FlexJobs Remote In 2024 – An Excellent Guide

Are you looking for the ultimate remote work solution? Discover remote jobs with FlexJobs Remote. Find flexible, legitimate, and rewarding remote opportunities tailored to your skills and preferences. Explore a curated platform for remote careers that match your lifestyle, ensuring a seamless and satisfying work-from-home experience.

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Welcome to FlexJobs Remote, your gateway to a world of flexible career opportunities that transcend boundaries. Embrace a work-from-home lifestyle tailored to your expertise and preferences. With FlexJobs’ curated platform, discover legitimate remote jobs that align with your aspirations, offering the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment you seek in a professional journey from the comfort of your home.

What is Flexjobs?

FlexJobs operates as a subscription-based platform designed for individuals seeking flexible work arrangements. Members have access to diverse job opportunities, spanning freelancing, part-time roles, and full-remote setups.

What sets FlexJobs apart is its ad-free environment, distinguishing it from traditional job boards. Each job opportunity undergoes rigorous vetting by the management team, ensuring the legitimacy of companies and job postings showcased on the platform.

Additionally, FlexJobs offers an array of features and tools aimed at enhancing freelancers’ profiles and increasing their chances of securing employment. Its capabilities include showcasing members’ skills and competencies effectively to potential employers facilitating better marketing of their expertise.

FlexJobs Remote
FlexJobs Remote

Who Uses FlexJobs?

FlexJobs caters to individuals across diverse industries and career stages, offering an edge in their job pursuit. With over 50 career categories spanning the U.S. and global markets, it caters to a broad audience.

Ideal for:

1. Achieving work-life balance

2. Eliminating commute hassles

3. Assisting those with parenting or caregiving responsibilities

4. Enabling location-independent work

5. Providing access to jobs beyond local boundaries

6. Securing supplementary income

7. Addressing the lifestyle needs of various groups like introverts, military spouses, veterans, caregivers, working parents, retirees, and more.

FlexJobs serves seekers exploring various roles, from mainstream positions such as data entry, customer service, marketing, and virtual assistance to specialized niches like grant writing, PMP roles, special education, medical devices, telehealth, and more.

FlexJobs Remote Offer Career Advice

FlexJobs offers comprehensive remote career advice, providing valuable insights and resources to support individuals pursuing remote work opportunities. Here’s a gist of the guidance they offer:

1. Remote Job Search Strategies: Tips on searching for remote jobs, optimizing resumes, and crafting compelling cover letters tailored for remote roles.

2. Work-Life Balance: Guidance on managing work-life balance in remote settings, setting boundaries, and creating productive routines.

3. Remote Work Productivity: Advice on staying focused, managing distractions, and maximizing productivity while working remotely.

4. Skill Development: Resources for enhancing remote work skills, including communication, time management, and remote collaboration.

5. Networking and Community: Tips on building a remote network, engaging with communities, and fostering connections in virtual settings.

6. Transitioning to Remote Work: Guidance for individuals transitioning from traditional office setups to remote work environments, addressing challenges and adapting seamlessly.

7. Remote Work Technology: Information on utilizing remote work tools, software, and technology to optimize performance and communication.

FlexJobs’ career advice encompasses a wide range of topics aimed at supporting individuals in their remote career journey, offering insights and strategies for success in remote work settings.

How Flexjobs Remote Started

Founded by Sarah Sutton, a new mother seeking flexible work options to balance childcare, FlexJobs emerged from frustration with conventional job boards filled with scams and misleading advertisements.

Determined to prevent others from encountering similar challenges, Sutton ensured that every job on FlexJobs underwent thorough vetting. A dedicated team of researchers meticulously checked companies and verified the authenticity of job postings.

To bolster their credibility, FlexJobs secured features in esteemed media outlets like CNN, Business Insider, and Forbes. Earned accolades include an A+ rating, affirming the platform’s commitment to offering freelancers top-tier and trustworthy job opportunities.

Is FlexJobs legit?

FlexJobs, established in 2007, has cultivated a robust reputation for providing reliable, flexible work opportunities. The company maintains transparent policies, offering comprehensive insights into its meticulous job verification and approval process.

Born from the frustration with prevalent scams and counterfeit job postings, FlexJobs prioritizes creating a secure space for flexible work options. Each job listing undergoes rigorous human vetting against stringent criteria, ensuring authenticity and reliability sparing users the hassle of filtering through unreliable postings.

