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Jobs at HP
Jobs at HP

Step into the world of endless career possibilities at HP. Here, innovation thrives, and talent is nurtured. Dive into a diverse range of roles, join a community of pioneers, and unleash your potential with us. Your next career adventure awaits within HP’s vibrant and dynamic landscape.

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What is Hewlett-Packard?

Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP, is a multinational information technology company that has been a significant player in the tech industry for decades. Founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, HP initially started in a small garage in Palo Alto, California. Over the years, it has grown into a global corporation with a wide array of products and services.

HP is renowned for its hardware, such as personal computers, printers, scanners, and other imaging devices. It also provides software and services to businesses, consumers, and government entities. The company has a strong focus on innovation and has been at the forefront of technological advancements in various domains.

Though the company split in 2015, forming Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), focusing on enterprise products, and HP Inc., concentrating on personal systems and printing, both entities continue to bear the legacy of HP’s commitment to technological innovation and excellence.

How Hard is it to Get a Job at HP?

Securing a role at HP can be challenging due to the company’s selective hiring process and limited openings. Entry-level positions require fewer qualifications, offering a more accessible entry point into the company, albeit with fewer available positions.

Roles in corporate and tech fields boast competitive salaries but demand a stringent and competitive hiring process.

Salary structures at HP vary significantly. For instance, a sales specialist typically earns an average of $13.43 per hour, notably below the national average. On the other hand, an insurance agent with HP enjoys one of the highest average salaries for that role nationwide, earning around $291,557 annually, substantially above the national average. Contrarily, a sales representative’s average salary at HP falls well below the national average of $27,394 per year. Meanwhile, a firmware engineer earns an average salary of $118,789 annually, slightly above the national average.

The infrequency of HP’s hiring and its discerning selection process contribute to the perception that securing a position within the company can be quite challenging.

What is the Process of Applying for Jobs at HP?

The hiring journey at HP varies in complexity based on the role you’re pursuing. Technical positions demand rigorous technical assessments, making the process quite intricate and lasting between four to eight weeks.

For non-technical roles like HR or marketing, the process involves multiple interviews but excludes the rigorous technical assessments seen in technical roles.

Non-technical applicants can anticipate three to four onsite interviews, while those eyeing technical roles, such as software or web developers, typically face three technical skill-focused interviews.

Initiating the process involves applying through HP’s career portal, followed by a confirmation email upon submission. Qualified candidates receive contact from an HP recruiter within one to two weeks.

Technical roles, like software developers, undergo several phases: initial phone screening, a written test covering aptitude, verbal skills, and technical expertise, followed by technical interviews and meetings with both the hiring manager and HR.

The written test assesses aptitude, verbal skills, and technical knowledge. Technical interviews are tailored, posing problem-solving scenarios and mock situations, especially for entry-level positions.

Sample technical interview questions at HP delve into future goals, motivations for applying, HP’s competitors, objectives, and knowledge of company leadership.

For management positions, expect a panel assessment gauging problem-solving and leadership qualities.

Following the final interview, HP’s recruitment team provides feedback on assessments and interviews, determining advancement to the onboarding phase within approximately a week.

HP Application

To initiate your HP employment journey, start by submitting your application online, a process streamlined for ease. Navigate to the official Hewlett-Packard Careers page, where you can peruse available positions. Take advantage of the “Overview” tab for insights into different departments (engineering, IT, finance, PR and Marketing, development, legal, sales, etc.) and delve into the corporation’s vision and work culture to prepare thoroughly.

Once ready to fill out the employment form, head to the “Search & Apply” tab. Options abound: explore popular or recent listings or use search terms to filter results. The directory spans various categories, countries, states, cities, and keywords, with post dates for easy tracking of applications.

Accessing the HP online application requires registering a new username or logging in with an existing one. When you’re set to start, click “Apply.” For those intrigued by an HP career but seeking to save it for later, simply click “Add to Cart.”

The application form at HP is straightforward, prompting a cover letter, resume upload, and details about your background, work experience, and education. Following these guidelines enhances your chances of securing a job at HP.

Minimum Age for Employment at HP

To apply for an HP position, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old. Yet, it’s noteworthy that the majority of Hewlett Packard’s workforce is typically over 20 years old. Aspiring individuals eyeing managerial roles within Hewlett Packard careers might find age prerequisites leaning toward older thresholds, often aligned with the needed experience and educational qualifications for these positions.

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HP Hours of Operation

The regular work hours are from Monday to Saturday, spanning 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Additionally, employees might be expected to work beyond these standard hours. Departments like customer care may operate on a 24/7 schedule, thus prioritizing candidates available for weekend shifts or late-hour duties when considering employment opportunities.

Entry-Level HP Careers and Income

Entry-level positions at HP: Encompass a range of roles such as test analysts, helpdesk/network specialists, moonshot solutions engineers, project analysts, data center support representatives, engineer project specialists, business analysts, Java developers, systems/software engineers, entry collections analysts, social & environmental responsibility customer engagement program managers, sales support clerks, staffing advisors, data entry clerks, and more.

