Airbnb Cleaning Jobs – Simplify Your Cleaning Schedule in 2024

Are you looking for flexible cleaning opportunities? Discover the Airbnb Cleaning Jobs. Quickly browse and apply for cleaning gigs in your area, set your schedule, and earn extra income. Streamline your cleaning routine with this convenient app.

Airbnb Cleaning Jobs
Airbnb Cleaning Jobs

The Airbnb Cleaning Jobs connects individuals with cleaning opportunities within the Airbnb community. Hosts often require cleaning services between guest stays, creating a demand for reliable and efficient cleaners. This app allows cleaners to browse available jobs, set their schedules, and earn income by providing cleaning services to Airbnb hosts.

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With user-friendly features and seamless booking processes, the Airbnb Cleaning

Jobs App streamlines the process of finding and securing cleaning gigs, offering flexibility and convenience to both cleaners and hosts alike. Whether you’re looking for part-time work or seeking to supplement your income, this app provides a convenient solution for accessing cleaning opportunities within the Airbnb ecosystem.

What is Airbnb Cleaning Jobs?

Airbnb Cleaning Jobs refers to the opportunities for individuals to provide cleaning services for properties listed on Airbnb. As Airbnb hosts welcome guests into their homes or rental properties, they often require assistance cleaning and preparing the space between bookings. Airbnb Cleaning Jobs involve tidying up, vacuuming, dusting, changing linens, and ensuring the property is clean and welcoming for the next guest.

Depending on the host’s needs and the cleaner’s availability, these jobs can be one-time gigs or ongoing arrangements. Platforms like the Airbnb Cleaning Jobs App facilitate the connection between hosts needing cleaning services and individuals looking for cleaning opportunities, making it easier to find and book cleaning jobs within the Airbnb community.

What Does Airbnb Cleaning Do?

Airbnb cleaning involves tidying up and preparing properties listed on Airbnb for incoming guests. The main tasks of Airbnb cleaning include:

1. Cleaning: Thoroughly clean and sanitize all rooms and surfaces within the property, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and shared spaces.

2. Changing linens: Removing used linens such as bed sheets, pillowcases, and towels and replacing them with fresh, clean linens for the next guest.

3. Restocking amenities: Ensuring that essential amenities such as toiletries, toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning supplies are adequately stocked for the guests’ convenience.

4. Organizing: Straightening up and organizing the space to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for incoming guests.

5. Checking for damages: Conducting a visual inspection of the property to identify any damages or maintenance issues that need attention and reporting them to the host.

Skills and Qualifications

To excel in Airbnb cleaning jobs, individuals should possess the following skills and qualifications:

1. Attention to detail: Ability to thoroughly clean and sanitize all property areas, ensuring no spot is overlooked.

2. Time management: Efficiently manage time to complete cleaning tasks within the designated timeframe between guest check-out and check-in.

3. Organization: Keep cleaning supplies and equipment well-organized and maintain a systematic approach to cleaning different areas of the property.

4. Communication: Effectively communicate with the property owner or manager to address any specific cleaning requirements or guest preferences.

5. Flexibility: Adapt to changing schedules and accommodate last-minute cleaning requests or adjustments based on guest bookings.

6. Physical stamina: Possess the physical endurance to perform cleaning tasks, including bending, lifting, and standing for extended periods.

7. Knowledge of cleaning techniques: Familiarity with effective cleaning methods, products, and equipment to achieve high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

8. Customer service: Provide excellent customer service by ensuring the property is clean, well-maintained, and ready for guests to enjoy their stay.

Types of Airbnb Cleaning Jobs Apps

Some common types include:

1. Cleaning Service Platforms: These apps connect Airbnb hosts with professional cleaning services or independent cleaners specializing in short-term rental properties. Hosts can schedule cleanings, view cleaner profiles and reviews, and manage payments through the platform.

2. On-Demand Cleaning Apps: On-demand cleaning apps allow hosts to book services on short notice, typically within a few hours or the same day. Cleaners receive notifications of available jobs nearby and can accept them based on availability and location.

3. Task Management Tools: Task management apps provide hosts with tools to create cleaning checklists, assign tasks to cleaners, and track cleaning progress. Cleaners can access assigned tasks, mark them as completed, and communicate with hosts directly within the app.

4. Property Management Software: Some property management software includes features for managing cleaning services alongside other aspects of short-term rental management. These platforms often offer integrated cleaning scheduling, automated reminders, and reporting capabilities.

5. Cleaning Marketplace Platforms: Cleaning marketplace apps connect hosts with a network of independent cleaners who offer their services at competitive rates. Hosts can browse profiles, read reviews, and book cleaners directly through the app.

Education and Experience Requirements

Some of the expected education and experience requirements:

1. High School Diploma or Equivalent: Many cleaning companies and platforms do not require formal education beyond a high school diploma or equivalent.