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On TrustRadius, FlexJobs boasts an impressive overall rating of 8.4 out of 10, commended for its extensive job selection and responsive customer service. G2-validated reviews also highlight the platform’s user-friendly search interface and diverse job offerings, lauding it as a “gateway to the remote work world.” However, there’s feedback regarding FlexJobs being comparatively pricier than other job-seeking platforms.

Is FlexJobs Remote worth it?

Considering flexible work options? FlexJobs is a standout choice. The platform boasts user-friendly navigation and regularly updated job postings, ensuring relevance and authenticity.

With meticulous job screening by the FlexJobs team, you can trust the legitimacy of opportunities from reputable employers. Plus, there’s a money-back guarantee—if you don’t secure a suitable job within 30 days, you’re eligible for a refund.

Beyond its job search engine, the website offers valuable resources like career advice articles and resume-building tips, providing an advantage in job applications. Additionally, expert career coaches are available for personalized job search assistance at an additional cost.

Flexjobs Remote Target Market

FlexJobs welcomes individuals seeking flexible or freelance work arrangements, offering a diverse range of job opportunities for independent professionals worldwide. The platform upholds inclusivity, without discrimination based on age, gender, nationality, or physical abilities, fostering support for those seeking autonomy in their careers.

It serves as an ideal platform for various groups, including:

1. Established freelancers seeking new clientele.

2. Travel enthusiasts who wish to work while exploring.

3. Students pursuing education while earning simultaneously.

In essence, FlexJobs accommodates anyone seeking flexibility in their work, irrespective of their expertise level, whether entry-level or seasoned professionals.

Works Available In Flexjobs

At present, FlexJobs boasts a staggering 30,000 work opportunities, a number continually on the rise as the platform expands and grows further.

The platform predominantly showcases job opportunities for programmers, graphic designers, and IT specialists. Finding a suitable job is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface equipped with customizable filters in the Find Jobs section. Specific subheadings like New Jobs and Featured Employers streamline the search process, even enabling searches for executive director positions.

Moreover, users can personalize the platform to align with their unique needs and preferences. Notably, FlexJobs frequently features job openings from prominent companies like Apple, Duolingo, and Capital One, adding credibility and prestige to the range of opportunities available.

How Much Does FlexJobs Cost?

FlexJobs presents diverse subscription plans tailored to suit your preferences⁷:

– 1-week plan: $9.95

– 1-month plan: $24.95

– 3-month plan: $39.95

– 1-year plan: $59.95

Every plan includes:

– Unlimited access to all FlexJobs job postings

– Streamlined profile creation for employer visibility

– Complimentary skills testing

– Email alerts for new job listings

– Expert job search resources and tips

– Personalized portfolio to showcase resumes and work samples

Opt for any plan and benefit from the 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Should you find the service unsatisfactory for any reason, simply cancel your subscription and request a refund via virtual chat, email, or phone.

How Flexjobs Remote Works

Much like other job platforms, FlexJobs meticulously curates a plethora of authentic job listings tailored to freelancers’ preferences and expertise.

Users are prompted to personalize their selections using customized search filters. Saving jobs triggers the website’s algorithm, presenting similar openings to streamline the search process.

The job search tool incorporates additional features to enhance the browsing experience, allowing users to refine searches by company, location, job type, career level, preferred schedule, proximity, and desired level of independence.

These features are accessible through free visitor access, providing a glimpse of the offerings available under paid membership. The website employs a robust tagging system, enabling job seekers to swiftly navigate to positions aligning with their profiles.

Upon conducting a search, the displayed listings are organized by relevance to the queried position. Additionally, FlexJobs offers downloadable reports, research statistics, advice articles, and a webinar library, providing valuable resources for platform members while navigating their job search journey.


Benefits Of Flexjobs To Members

Paid premium subscribers enjoy the following benefits. Please note that these premium services are subject to change as per ongoing evaluations and enhancements by management:

Job Application

The membership commonly provides access to job applications as a key feature. Subscribers can send numerous expressions of interest due to their paid subscriptions. They gain visibility into comprehensive job details, encompassing company specifics, position details, salary information, and contact details, offering a comprehensive overview of the employer’s requirements.

When deciding to apply, users simply click on the apply button. Notably, applicants might get redirected to a third-party website for the application process. Some companies might necessitate the creation of a profile on their individual websites. While this suggests that FlexJobs isn’t an all-in-one platform, it does underscore the legitimacy of the opportunities it presents.

