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BuzzFeed isn’t just about captivating content; it’s a hub of endless opportunities for those seeking dynamic careers in digital media. Embrace a workplace where creativity flourishes and innovation thrives. At BuzzFeed Jobs, we offer more than just roles; we provide platforms for your ideas to shine and your talents to grow. Join us in shaping the future of media, where every day brings fresh challenges and boundless possibilities. Explore a world where your passion meets purpose, and your career takes center stage with BuzzFeed.

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BuzzFeed Company Background

In 2006, Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson III launched BuzzFeed alongside Kenneth Lerer, co-founder and chairman of The Huffington Post. Initially envisioned as a viral content tracker, the platform rapidly evolved into a leading global source for entertainment and news.

Today, BuzzFeed stands as a versatile cross-platform network, encompassing diverse segments such as BuzzFeed Originals, Buzzfeed Media Brands, Buzzfeed Studios, Buzzfeed News, and Buzzfeed Commerce. Each division contributes uniquely, from crafting engaging quizzes to delivering impactful news stories.

Operating on a global scale, BuzzFeed spans multiple locations, including its global news headquarters in New York and the entertainment studio situated in Los Angeles. With a widespread presence across 14 locations worldwide, BuzzFeed boasts a team of over 1,100 dedicated employees.

BuzzFeed Jobs
BuzzFeed Jobs

What is BuzzFeed Jobs?

BuzzFeed Jobs refers to the career opportunities available within BuzzFeed, a prominent digital media company. These job openings span various fields within the media industry, offering roles in content creation, journalism, digital marketing, technology, design, and more. BuzzFeed Jobs presents diverse opportunities for individuals seeking dynamic careers in a creative and innovative environment.

What’s It Like to Work at Buzzfeed?

Working at BuzzFeed is often described as dynamic, vibrant, and creative. The atmosphere fosters innovation and encourages employees to think outside the box. It’s a place where creativity thrives, allowing individuals to explore new ideas and contribute to compelling content across various media formats. The work culture is known for being collaborative and fast-paced, catering to individuals passionate about digital media, storytelling, and engaging with diverse audiences.

Is it worth working for BuzzFeed?

Working at BuzzFeed can be rewarding for many. The company offers a dynamic work environment, often characterized by creativity, diverse projects, and a focus on digital media. It provides opportunities to engage with trending topics, create engaging content, and be part of a vibrant team. However, like any job, it has its challenges. Some find the pace fast, and workloads can be demanding at times. It’s often best suited for those who thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced media environment and value creativity and innovation in their work. Overall, whether it’s worth it depends on individual preferences and career goals.

Good Work-Life Balance

BuzzFeed emphasizes a commendable work-life balance for its employees. Former staff members often highlight flexibility, indicating that as long as tasks are accomplished efficiently, there’s ample room to maintain a healthy personal-professional equilibrium.

Yet, the demanding nature of the work can sometimes become overwhelming, potentially leading to challenges in time management if not handled adeptly.

Do you need a degree to work with BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed recruits a diverse range of professionals to execute its operations, and the necessity of a degree varies based on the job role.

Roles like finance executive positions generally prioritize candidates with a relevant degree and experience in the field.

Certain positions in digital marketing or web development may prefer or require a degree, but in roles like writing, qualifications may rely more on professional experience and expertise. For instance, fashion designers doubling as fashion news writers might not necessitate formal degrees, emphasizing professional backgrounds.

Design-centric roles like graphic designers often emphasize portfolios and prior projects over formal education.

The crux lies in valuing practical experience, as an adept and seasoned writer could potentially serve as a superior editor compared to a journalist armed solely with a degree but lacking hands-on experience.

BuzzFeed Jobs Internships

Both BuzzFeed and Google prioritize nurturing young talent through their internship programs, offering diverse positions and experiences to interns.

Internships serve as valuable opportunities for participants to gain practical knowledge aligned with their field of study, enriching their resumes. While interns are in a learning phase, both organizations compensate them with salaries and additional allowances.

These internship programs serve as potential pathways for interns to transition into full-time roles within the companies. The connections fostered during internships often expand their professional networks, increasing their chances of future employment with these firms. Moreover, interns gain early access to job openings, enhancing their prospects of securing employment.

What degree do you need to work at BuzzFeed?