2. Previous Cleaning Experience: While not always mandatory, having prior experience in professional cleaning, housekeeping, or janitorial services can be advantageous. This experience demonstrates familiarity with cleaning techniques, equipment, and best practices.

3. Attention to Detail: A keen eye for detail and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards are essential for Airbnb cleaning jobs. Cleaners should be thorough and meticulous in their work to ensure that properties are well-prepared for guests.

4. Time Management Skills: Cleaning jobs in the Airbnb sector often require cleaners to work efficiently within a specified timeframe. Strong time management skills enable cleaners to complete tasks promptly while maintaining quality standards.

5. Communication Skills: Effective communication with hosts, property managers, or cleaning service coordinators is crucial in Airbnb cleaning roles. Clear and professional communication ensures that cleaning instructions are understood, scheduling is coordinated smoothly, and any issues or concerns are addressed promptly.

6. Physical Fitness: Cleaning can be physically demanding, requiring individuals to stand for extended periods, lift and move furniture or equipment, and perform repetitive tasks. Good physical health and stamina are essential for meeting the job’s demands.

7. Background Check: Some cleaning companies or platforms may require candidates to undergo a background check as part of the hiring process to ensure trustworthiness and reliability.

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Benefits of Airbnb Cleaning Jobs Apps

1. Flexibility: Airbnb cleaning jobs apps provide flexible work opportunities, allowing cleaners to choose their schedules based on availability. This flexibility particularly appeals to individuals with other commitments or those seeking part-time or freelance work.

2. Easy Access to Jobs: With Airbnb cleaning apps, cleaners can easily access available cleaning jobs in their area through a user-friendly platform or mobile app. This streamlined process eliminates the need for traditional job-searching methods and allows cleaners to find work quickly and conveniently.

3. Increased Income Potential: Airbnb cleaning apps enable cleaners to maximize their earning potential by connecting them directly with property owners or managers. Cleaners can take on multiple jobs daily or weekly, increasing their overall income compared to traditional employment arrangements.

4. Variety of Properties: Airbnb cleaning jobs apps offer cleaners the opportunity to work in various properties, including apartments, houses, vacation rentals, and commercial spaces. This diversity allows cleaners to gain experience in different settings and adapt their cleaning services to meet specific property requirements.

5. Transparent Pricing: Many Airbnb cleaning apps provide transparent pricing structures, allowing cleaners to see the rates offered for each job up front. This transparency helps cleaners decide which jobs to accept based on their desired pay rates.

6. Rating and Review System: Most Airbnb cleaning apps incorporate a rating and review system, where cleaners and property owners can rate each other based on their experiences. Positive reviews and high ratings can enhance a cleaner’s reputation and increase their chances of securing future jobs.

7. Automated Payments: Airbnb cleaning apps often facilitate automated payments, ensuring cleaners receive timely service compensation. This eliminates manual invoicing or payment collection and provides cleaners with financial stability.

How Profitable Is It to Be an Airbnb Cleaner?

On average, Airbnb housekeepers earn approximately $24 per hour. With regular cleaning jobs five days a week, working six hours each day, you could earn around $2,880 monthly. As earnings are directly tied to the number of cleaning jobs completed, increasing your workload translates to higher income potential.

Top Steps to Become an Airbnb Cleaner

Discover a simple step-by-step manual below to kickstart your professional cleaning business tailored for short-term rental properties.

1. Develop Your Business Strategy

Crafting a robust business plan entails meticulous attention to detail. Some crucial aspects require thorough consideration, along with selecting your business name, designing a potential logo, addressing transportation needs, and sourcing supplies.

Delving into these particulars from the outset proves advantageous as you shape your cleaning business blueprint. Here are some guiding questions to aid in your plan’s development:

– What scope of services will I offer, encompassing both indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks?

– Should I extend my services to include specialized offerings like carpet cleaning or other niche services? Specify these offerings to broaden client appeal.

– Which types of cleaning products will align with my business ethos? Consider eco-friendly options or other cleaning solutions to cater to specific preferences.

– Conduct market research to gauge your locality’s pricing norms and service offerings. Analyze competitors’ rates and services to inform your pricing strategy and service package.

– If considering specialized cleaning services, adjust pricing accordingly to reflect added value and expertise. Ensure your pricing remains competitive yet reflective of your service quality.

– Evaluate whether expanding your team is necessary, depending on workload and business growth projections. Use social media, Craigslist, or industry-specific forums to scout potential hires.

By meticulously addressing these aspects, you lay a solid foundation for your cleaning business’s success and sustainable growth.

2. Embrace Marketing Opportunities

Once you’ve ironed out operational details, it’s time to proactively promote your Airbnb cleaning venture.

