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Are you looking to dive into a career that merges innovation, technology, and transportation? Explore dynamic career opportunities at Grab jobs, Join a fast-paced environment, enjoy flexible roles, and make an impact in the thriving world of tech and transportation.

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Welcome to Grab, a hub of cutting-edge opportunities that redefine the way we move and connect. Discover an array of roles designed for growth, impact, and a dynamic working environment.

What is Grab Jobs?

Grab Jobs is a technology company primarily focused on transportation, delivery, and financial services in Southeast Asia. Grab offers various job opportunities across sectors like technology, operations, customer service, and more within its diverse range of services. These positions cater to individuals looking to contribute to a dynamic, tech-driven platform transforming the region’s mobility and daily life services.

Grab Jobs
Grab Jobs

Getting Started with Grab Jobs

Before diving in, let’s clarify the workings behind “Active Jobs” on GrabJobs. Unlike needing Job credits for postings, GrabJobs operates with Job Slots known as “Active Jobs.”

These Active Job Slots are reusable. Throughout your subscription period, you can continuously post and close job listings without limit, provided you maintain X active jobs simultaneously.

Once posted, a job becomes “Active.” However, you retain the flexibility to close it and publish a new one at a later time within the subscription period.

To get started with GrabJobs, follow these steps:

1. Create an Account: Visit the GrabJobs website or download the GrabJobs app. Sign up with your details to create an account.

2. Complete Your Profile: Fill in your personal and professional details, including your work experience, education, skills, and resume.

3. Job Search: Explore available job listings on the platform. Use filters to narrow down options based on location, industry, job type, or other preferences.

4. Apply to Jobs: Once you find suitable positions, submit your applications through the platform. Tailor your resume and cover letter for each job.

5. Track Applications: Keep track of your applications within the platform. Monitor responses, interview invitations, and updates from potential employers.

6. Prepare for Interviews: If you receive interview offers, prepare by researching the company and practicing common interview questions.

7. Follow-Up: After applying or attending interviews, follow up with thank-you notes or messages to express your interest and gratitude.

Remember to keep your profile updated and stay proactive in your job search. Good luck!

Where are my Jobs going to be posted?

Jobs posted on GrabJobs are automatically disseminated across various job sites without your intervention. Our integrated system ensures seamless publication on multiple platforms simultaneously. Check out the complete list here.

This feature eliminates the conventional method of manual job postings across numerous platforms, saving you time and streamlining the otherwise tedious process.

You have the flexibility to effortlessly share job listings on various platforms like social media, your company’s career page, job portals, or even your physical stores using QR codes.

This functionality expands your reach to potential candidates while ensuring a centralized application process through an Applicant Tracking System. Candidates, irrespective of their application source, engage with a tailored Interview Chatbot to apply for your job. Following this, applicants are assessed and ranked based on their performance on the Interview Chatbot.

How to Post Jobs?

Here’s a general guide on how to post jobs on GrabJobs:

1. Create an Account: Visit the GrabJobs website and sign up as an employer.

2. Company Profile: Complete your company profile. This includes information about your company, such as its name, industry, size, and location.

3. Post a Job: Once your company profile is set up, you can start posting job listings. Click on the “Post a Job” or similar button on the dashboard.

4. Fill in Job Details: Provide specific details about the job you’re posting. This includes the job title, job description, responsibilities, qualifications, location, salary range, and any other relevant information.

5. Set Preferences: Choose your preferences regarding how applicants can apply (e.g., through the GrabJobs platform, via email, or a direct link to your company’s website).

6. Review and Publish: Review the job listing to ensure all the details are accurate and complete. Once satisfied, publish the job to make it visible to potential applicants.

7. Manage Applications: Once the job is live, you’ll start receiving applications. Manage these applications through the platform, reviewing resumes and contacting potential candidates.

8. Communicate and Interview: Reach out to suitable candidates, schedule interviews, and communicate with applicants using the platform’s messaging system.

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Building Your Pool of Applicants

Your job has been posted successfully! Yet, that’s not the final step. With GrabJobs as your central Applicant Tracking System, take additional steps to enhance visibility and draw in candidates to your job listing. There are methods available to amplify job visibility and increase the number of applicants you receive.

Building a pool of applicants on GrabJobs involves using the platform’s features and leveraging external strategies to attract candidates. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Create an Engaging Job Post:

– Craft a detailed and engaging job description that accurately represents the role and company culture.

– Use keywords relevant to the job position to increase visibility within GrabJobs’ search algorithm.

2. Utilize GrabJobs Features:

– Use GrabJobs’ employer dashboard to post job openings directly on the platform.

– Take advantage of GrabJobs’ candidate matching technology to connect with potential applicants who match your job requirements.

3. Highlight Company Culture and Benefits:

– Emphasize your company’s values, culture, benefits, and opportunities for growth within the job post.

– Highlight unique selling points to attract candidates to your company.

4. Set Clear Preferences:

– Define your preferences regarding how applicants can apply, whether it’s through the GrabJobs platform, via email, or by redirecting them to your company’s website.

5. Share Job Openings:

– Promote your job listings on social media platforms and other relevant channels to increase visibility and attract a larger pool of applicants.

6. Engage with Candidates:

– Respond promptly to inquiries or applications received through GrabJobs.

– Engage with potential candidates by answering questions or providing additional information about the job or your company.

