15 Best Countries to Work Abroad in 2024: Top Destinations for Expats

Are you interested in discovering the 10 best countries to work abroad in 2024? Explore top destinations offering great job opportunities, high salaries, and excellent quality of life for expats. Find your perfect place to work abroad now!

1. New Zealand – Great for seasonal work

Countries to Work Abroad


  • A healthy work-life balance creates a truly unique atmosphere.
  • NZ’s government and people are progressive and welcoming.


  • Limited career mobility in certain fields due to the small population.
  • Life can feel fairly quiet and isolated.

If you’re a young adult looking to expand your perspective through a grand adventure and plan to fund it with work along the way, New Zealand may be the perfect destination for you! From adventure sports companies to tour operators to farmers, there are endless short-term and seasonal employment opportunities throughout the country.

How to Find Work in New Zealand:

Start your job search well before the season starts. If you want to work during the ski season, check out NZSki. Agriculture work is often listed on Seasonal Jobs New Zealand. Most job opportunities outside of agriculture will be in or around Auckland, Wellington, or smaller tourist towns like Queenstown. These can be found through a work exchange program or job boards. If you have a Working Holiday Visa, you can apply for jobs once in NZ.

2. The Netherlands Great for jobs in research and academia

The Netherlands is a favorite destination among expats due to its high quality of life, excellent work-life balance, and robust economy. Known for its progressive approach and innovative mindset, the country offers abundant opportunities in research and academia, making it an attractive option for professionals in these fields. Additionally, the Netherlands is a hub for sustainable energy and technology, providing numerous job opportunities in these sectors.


  • The vast majority of Dutch people speak English, making it easier for expats to communicate and integrate.
  • The country has low crime rates, even in urban areas, contributing to a safe living environment.


  • It can be challenging to make friends with locals due to their close-knit social circles.
  • While salaries are high, the cost of living is also high, which can offset the financial benefits.

How to Find Work in The Netherlands:

To find job opportunities in the Netherlands, start by leveraging online platforms. LinkedIn is particularly useful for networking and job searching in this tech-forward country. Most job openings are advertised online and can be accessed through international job search sites.

If you’re dreaming of starting a career in the Netherlands but aren’t sure where to begin, consider securing an internship first. This can provide valuable experience, help you build a professional network, and increase your chances of landing a full-time position in the future.

3. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Major Employers: Chalhoub Group, Atkins, Nestle, Azadea Group, & Gulf Marketing Group
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & Sharjah
  • Average Salary: AED 11,500 per month
  • Employment Rate: 93.5%
  • Cost of Living: AED 3,583.4 per month
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 26
  • Population: 9.4 million
  • GDP: $507 billion

Consider relocating to the UAE, one of the best countries to work abroad, especially in the Middle East. This Gulf powerhouse offers numerous job opportunities across various sectors including hospitality, digital marketing, real estate, healthcare, petroleum engineering, and education. The UAE work visa is valid for three years and requires a license from the hiring company, a medical certificate, and a valid passport.


  • Absence of income tax
  • Large expatriate community, creating a diverse and inclusive environment


  • Desert climate with extremely high temperatures
  • Limited availability of countries offering easy work visa access

How to Find Work Abroad in UAE:

  • Popular websites to find jobs in the UAE, one of the best countries for job opportunities, include gulftalent.com and LinkedIn.
  • Internship Programs: Consider opportunities such as the P&G internship program and Emirates internship program to gain valuable experience in the UAE.

4. South Korea

Countries to Work Abroad

  • Major Employers: Samsung, Hyundai, LG Electronics, Coupang, Posco, and KIA
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Seoul, Busan, Incheon, & Daegu
  • Average Salary: KRW 3,078,640 per month
  • Employment Rate: 62.2%
  • Cost of Living: KRW 5,017,212.9 per month
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 59
  • Population: 51.6 million
  • GDP: $1.67 trillion

South Korea has emerged as a global economic powerhouse and a leading destination for job seekers worldwide, particularly in technology and innovation sectors. English teaching roles are highly sought after due to high demand and competitive compensation. Additionally, opportunities abound in IT, PR, and data science fields. The country offers a 12-month work visa requiring a visa application form, passport, and employment contract.