The degree requirements at BuzzFeed can vary depending on the specific job role and field. Some positions might require a relevant degree in fields such as journalism, digital marketing, graphic design, computer science, communications, or a related discipline. However, for certain roles, especially in creative fields like writing or design, professional experience, a strong portfolio, and demonstrated skills might weigh more heavily than formal degrees. BuzzFeed often values practical expertise and a passion for the specific area of work, alongside the required skills, regardless of a specific degree.

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Pay and Benefits of BuzzFeed Jobs

The pay and benefits at BuzzFeed can vary based on factors like job role, location, experience, and responsibilities. Generally, BuzzFeed offers competitive salaries and a range of benefits, which may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, parental leave, flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and professional development opportunities. The compensation package may differ for full-time employees, interns, or contract workers, aligning with industry standards and the specific needs of the role. Specific details regarding pay and benefits for a particular position are typically outlined during the hiring process.

Diverse Employee Resource Groups

At present, Buzzfeed extends a distinctive benefit to its workforce through the provision of six distinct employee resource groups. These groups serve as supportive communities aimed at fostering diversity, celebrating heritage, and strengthening the connections among employees.

The existing groups include AFamily, dedicated to supporting Asian American employees; BIO, which embraces and uplifts black identities within the workforce; Mi Gente, focused on Buzzfeed’s Latinx employees; OUT, fostering support and inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ employees and community; BF Parents, catering to employees who are parents; and Womxn, empowering female employees within the organization.

Getting a Job at BuzzFeed

To increase your chances of landing a job at BuzzFeed, consider these steps:

1. Research the Company: Understand BuzzFeed’s values, culture, and the type of content it produces. Tailor your application to align with their ethos.

2. Polish Your Portfolio: For creative roles, showcase a diverse and impressive portfolio that highlights your skills and creativity.

3. Network: Connect with current or former BuzzFeed employees, attend industry events, and engage with their content to show genuine interest.

4. Gain Relevant Experience: Gain experience in areas relevant to the position you’re applying for, whether it’s content creation, journalism, digital marketing, or other fields within media.

5. Customize Your Application: Tailor your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to the specific role you’re applying for at BuzzFeed.

6. Highlight Your Skills: Emphasize your skills and achievements that align with the job description and BuzzFeed’s needs.

7. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on BuzzFeed’s career page and social media for job openings and updates.

8. Prepare for Interviews: Be ready to discuss your experiences, skills, and how you can contribute to BuzzFeed’s unique culture and content.

9. Show Passion: Demonstrate your enthusiasm for BuzzFeed and its content, showcasing how you can be a valuable addition to their team.

10. Follow-Up: After applying or interviewing, send a thank-you note or follow-up email to express your gratitude and reiterate your interest in the role.

How Hard Is It to Land a Job at Buzzfeed?

The ease of securing a job at BuzzFeed varies based on the specific role being pursued. Given the company’s diverse array of job offerings, gauging the uniformity of difficulty across all positions becomes impractical.

For instance, roles such as freelance writers and videographers pose a challenge as they demand a persuasive self-presentation to the company. However, depending on one’s educational background and experience, this could also render the hiring process more manageable.

An accomplished freelance writer armed with an MFA in creative writing may naturally stand out among competitors. Conversely, those lacking such credentials might encounter more hurdles in the application process.

In contrast, office-based positions may present a slightly more accessible path to employment. Although these roles remain competitive, they often specify particular educational and experiential prerequisites. Therefore, meeting these qualifications and impressing interviewers becomes the primary focus for aspiring candidates.

BuzzFeed Jobs
BuzzFeed Jobs

Applying for a Job at Buzzfeed

Applying for a job at BuzzFeed involves a few key steps:

1. Explore Openings: Visit BuzzFeed’s career page to explore available positions that match your skills and interests.

2. Review Requirements: Carefully read the job descriptions and requirements for the roles you’re interested in to ensure your qualifications align.

3. Prepare Application Materials: Tailor your resume, cover letter, and portfolio (if applicable) to highlight relevant experiences and skills for the specific role.

4. Submit Application: Follow the application instructions provided on the website. Ensure all required documents are attached and submitted by the deadline.

5. Follow-Up: After applying, consider sending a follow-up email expressing your interest and thanking the hiring team for considering your application.

6. Prepare for Interviews: If selected, prepare for interviews by researching BuzzFeed, practicing common interview questions, and showcasing your enthusiasm for the role and company culture.

7. Stay Engaged: Stay engaged with the company by following their social media, engaging with their content, and staying updated on any communication regarding your application.