Personalized Dashboard

Members have the flexibility to customize their dashboard according to their preferences and job requirements. The dashboard allows applicants to monitor their activities effectively.

Saved and viewed jobs are conveniently organized into a checklist format, enabling members to revisit and keep track of the job openings that align with their preferences.

Resume Profile

The resume profile creator empowers candidates to craft tailored resumes, emphasizing essential skills, competencies, and experiences, substantiating their capabilities effectively.

Distinct templates designed for different industries and positions serve to showcase skills and talents, aiding candidates in presenting themselves more effectively to potential employers.

Email Alerts

A standout feature of FlexJobs is its seamless integration with members’ email, facilitating notifications and alerts about new matches and job openings.

This feature enhances opportunities for applicants to explore diverse job options and engage with different clients, broadening their scope for work opportunities.

Additionally, beyond the highlighted benefits, members can access video courses, skills testing, virtual job fairs, as well as referrals, and discounts through FlexJobs.

Types of Remote Work on FlexJobs

FlexJobs caters to various types of remote work opportunities, including:

1. Telecommuting: Fully remote positions that allow employees to work from home or any remote location.

2. Freelance: Project-based or contract roles offering flexibility in work hours and often remote work options.

3. Part-Time: Positions requiring fewer work hours per week, offering flexibility for those seeking reduced schedules.

4. Flexible Schedule: Jobs allow employees to set their own work hours, accommodating different time zones or personal preferences.

5. Temporary: Short-term assignments or seasonal work opportunities available remotely.

6. Full-Time: Permanent roles that are entirely remote or offer a mix of remote and on-site work.

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FlexJobs Comparison

How does FlexJobs stack up against other job search platforms?


In the realm of job sites, FlexJobs distinguishes itself through several key factors. Firstly, its meticulous job screening ensures that employers encounter qualified applicants ideally suited for the roles they offer.

Moreover, FlexJobs boasts an array of additional features that streamline the job search process. Its advanced search function enables users to refine results based on location, job type, and salary. Additionally, the platform offers email alerts to promptly notify users about newly available job listings.

Client: Individuals seeking remote, part-time, seasonal, temporary, or freelance roles.

Application Process: Utilizes an application tracking system.

Pricing: Ranges from $9.95 to $59.95.

Noteworthy Features:

– Rigorously vetted job postings

– 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

– Abundant job search resources

– Advanced search functionalities

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely specializes in remote work opportunities, sharing some similarities with FlexJobs such as email alerts and an advanced search feature. However, its primary focus on tech-related roles results in a narrower spectrum of available job types. Statistics show that 34.7% of visitors sought programming positions, while 29% targeted customer support roles.

Client: Remote workers, particularly in programming-related fields.

Application Process: Varied methods by company—may involve an applicant tracking system link, website application, or email submission.

Cost: Free.

Distinctive Features:

– Slack community engagement

– WWR Learning Portal access

– Advanced search filters for precise job hunting.

Remote OK

Remote OK sets itself apart by not only offering job listings but also providing resources and guidance for those aspiring to thrive in remote work. While its job range resembles FlexJobs, its distinct focus on the “remote lifestyle” distinguishes it from other platforms.

The website’s layout bears a resemblance to We Work Remotely, yet it offers a more detailed search process. Users can precisely filter by benefits, salary, and position to pinpoint desired roles. However, the keyword search functionality is limited, and the platform lacks job diversity. Navigation can also be challenging due to unclear organization.

Client: Remote workers, primarily geared towards software development roles.

Application Process: Varies by company—may involve an applicant tracking system link, website application, or email submission.

Cost: Free.

Distinctive Features:

– High website traffic

– Categorized organization of job listings


Problogger caters specifically to freelance writing and blogging roles, offering various functionalities like email alerts and the ability to filter job results by location and salary. It’s an ideal platform for those seeking part-time or full-time opportunities within the writing industry.

This site particularly caters to individuals seeking creative work like ghostwriting, editing, SEO, graphic design, and audio production.

It’s equipped with an array of resources—eBooks, podcasts, blog posts, and courses—dedicated to assisting bloggers in enhancing their blog content.

Client: Workers pursuing contract, freelance, full-time, and part-time roles, predominantly remote.

Application Process: Utilizes an application tracking system.