7. Optimize for Mobile:

– Ensure that job listings and the application process are mobile-friendly since many candidates use mobile devices for job searches.

8. Encourage Employee Referrals:

– Encourage your current employees to refer potential candidates by sharing job listings within their network.

9. Monitor and Manage Applications:

– Regularly monitor applications and manage them through GrabJobs’ platform.

– Keep track of candidate interactions and ensure timely follow-ups.

10. Maintain a Positive Employer Brand:

– Encourage satisfied employees to leave positive reviews about your company on GrabJobs or other review platforms.

Scheduling Interviews with Grab Jobs

Here’s a general guide on how to schedule interviews on GrabJobs:

1. Login to Your Employer Account: Access your GrabJobs employer dashboard using your credentials.

2. Access Applicants’ Profiles: Navigate to the job listing for which you want to schedule interviews. Review the list of applicants who have applied for the position.

3. Select Candidates for Interview: Identify the candidates you wish to interview and select them within the platform.

4. Initiate Interview Scheduling: Within the GrabJobs interface, look for options related to scheduling interviews or communicating with candidates.

5. Propose Interview Dates and Times: Offer available dates and times for the interviews using the platform’s scheduling tool. Consider the candidates’ availability as much as possible.

6. Confirm Interview Details: Once candidates confirm their availability for the proposed interview slots, confirm the interview details within the GrabJobs platform. This might involve sending interview invites or notifications to the selected candidates.

7. Send Reminders: Use GrabJobs’ communication tools to send reminders to the candidates about their scheduled interviews. This helps ensure they’re prepared and available.

8. Manage Interview Logistics: Coordinate any additional details or logistics related to the interviews through GrabJobs, such as location (if applicable), interview format (in-person, phone, video), or any specific instructions for the candidates.

9. Document and Track: Keep track of scheduled interviews, candidate responses, and any changes using GrabJobs’ tools or by integrating these details into your overall hiring process.

How do you Apply for Jobs on Grab Jobs?

To apply for jobs on GrabJobs:

1. Create an Account: Start by signing up for a GrabJobs account. You can do this through their website or mobile app.

2. Complete Profile: Fill out your profile with accurate information, including your work experience, education, skills, and any other relevant details.

3. Search for Jobs: Use the search bar or browse through job categories to find positions that match your skills and interests.

4. Review Job Listings: Click on a job listing to view the details. Ensure the job aligns with your qualifications and preferences.

5. Apply for the Job: Look for the “Apply” button within the job listing. Depending on the employer’s preferences, you might apply directly through GrabJobs by submitting your profile or resume, or you might be directed to an external website or email to apply.

6. Submit Application Materials: Follow the prompts to submit your application. This might involve attaching your resume, cover letter, or any other required documents.

7. Confirmation: After applying, you might receive a confirmation message acknowledging your application.

8. Monitor Application Status: Keep an eye on your GrabJobs account or email for any updates regarding your application. Employers might communicate with you through the platform regarding the next steps in the hiring process.

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Ensure that your profile and application materials are updated, relevant, and tailored to each job you apply for. This can increase your chances of standing out to potential employers on the GrabJobs platform.

How Your CV is Automatically Generated

Your responses to screening questions are forwarded to the employer and are incorporated into your career profile and CV automatically after each job application.

As you apply for more jobs and answer more chat questions, your career profile and CV gain additional information.

To enhance the appeal of your CV to employers, we suggest applying to a minimum of three jobs. This enriches your profile and makes it more comprehensive.

On GrabJobs, your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is automatically generated and updated based on the information you provide within the platform. Here’s how it typically works:

1. Profile Information: When you sign up or create your profile on GrabJobs, you input details such as work experience, education, skills, certifications, and other relevant information.

2. Application Process: Each time you apply for a job through GrabJobs, you might be prompted to answer screening questions or provide additional details related to the job application.

3. Automated Integration: The responses you provide to these questions, along with the information already in your profile, are automatically compiled and formatted to create or update your CV.

4. Career Profile: This assembled information contributes to your Career Profile within GrabJobs, which acts as a dynamic and evolving representation of your professional experience and qualifications.

5. CV Updates: As you apply for more jobs and engage with more screening questions, your career profile and CV are continuously updated and refined. The system integrates new information seamlessly into your CV.

6. Employer Access: Employers reviewing your application can access this dynamically generated CV, which includes the details you’ve provided during the application process.

Grab Jobs
Grab Jobs

Use Chat To Interact With Employers Directly

If your profile makes it to the shortlist for a job, you can engage directly with employers through our live messaging Chat system.

This feature allows you to ask the employer various questions, like inquiries about the interview process or the career growth possibilities associated with the job.

Upgrade to GrabJobs Premium for the advantage of reaching out to any employer instantly, bypassing the need to wait for their initial contact.

Responding to Job Interview Invitations

Upon shortlisting, expect direct Job Interview invitations through GrabJobs. Notifications will reach you via email and chat.

Upon logging back into your GrabJobs account, a pop-up will display the interview invitation. You’ll have options to Accept, Reschedule, or Reject the interview.

Access your upcoming interviews by navigating to ‘Job Interviews’ on your account to stay updated.


With GrabJobs, your path to career success is just a click away. Seize opportunities, connect with top employers, and propel your professional journey forward. Join GrabJobs today and unlock a world of possibilities for your dream career. Your future starts here.


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