Remember to showcase your passion for BuzzFeed’s content and values throughout the application process. Good luck!

How to get paid to write for BuzzFeed

Getting paid to write for BuzzFeed typically involves the following steps:

1. Create a Portfolio: Build a portfolio showcasing your writing skills, diversity in content, and your ability to align with BuzzFeed’s style and audience.

2. Research BuzzFeed’s Writing Style: Familiarize yourself with BuzzFeed’s content and style. Understand their tone, article structure, and the types of articles they publish.

3. Pitch Ideas: BuzzFeed accepts pitches from freelance writers. Develop unique and compelling story ideas that align with their content. Ensure your pitches are tailored to BuzzFeed’s audience and style.

4. Use BuzzFeed’s Pitching Portal: BuzzFeed has a submissions portal where freelancers can pitch their ideas. Submit your pitches through this platform following their guidelines.

5. Follow Submission Guidelines: Pay close attention to their submission guidelines, including preferred article lengths, formatting, and any specific requirements.

6. Networking: Engage with BuzzFeed editors or contributors through social media or professional networking platforms. Building connections might offer insights or opportunities.

7. Persistence: Getting your pitches accepted might take time and multiple attempts. Keep refining your ideas and pitches based on feedback or rejections.

Remember, BuzzFeed receives numerous pitches, so make yours stand out by being unique, relevant, and aligned with their audience’s interests.

BuzzFeed Application and Interview Process

While the exact process may vary depending on the role, the application and interview process at BuzzFeed typically involves these steps:

1. Online Application: Submit your application through BuzzFeed’s career portal, ensuring all required documents (resume, cover letter, portfolio) are uploaded as per the job posting.

2. Resume Screening: HR or hiring managers review applications to shortlist candidates based on qualifications, experience, and alignment with the role.

3. Initial Contact: If selected, you might receive an email or call for an initial screening interview, usually conducted over the phone. This might involve discussing your experience, skills, and interest in the role.

4. Interviews: If you progress, you’ll typically have multiple interviews, possibly with various team members or managers. These could be in-person, virtual, or conducted via phone/video calls. Be prepared to discuss your background, skills, and how you align with BuzzFeed’s culture and values.

5. Skills Assessment or Task: Depending on the role, BuzzFeed might request a skills assessment or task. For example, writers might be asked to submit writing samples, while designers might have a design challenge.

6. Final Rounds: Selected candidates might proceed to final rounds of interviews, meeting with higher-level management or team leaders for a more in-depth discussion.

7. Offer and Onboarding: If successful, you’ll receive an offer outlining the terms of employment. Upon acceptance, BuzzFeed will guide you through the onboarding process to join the team.

Throughout the process, it’s crucial to research BuzzFeed, its content, culture, and recent projects to showcase your genuine interest during interviews. Prepare examples that highlight your skills and experiences relevant to the role you’re pursuing.


What is “Ladylike” all about?

“Ladylike” was a popular BuzzFeed video series that centered around a group of women who engaged in various challenges, experiments, and activities while exploring different facets of femininity. The series covered a wide array of topics and experiments, from fashion and beauty challenges to social and cultural experiments, all approached from a fun, informative, and often comedic perspective. It aimed to celebrate diverse expressions of womanhood while breaking stereotypes and discussing relevant issues women face in society.

Working at Buzzfeed vs Google

Securing a job at Google isn’t a simple feat, and there are a couple of significant reasons for this challenge. Firstly, Google maintains exceptionally high standards for employee selection, making it demanding for many to meet their criteria and land a position within the company.

Secondly, the sheer volume of applicants further intensifies the competition. Each job opening garners a multitude of applicants, resulting in only a select few being chosen.

The procedures for acquiring a job at Google largely mirror those of other organizations. The initial step involves applying for the position, followed by attending interviews where you must demonstrate your suitability for the role. Subsequently, you await the outcome. Should you not secure the position, reapplying for future vacancies remains an option.

BuzzFeed Jobs Careers: Job Titles and Descriptions

Securing a position at Buzzfeed can pose a challenge, yet it’s achievable with effort. Admittedly, Buzzfeed boasts an array of diverse job titles, making the pursuit intriguing. While the following roles are among the sought-after positions, exploring Buzzfeed’s extensive job catalog might unveil your dream job.