Cost: Free.

Special Features:

– Advanced search filters (company type, keyword)

– Extensive resources tailored for bloggers


Upwork functions as a freelance platform linking employers with freelancers. Unlike FlexJobs, it doesn’t necessitate an employer-employee relationship; rather, freelancers can engage with multiple companies on a project basis, which is ideal for those seeking greater flexibility in work arrangements.

On Upwork, freelancers receive direct payment from clients, with the platform deducting a percentage of their fee. However, comprehending the payment structure on Upwork can be intricate, necessitating a better understanding of its payment mechanisms.

Client: Remote and contract workers.

Application Process: Submission of proposals (applications) requiring a certain amount of “connects” (internal tokens). Basic accounts receive 10 free connects monthly, with additional batches incurring extra charges.


– Basic plan: Free

– Freelancer Plus: $14.99, offering various perks.

Special Features:

– Internal platform tools for contract management and communication with employers

– Escrow protection

– Seller levels for performance evaluation.

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations is a specialized job search engine focused on sourcing remote job opportunities. It features over 20,000 remote job listings from global companies and allows users to refine their searches based on location, education level, career stage, and employer type.

Client: Primarily remote and partially remote workers.

Application Process: Apply by submitting a cover letter and CV/resume directly to each employer featured on the website.


– Free (with limited access)

– Premium monthly: $15.99

– Premium 3-month: $39.99

– Premium 6-month: $59.99

Special Features:

– Access to beneficial handbooks, guides, tools, and courses under premium membership

– Resume builder tool for crafting personalized resumes.

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Fiverr operates as a freelancing platform, yet unlike connecting employers with workers, it links service providers directly with customers. This setup can benefit individuals aiming to earn online without specific skills or prior experience. On Fiverr, users can offer various services—like graphic design, copywriting, or web development—at fixed rates or hourly fees.

Client: Remote and contract workers.

Application Process: Establish a gig for customers to purchase your services.

Cost: Imposes a 20% service fee.

Special Features:

– Seller levels for performance evaluation.

– Multi-currency payment options.

Specific Location Requirements

We’ve observed that around 95% of remote positions often mandate employees to have a specific geographic location. This occurs for several reasons:

1. Meetings: Proximity to company offices for in-person meetings.

2. Clients: Closeness to clients, particularly in sales and project management roles.

3. Tax Law: Adherence to employment tax laws in the company’s state or country.

4. Office Work: Requirement for occasional or part-time office presence.

5. Certifications: Location-specific certifications required by the employer or job.

6. Travel: Jobs with extensive travel where proximity to transport hubs is essential.

7. Time Zone: Preference for employees residing in specific time zones.

FlexJobs Remote
FlexJobs Remote

Why Does FlexJobs Charge a Membership Fee?

FlexJobs charges a membership fee to sustain its operations, ensuring the quality and legitimacy of the job listings offered on its platform. This fee helps fund the meticulous screening process that filters out scams and ensures that only credible, professional opportunities are presented to its members. Additionally, the fee supports the development and maintenance of the platform’s features, resources, and customer support, ultimately enhancing the user experience and providing value to job seekers seeking flexible, remote, or freelance opportunities.

Is There Anything That FlexJobs Provides for Free?

FlexJobs offers limited free access to some of its features and job listings. While the free membership has restrictions, it allows users to explore a portion of the job postings, access some articles and resources, and get a sense of the platform’s functionality. However, the full array of FlexJobs’ services, including complete job listings, advanced search filters, and extensive resources, is available to paid subscribers who opt for a premium membership.

Does FlexJobs Have a Guarantee?

Yes, FlexJobs offers a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee to its subscribers. If a member is dissatisfied with their subscription for any reason within the first 30 days, they can request a refund. This guarantee ensures that users can explore the platform and its offerings with confidence, knowing that they can claim a refund if the service does not meet their expectations.


FlexJobs Remote serves as your gateway to a diverse spectrum of flexible job opportunities. As a member, you’ll unlock access to a meticulously curated platform offering a wealth of verified job postings meticulously screened for legitimacy. Tailored resources specifically designed for remote career growth await you, providing guidance and support throughout your journey. By joining FlexJobs Remote, you enter a realm where genuine remote work options abound, all backed by a robust 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Embrace this opportunity today and let FlexJobs Remote become your trusted companion in discovering the perfect fit for your remote career aspirations.


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