  • Collaborative work environments foster teamwork and innovation.
  • Affordable housing options compared to other developed countries.


  • Difficulty in finding certain household items at supermarkets.
  • Work hours can exceed contractual obligations for some employees.

How to Find Work in South Korea:

If you’re in the creative field or proficient in English, South Korea offers excellent opportunities, especially in teaching English across all educational levels. The Korean Ministry of Education and the National Institute for International Education administer the English Program in Korea (EPIK).

Internship Programs:

Consider internship programs such as the Seoul Internship Program and opportunities offered by companies like Meiji to gain valuable work experience in South Korea.

5. Germany

  • Major Employers: Volkswagen, Bosch, Allianz, Daimler, & Deutsche Telekom
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Berlin, Munich, Bonn, Dusseldorf, & Hamburg
  • Average Salary: €3,975 per month
  • Employment Rate: 77.30%
  • Cost of Living: €2,507 per month
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 15
  • Population: 84.1 million
  • GDP: $4.07 trillion

Renowned for its educational excellence and robust career opportunities, Germany stands out as one of the premier destinations for working abroad in 2024. The country boasts a strong demand for professionals in fields such as computer science, engineering, healthcare, and business management. Affordable healthcare, education, and high living standards further enhance its appeal as a top work destination. Germany is also known for its exceptional work-life balance, with many companies adopting a four-day workweek.

To apply for a German work visa, which typically lasts for four years, applicants need student health insurance, an employment contract, and a cover letter outlining their motivations.


  • Excellent social welfare system providing comprehensive support.
  • Access to private and supplemental health insurance options.


  • Difficulty in forming social connections due to cultural differences.
  • High taxation rates can impact disposable income.

How to Find Work Abroad in Germany:

Finding job opportunities in Germany, one of the best countries for job seekers, is relatively straightforward. Maintaining an active LinkedIn profile with relevant preferences and settings can significantly enhance your job search efforts.

Internship Programs:

Consider internship programs such as those offered by IES Internships and iAgora to gain valuable work experience and insights into working in Germany.

6. France

  • Major Employers: Hermes, L’Oreal, Murex, Thales, Orange, & Microsoft
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille, & Toulouse
  • Average Salary: €2,340 per month
  • Employment Rate: 67.3%
  • Cost of Living: €3,277.6
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 20
  • Population: 68 million
  • GDP: $2.7 trillion

France, adorned with medieval cities, alpine countryside, and beautiful beaches, ranks among the best countries to work abroad. In a competitive job market, France offers sought-after positions in data analysis, web development, fashion, healthcare, and education. The country is celebrated for its good work-life balance and rich cultural heritage, making it a top choice for expatriates. The work visa for France typically lasts 12 months and requires a visa application, a work permit from the employer, and necessary travel documents.


  • Robust labor laws and a mandated 35-hour workweek promote work-life balance.
  • High quality of life, rich cultural heritage, and an excellent healthcare system contribute to a rewarding living experience.


  • High income tax rates can impact disposable income.
  • French as the dominant language may pose a barrier for non-French speakers.

How to Find Work Abroad in France:

France’s national employment agency, Pôle Emploi, facilitates job searches across a wide range of sectors, from manual labor to corporate positions, making finding employment in France more accessible than ever.

Internship Programs:

Consider internship opportunities such as the CIEE Summer Global Internship and CEA CAPA internships to gain valuable work experience and cultural immersion in France.