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Director of Data Science

  • Position: Director of Data Science
  • Salary: Approximately $150,800 annually
  • Level: Senior
  • Benefits: Supportive team, comprehensive compensation package, PTO, unlimited sick leave, medical benefits, family leave policy, mental health platform access, retirement plans, gym discounts, catered lunches, in-house learning opportunities
  • Required Experience: Managing and mentoring data scientist teams
  • Required Education: Master’s degree in computer science, statistics, or related data field

As the Director of Data Science at Buzzfeed, you’ll lead a team of five to 10 data scientists. This pivotal role involves shaping Buzzfeed’s ML roadmap and infrastructure. Collaborating closely with the VP of Data Science and Analytics and engineering leaders, this position, currently remote due to COVID-19, will transition back to the New York City office after summer 2021.

IT Systems and Security Engineer

  • Position: IT Systems and Security Engineer
  • Salary: Approximately $67,200 per year
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Benefits: Supportive team, comprehensive compensation package, PTO, unlimited sick leave, medical benefits, family leave policy, mental health platform access, retirement plans, gym discounts, catered lunches, in-house learning opportunities
  • Required Experience: 3 years in IT engineering, proficiency in multiple coding languages, expertise in git, GitHub, version control, AWD, Docker, Jenkins, LDAP, AD, and SSO solutions
  • Required Education: Not specified

As an IT Systems and Security Engineer at Buzzfeed, you’ll report to the Enterprise Platforms Team Lead and collaborate with the IT team. Your responsibilities include maintaining IT infrastructure, internal platforms, and security. This role demands design, coding, and testing of document systems and services, Python proficiency, and regular use of Terraform and Ansible.

Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack)

  • Position: Full Stack Senior Software Engineer (Data Accessibility Team)
  • Salary: Approximately $143,850 annually
  • Level: Senior
  • Benefits: Supportive team, comprehensive compensation package, PTO, unlimited sick leave, medical benefits, family leave policy, mental health platform access, retirement plans, gym discounts, catered lunches, in-house learning opportunities
  • Required Experience: Extensive front-end coding experience, successful completion of complex projects and initiatives
  • Required Education: Not specified

As a Full Stack Senior Software Engineer within the Data Accessibility Team at Buzzfeed, you’ll work remotely, reporting to the senior engineering manager in New York. Post-summer 2021, you can choose between the New York or Minneapolis offices. Collaborating with the team, you’ll craft various tools, systems, and dashboards to facilitate easy access to nearly 1 PB of data.

Product Marketing Manager

  • Position: Product Marketing Manager
  • Salary: Approximately $125,960 annually
  • Level: Intermediate to Senior
  • Benefits: Supportive team, comprehensive compensation package, PTO, unlimited sick leave, medical benefits, family leave policy, mental health platform access, retirement plans, gym discounts, catered lunches, in-house learning opportunities
  • Required Experience: 5+ years in digital advertising, experience in a digital publisher role, adept at simplifying complex information for consumers
  • Required Education: Not specified

As a Product Marketing Manager at Buzzfeed, your role involves creating and implementing cutting-edge advertisements and products to drive consumer attention and company expansion. Candidates preferably located in Los Angeles or New York are preferred, yet Buzzfeed is open to considering applicants from other locations.

BuzzFeed Jobs
BuzzFeed Jobs

What Does It Take to Get a Job at BuzzFeed?

Landing a job at BuzzFeed typically requires several key elements:

1. Relevant Experience: Having experience in your field of interest is crucial. Whether it’s writing, video production, data analytics, marketing, or engineering, having a track record in your chosen area helps.

2. Portfolio or Samples: For creative roles like writing, video production, or graphic design, having a portfolio showcasing your best work is essential. It demonstrates your skills and style.

3. Networking: Connecting with current or former BuzzFeed employees can provide insights into the company culture and might even lead to job referrals or recommendations.

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4. Understanding the Company: Knowing BuzzFeed’s culture, values, and content is vital. Tailoring your application to align with BuzzFeed’s vibe can make you a better fit for the company.

5. Applying Strategically: Applying for positions that align with your skills and experience increases your chances of getting noticed.

6. Flexibility and Openness: Being open to relocation or remote work, depending on the job, can broaden your opportunities.

Remember, competition can be tough, so standing out by showcasing your unique skills and passion for BuzzFeed’s content can increase your chances of getting hired.


Considering a career at BuzzFeed opens doors to a diverse and innovative workplace, offering unique benefits, professional growth, and a dynamic environment. With opportunities across various roles and a commitment to fostering an inclusive culture, BuzzFeed stands as an appealing choice for those seeking a vibrant and creative career space.

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