have a valid work permit for Canada, can work as truck drivers in Canada. Truck Driver Jobs are open to foreign applicants. It does not impose limitations based on nationality. 

All applicants, even those from outside Canada, are welcome. India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico are the countries with the highest number of applicants.

Truck drivers jobs in Canada

Many businesses are looking to hire truck drivers across Canada, including in Alberta, Ontario, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Quebec, Ottawa, Calgary, and many more cities. Let’s examine the employment options for truck drivers in Canada: 

If you are eligible and your odds are good, you should be familiar with driving. The first stage is applying for a job that sponsors a visa for workers from abroad. Candidates with and without work permission will be mentioned. You will then receive an email or reply from the employee informing you of your selection or rejection. They will then direct you and help you with the invitation letter and visa type. 

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Job sites to get truck drivers jobs in Canada





Job bank


Canada career site

Meet a truck driver

Truck driver job 411

Every truck job. Com


Truck drivers jobs in Canada: Work permit for truck drivers

Truck drivers jobs in Canada: Many people with prior truck driving experience in Gulf nations and those looking to go to numerous attractive towns and locations across Canada on a paid trip are interested in the job of truck driving in Canada. 

Due to a lack of skilled truck drivers who can travel long distances, there is more truck driver employment in Canada with work permits (routes and journey). It is a well-known fact that to operate travel and the movement of goods smoothly and effectively, the Canadian trucking industry, transport services, and freight business require young foreign skilled professionals, trained drivers with experience driving trucks in Gulf countries, as well as long-haul drivers.

Employers in Canada are always looking for truck drivers with two or more years of experience in Gulf countries, a Gulf country license, and a spotless driving record. Given that truck drivers in Canada are, on average, 48 years old, several Canadian firms are actively looking for qualified individuals to carry out the different responsibilities entrusted to truck drivers.

Under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, truck drivers can obtain a work permit for Canada (TFWP). Through this avenue, the majority of Canadian transportation companies hire young, skilled foreigners. 

The TFWP only accepts applicants who can show immigration officials that they are prepared to work and remain in Canada before their visa or work permit expires. Additionally, potential applicants must be law abiding, have no active criminal cases against them, and have never previously been denied entry into Canada or any other nation.

Work permit requirement for truck drivers jobs in Canada

  • Two years of truck driving work experience in a Gulf nation.
  • Must have a Gulf country driving license and a truck driver visa. 
  • Senior secondary education (10+2). Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing in English, or Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5: Speaking (5 bands), Writing (5 band), Listening (5 bands), and Reading (4 band) 
  • A designated Canadian employer receiving a favourable Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) must endorse a visa application. sufficient resources

The Canadian government offers two significant immigration schemes to qualified truck drivers (candidates). These are the programs:

  • LMIA Work Permit
  • Atlantic Immigration Programme

Work Permit Based on LMIA 

Eligibility Requirements for Work Permit Visa Applications: 

  • A minimum of two years of experience driving trucks internationally, preferably in the Gulf States, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, and Singapore. 
  • A clean driving abstract and a spotless criminal record (minimum) 
  • Speaking 5, Listening 5, Reading 4, and Writing five bands on the IELTS scale.

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) 

The Atlantic Immigration Programme (AIP) prioritizes jobs and has been designated a permanent immigration gateway beginning in 2022. In four Canadian provinces—Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador—this approach satisfies the needs of the labour market. 

Eligibility requirements for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP) work permit visa include the following: 

  • The international truck driving experience of at least one year within the last three years. 
  • The applicant must have experience driving trucks in any Gulf nation, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, and Singapore. 
  • Clear criminal history and driving abstract 
  • Education up to 12th grade 
  • Speaking 4, Listening 4.5, Reading 3.5, and Writing four bands on the IELTS

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Documents required for the work permit

Immigration to Canada is a legitimate process. Therefore, the authorities need a specified set of documents to process applicants. The list of the documents required to apply for a visa is as follows: 

  • Family information form for work permit applicants (IMM 5645) 
  • Valid passport; 
  • Two passport-size photos; 
  • Processing fee; 
  • A copy of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which is issued by Employment and Social Development Canada; 
  • A medical exam report; 
  • A police verification report; (ESDC) 
  • Work experience letters, employment letters, and documentation of candidates’ qualifications for open positions 
  • IELTS score demonstrating language competency • Financial stability proof

Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada:

Steps to apply for truck jobs in Canada

No matter whatever program you choose for immigration, follow these steps to apply for your truck driving job: 

  • First, locate your NOC (truck drivers: NOC 7511) 
  • Check Your Eligibility in Step 2 
  • Step 3: Locate Employment and Acquire a Job Offer 
  • Step 4: Determine the sort of work permit that is necessary 
  • Step 5: Compile all supporting documentation and complete all fields.

Truck drivers jobs in Canada: Final thoughts 

Excellent pay is one of Canada’s main benefits of being a truck driver. The annual pay of roughly $55,000 is typical for long-haul truckers in Canada. 

This is a relatively good wage with the potential to make more, depending on your lifestyle and where you reside. Many truck drivers are attracted to Canada by the possibility of earning a decent living there. 

Trucking also offers variety and independence. Locally, regionally, nationally, or even internationally, you can provide. These choices offer adaptable scheduling. You’ll likely work five days a week for six to eight hours if you commute locally. 

On the other hand, if you decide to work in long-distance trucking, your timetable can be more flexible. Either way, you’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to explore Canada’s diverse natural landscapes. 

Canada’s trucking industry is developing to suit regional and global demands. There are many opportunities available in Canada right now, and it is anticipated that the need for this sector will only increase.

Truck drivers jobs in Canada: FAQs 

What are the details to be mentioned in job advertising for truck drivers? 

  • The principal area where trucking will occur. 
  • Which kind of trucking (long haul, short haul, etc.)
  • Compensation information. 
  • Requirements for licenses and permits.

What are the possible ways to migrate to Canada as a truck driver?

There are three options for a transport truck driver to immigrate to Canada. 

  • With a job offer 
  • provincial nomination 
  • through Express Entry

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