7. Canada

  • Major Employers: Google, Scotiabank, KPMG, & P&H Farming
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, & Montreal
  • Average Salary: CA $39,000 per year
  • Employment Rate: 62.40%
  • Cost of Living: 1,343.6 C$ per month
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 13
  • Population: 38.9 million
  • GDP: $2.14 trillion

Canada, known for its iconic Maple Leaf, ranks among the top destinations for working abroad, offering a combination of affordable living, competitive salaries, and a balanced lifestyle. Job opportunities abound in sectors like web development, trade, healthcare, engineering, and business management. The country’s visa typically lasts 1-2 years and requires applicants to demonstrate sufficient financial stability, undergo a medical exam, and prove English proficiency.


A stable and resilient economy provides job security.

Canada’s diverse population welcomes immigrants from around the globe.


Long and harsh winters in many regions can be challenging.

The high cost of living, especially in major cities, may impact budget planning.

How to Find Work Abroad in Canada:

To find job opportunities in Canada, one can explore job listings on platforms like Indeed Canada, known for its comprehensive listings. Joining social media groups and expat communities can also provide valuable networking opportunities and job leads.

Internship Programs:

Consider participating in internship programs such as those offered in Toronto or summer internship programs tailored to gain practical experience and insights into working life in Canada.

8. Singapore

  • Major Employers: SingTel, DBS Bank, Wilmar International, & Amazon
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Jurong, Sengkang, Punggol, & Yishun
  • Average Salary: $5,700 per month
  • Employment Rate: 76.3%
  • Cost of Living: €973.6 per month
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 9
  • Population: 5.92 million
  • GDP: $525 billion

Singapore, renowned for its cultural diversity, stands out as one of the premier destinations for job opportunities abroad. The city-state boasts a robust job market, particularly strong in IT, healthcare, and financial services sectors. High salaries further enhance its appeal as one of the best countries to work abroad. The work visa in Singapore typically lasts for 2 years, requiring applicants to secure an employment pass, complete a visa application form, and hold a valid passport.


Low personal income tax rates make earnings more rewarding.

A straightforward permanent residency process facilitates long-term settlement.


High cost of living can impact budget management.

Strict laws and regulations govern various aspects of daily life.

How to Find Work Abroad in Singapore:

To explore job opportunities in Singapore, utilize job search platforms like Beam, CareerBuilder, and Indeed Singapore. These platforms regularly update their listings with a wide range of job openings across industries. Networking through professional associations and attending industry events can also enhance job search success.

Internship Programs:

Consider participating in internship programs such as INSPIRES internship program or Asia internship program to gain valuable experience and insights into working in Singapore’s dynamic economy.

9. Australia

  • Major Employers: Google, Amazon, Accenture, IBM, Oracle, & Atlassian
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, & Perth
  • Average Salary: AU $90,000 per year
  • Employment Rate: 66.8%
  • Cost of Living: AU $4,291 per month
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 12
  • Population: 26.0 million
  • GDP: $1.68 trillion

Australia, known as the ‘land down under,’ stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and a top destination for job opportunities abroad. It is highly favored among those seeking the best country for employment due to its strong job market and quality of life. The country consistently issues work visas, providing secure career prospects across industries. Fields such as IT, cybersecurity, project management, and machine learning engineers are particularly in demand.

The duration of a work visa in Australia is typically 5 years, requiring applicants to submit a visa application form, a job offer letter, and a valid passport.


  • A robust and stable economy ensures job security and growth opportunities.
  • Australia offers a good work-life balance with a relaxed lifestyle.


  • Geographical isolation can pose challenges for international travel.
  • High cost of living, especially in major cities, impacts affordability.

How to Find Work Abroad in Australia:

Explore platforms like WWOOF and Workaway, which offer work-exchange opportunities providing free meals and accommodation in exchange for weekly work hours. These platforms are ideal for those looking to gain hands-on experience while exploring Australia’s diverse landscapes. Additionally, leverage professional networks and job boards tailored to Australian job seekers to find positions aligned with your career goals.