Explore various avenues to attract clients, including leveraging word-of-mouth referrals, establishing a professional website, and cultivating a robust social media presence. Consider tapping into platforms like the Turno Cleaner marketplace to connect with Airbnb hosts in your vicinity. Here, you can set your rates and selectively accept or decline project offers, laying the groundwork for expanding your clientele.

To bolster your online presence, explore user-friendly website creation platforms like GoDaddy or Wix, offering customizable templates for effortless site-building. Complement your website with active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Join relevant Airbnb housekeeper groups on Facebook to seek advice and insights from peers while showcasing your expertise through before-and-after cleaning photos to bolster visibility and attract potential clients.

3. Ensure Compliance

Before commencing operations, ensure legal compliance by familiarizing yourself with your state’s cleaning business regulations.

Setting yourself apart from competitors entails considering acquiring bond or liability insurance. These add an extra layer of credibility to your business and can be obtained affordably.

Leverage resources provided by your state’s Department of Commerce website to understand the process of obtaining insurance for your venture. Streamline documentation by utilizing online license and insurance printing platforms, enhancing operational efficiency.

4. Enhance Communication Efficiency

Effective communication with Airbnb hosts becomes paramount with an increasing workload and growing experience. Establishing a consistent communication method is essential for seamless operations.

Utilize platforms offering automated project confirmations upon acceptance and job completion. Turno, for instance, offers comprehensive features facilitating streamlined communication. Additionally, hosts can create customized cleaning checklists, ensuring meticulous attention to detail when servicing clients’ properties.

How to Find Airbnb Cleaning Jobs

You can use specialized apps to connect cleaners with hosts to find Airbnb cleaning jobs. Here’s how to do it:

1. Download Cleaning Apps: Look for cleaning apps tailored to Airbnb hosts. Examples include TurnoverBnB, Properly, and Turno. These apps allow hosts to post cleaning jobs and enable cleaners to browse and apply for available positions.

2. Create a Profile: After downloading the app, create a profile highlighting your cleaning experience, skills, and availability. Include any certifications or training you have related to cleaning or hospitality.

3. Browse Available Jobs: Use the app’s search or browse function to find cleaning jobs in your area. Filter results based on location, pay rate, and job requirements to find positions that suit your preferences.

4. Apply for Jobs: Once you find a job you’re interested in, submit your application through the app. Include a personalized message highlighting why you’re a good fit for the position and any relevant experience you have.

5. Communicate with Hosts: If your application is successful, communicate with the host through the app to finalize details such as scheduling, cleaning instructions, and payment arrangements.

6. Complete the Job: Arrive on time for the cleaning appointment and perform the tasks according to the host’s instructions. Ensure thorough cleaning and attention to detail to provide excellent service.

7. Receive Payment: After completing the job, ensure that the host confirms the completion of the cleaning through the app. Payment is typically processed through the app’s system, providing a secure transaction for both parties.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Airbnb Cleaning Jobs


1. Flexibility: Airbnb cleaning jobs often offer flexible scheduling, allowing cleaners to work around their existing commitments or other jobs.

2. Supplemental Income: Cleaners can earn additional income by taking on Airbnb cleaning jobs in their spare time.

3. Variety: Each Airbnb property is unique, allowing cleaners to work in different locations and environments.

4. Networking Opportunities: Cleaning for Airbnb hosts can lead to networking opportunities and potential referrals for other cleaning or hospitality-related jobs.

5. Independence: Many Airbnb cleaning jobs allow cleaners to work independently, managing their schedule and workload.

6. Skill Development: Cleaners can enhance their cleaning skills and gain experience providing high-quality service to clients.

Airbnb Cleaning Jobs
Airbnb Cleaning Jobs


1. Inconsistent Work: The demand for Airbnb cleaning jobs may fluctuate, resulting in inconsistent work opportunities.

2. Physical Demands: Cleaning can be physically demanding, requiring cleaners to lift heavy objects and stand for extended periods.

3. Seasonal Variability: Cleaning demand may vary depending on the season or location, leading to fluctuations in income.

4. Uncertain Income: Cleaners may experience uncertainty in income, mainly if they rely solely on Airbnb cleaning jobs for their livelihood.

5. Competition: Depending on the area, there may be significant competition among cleaners for Airbnb cleaning jobs, making it challenging to secure consistent work.

6. Cleaning Supplies and Equipment: Cleaners may need to invest in their cleaning supplies and equipment, which can entail additional costs and maintenance.

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Conclusion on Airbnb Cleaning Jobs

Airbnb cleaning jobs offer a range of opportunities for individuals seeking flexible work arrangements and supplemental income. These roles provide autonomy, the chance to work in diverse environments, and opportunities for skill development. However, cleaners should be aware of potential challenges such as inconsistent work, physical demands, and competition. By carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages, individuals can make informed decisions about pursuing Airbnb cleaning jobs and ensure they align with their personal and professional goals.

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