Internship Programs:

Consider participating in internship programs such as TEAN Pacific internship program or CEA CAPA internship program to gain practical experience and enhance your employability in Australia’s competitive job market.

10. Hong Kong

  • Major Employers: HSBC, Citi Bank, PwC, & Standard Chartered Bank
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Hong Kong Island
  • Average Salary: HK$36,583.33 per month
  • Employment Rate: 92.2%
  • Cost of Living: HK$31,267.3 per month
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 80
  • Population: 7.4 million
  • GDP: $395 billion

Hong Kong, known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient,’ is a premier destination for international job seekers seeking opportunities abroad. Renowned for its dynamic job market, Hong Kong attracts professionals across diverse sectors including digital advertising, HR, finance, IT, and management. The city’s ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos fosters career growth and enriches lifestyles, making it a top choice among countries offering good job opportunities. The visa duration for Hong Kong is typically 36 months, requiring applicants to provide a job offer letter, proof of no criminal record, and a strong educational background.


  • A robust financial sector provides ample career opportunities.
  • Top-class education facilities enhance professional development.


  • High cost of living challenges affordability.
  • Competitive job market demands high qualifications and experience.

How to Find Work Abroad in Hong Kong:

Utilize job portals such as SVA Recruitment, Monster Hong Kong, and Recruit Hong Kong to explore job opportunities in Hong Kong’s vibrant market. These platforms cater to both local and international job seekers, offering insights into available positions and industry trends. Networking through professional associations and attending industry events can also help in connecting with potential employers and enhancing job prospects.

Internship Programs:

Consider participating in internship programs like the AECOM summer internship program or the Absolute Internship program to gain valuable experience and establish connections in Hong Kong’s competitive job market. Internships provide hands-on learning opportunities and contribute to building a solid foundation for future career endeavors.

11. Denmark

  • Major Employers: Novo Nordisk, Moller Maersk, EY, Microsoft, & Accenture
  • Major Cities for Job Opportunities: Copenhagen, Odense, & Aarhus
  • Average Salary: 45,481 DKK per month
  • Employment Rate: 68.4%
  • Cost of Living: 28,005.2kr per month
  • Happiness Index Ranking: 7.64
  • Population: 5.90 million
  • GDP: $395 billion

Denmark, acclaimed as our top choice for the best country for employment, boasts a robust job market characterized by low unemployment rates and significant global investments. The country’s unique ‘flexicurity’ labor market model combines flexibility with job security, making it highly attractive for job seekers worldwide. Professions in IT, finance, engineering, hospitality, and life sciences are particularly sought after. The visa duration in Denmark is typically 4 years, requiring applicants to submit a passport, health insurance coverage, and a signed employment contract. It’s undeniably one of the best countries for job opportunities!


Exceptional quality of life with strong emphasis on work-life balance.

Affordable education and living stipends for students enhance accessibility.


High cost of living poses financial challenges.

Competitive job market demands high qualifications and experience.

How to Find Work Abroad in Denmark:

Denmark’s high proficiency in English facilitates job hunting for international professionals, making it one of the best countries for job opportunities. Explore recent job listings on platforms like the Go Overseas Job Board, which cater specifically to international job seekers looking to work in Denmark. Networking through professional associations and attending industry events can also expand your job search network and enhance employment prospects.

Internship Programs:

Consider participating in internship programs tailored to Denmark’s industries, such as those offered by local universities or international organizations. These programs provide valuable hands-on experience and networking opportunities critical for launching a successful career in Denmark’s competitive job market.

Countries to Work Abroad

12. Brazil – Great for Tourism Industry Jobs


Brazilian people are known for their friendliness and openness.

Affordable healthcare, accessible even for expatriates.


  • Crime rates can be high in urban areas due to significant income inequality.
  • Economic instability stemming from government corruption.

Brazil, the largest country in South America, offers abundant opportunities for expatriates, particularly in its vibrant tourism industry. While Portuguese is the primary language, major cities like Rio de Janeiro also provide ample opportunities for English speakers.

Work-life balance is highly valued in Brazil, with strict regulations ensuring fair compensation for overtime work and generous vacation allowances. Brazilian culture emphasizes breaks for coffee and lunch, fostering a relaxed work environment compared to many Western countries.


Finding English-speaking jobs in Brazil can be facilitated through job classified sites such as Glassdoor, where language preferences can be filtered. The Go Overseas job board also regularly posts updated job listings for Brazil.

Engaging with Brazilian expat community pages on social media platforms provides another avenue to connect with fellow expatriates and discover job opportunities tailored to international workers. Networking in-person by visiting Brazil and meeting with local companies can also be highly effective in securing employment opportunities.

13. Botswana – Great for Finance Jobs


  • A growing economy translates to increasing job opportunities.
  • Botswana enjoys warm and sunny weather year-round.


  • Varying social acceptance of foreigners and individuals with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.
  • Significant income inequality persists in the country.

Botswana, though not typically considered a traditional destination for expatriates seeking countries to work abroad, offers a unique opportunity in Southern Africa. Known for its stable democracy and robust finance sector, Botswana ranks among the safest countries in Africa. It boasts one of the fastest-growing economies globally, according to The World Bank, making it an attractive place to establish a career.

English, alongside Tswana, is an official language in Botswana, minimizing language barriers for English-speaking professionals. Many multinational corporations, including Microsoft, Deloitte, and Coca-Cola, operate and hire extensively in Botswana, providing ample job prospects.


Finding employment in Botswana can be more challenging due to local laws requiring companies to prioritize hiring Botswana citizens. However, multinational corporations often facilitate opportunities through intra-company transfers. Expatriates can explore job openings on platforms like JobNet Africa, which specialize in opportunities across the African continent.

Volunteering in Botswana offers another avenue to immerse oneself in the local culture while gaining valuable experience. This approach not only aids in networking but also contributes positively to the community and personal growth.

Countries to Work Abroad

14. Cambodia – Great for Digital Nomads


  • Low cost of living allows for quality accommodation and services.
  • Abundant natural beauty and cultural sites enrich the experience in Cambodia.


  • Developing infrastructure poses challenges for accessing quality education and medical care.
  • Inconsistent Wi-Fi availability can hinder remote work productivity.

Cambodia has emerged as a favored destination among digital nomads, drawn by its affordable living, rich culture, tropical climate, and diverse cuisine. The country hosts a thriving expatriate community and has tailored visa schemes to accommodate remote workers seeking a lifestyle conducive to both work and leisure.

From the bustling capital of Phnom Penh to the serene city of Siem Reap, international workers can secure accommodations for as little as $300 per month, with nearby coworking spaces charging as little as $5 per day. Whether working from a coworking hub or a Wi-Fi-equipped café, Cambodia offers environments that cater to remote professionals.


For digital nomads already employed remotely, securing a visa is straightforward, with Cambodia offering options that accommodate longer stays. Those interested in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) can explore opportunities primarily in private schools, as public institutions typically favor local hires. Certification, such as a TEFL qualification, is often required for teaching positions, making preparation essential before applying.

Embrace the opportunity to experience Cambodia’s vibrant culture and natural landscapes while building a career remotely.

Conclusion on Best Countries to Work Abroad

Exploring the best countries to work abroad reveals diverse opportunities and environments suited to different professional aspirations and lifestyles. Each country offers unique advantages, whether it’s Canada’s robust economy and high salaries, Denmark’s exceptional work-life balance, or Singapore’s dynamic financial sector. From the bustling cities of Europe to the tranquil landscapes of Oceania and Asia, these destinations promise career growth and enrich cultural experiences and quality of life enhancements. Whether you’re drawn to teaching in South Korea, tech innovation in Germany, or finance in Hong Kong, the best countries for job opportunities abroad cater to a global workforce seeking to thrive and succeed in an interconnected world.


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