Specific job roles at HP: Include positions like technology consultants, sales representatives, sales specialists, account managers, software engineers specializing in HP Helion OpenStack, engineers/scientists at HP Labs, inside sales account managers, C++ developers, digital printing press engineers, security strategy & risk managers, Winter engineers, principal cloud software engineers, SIEM consultants, virtualization experts, security architects, functional test analysts, and numerous others.

Positions within HP are open across various departments, including Engineering, Information Technology, Technical, Finance and legal, PR and marketing, Development and Human Resources, and Operations. Here are examples of some roles within Hewlett-Packard careers and their corresponding incomes:

Technical Support Consultant – Job Description and Duties

The role of a technical support consultant at HP entails supporting both HP software and hardware. Key responsibilities for an entry-level technical support consultant at HP comprise providing top-tier responses to customer queries, addressing post-sales support issues, documenting action plans and solutions in the support database, troubleshooting HP solutions technically, identifying host, network, or operating system issues, handling customer problems, and occasionally participating in after-hours support.

Jobs at HP
Jobs at HP

Technical Support Salary and Compensation

An entry-level technical support consultant at HP should possess a minimum of one year of experience and prior technical proficiency in one or more of these areas: NAS, SAN, and Fibre Channels, Proliant Servers, VMware or HyperV, Windows or Linux, storage technologies, IP networking, networked storage, and network operating systems. While a bachelor’s degree is preferred for consideration in Hewlett Packard employment.

Starting at approximately $65,000 annually, the salary for a technical support consultant at HP can progress to about $89,000 with increased experience. On average, the compensation for this role stands around $75,000 per year.

Helpdesk Specialist – Job Description and Duties

The HP helpdesk specialist holds the responsibility of providing comprehensive support and technical aid concerning software, hardware, and computer systems. This role involves responding to inquiries, troubleshooting issues, implementing solutions, diagnosing programs, and various other tasks.

Primary responsibilities encompass training computer users, addressing queries via phone or in person, ensuring daily computer system performance, handling customer help-seeking emails, probing for issue specifics, guiding customers through problem-solving steps, installing, modifying, and repairing software/hardware, system diagnostics, WAN and LAN problem resolution, peripheral installation, post-resolution follow-ups, collecting user feedback, and generating malfunction reports.

Qualifications entail a high school diploma or equivalent, along with 1 to 3 years of experience or an equivalent blend of education and experience.

Required skills encompass the ability to train and mentor new hires, adeptness with tools for daily tasks and internal processes, familiarity with call routing, case logging, and systems for obligations, time management, accurate data entry, computer proficiency, experience in phone-based roles, problem-solving capabilities, knowledge of internal tools and processes, and strong verbal and written communication prowess.

Helpdesk Specialist Salary and Compensation

A helpdesk specialist’s yearly salary typically ranges from approximately $42,000 at the starting level to about $45,000 at the peak.

Systems/Software Engineer – Job Description and Duties

This role at HP involves designing enhancements, updates, and new capabilities for HP OneView, executing comprehensive tests and documentation for specific application segments, troubleshooting code issues, creating solutions, integrating code with other components, and collaborating with development and management partners.

Qualifications for this position necessitate a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science. The essential skills include familiarity with Agile development methodologies, proficiency in software test scripting, development, and execution, adeptness in Python, JavaScript, Java, and Linux, expertise in systems administration tools and processes, and excellent verbal and written communication abilities.

Systems/Software Engineer Salary and Compensation

The salary range for a Systems/Software Engineer at Hewlett-Packard begins at approximately $78,000 annually, reaching a peak of about $182,000 per year. On average, the compensation for a Systems/Software Engineer within the company stands at around $120,000 per year.

HP Careers in Management

HP continuously seeks skilled individuals capable of leading teams and orchestrating project schedules. While internal promotions are preferred, the company remains open to applicants with demonstrated experience. To embark on a management career at HP, a college education and outstanding leadership abilities are essential. Alternatively, one can begin with entry-level positions at HP and progress toward managerial roles.

Other available positions at HP span across HR and Development, PR, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Administration, Finance, and Legal, as well as Engineering, IT, and Design.

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Project Manager – Job Description and Duties

Project managers oversee and organize projects, ensuring adherence to delivery schedules, quality standards, and approved budgets while forecasting finances and maintaining customer satisfaction. To pursue this career at HP, candidates should hold an associate degree or its equivalent and possess a minimum of one year of experience in a project management capacity.

Basic Tips for Applying for HP Jobs

Typically, the HP application process involves two interviews. Following the submission of the HP application form, the initial step is often a phone interview.

During the phone interview, applicants should be ready to share instances illustrating sought-after competencies like a positive attitude, customer focus, and teamwork. Previous candidates have encountered questions such as “Can you provide an example of working within a team during challenging periods?” “Describe a situation where you made a difficult decision and its outcome,” and “Share a scenario showcasing your customer service skills.”

Candidates interviewed by HP have reported inquiries about their motivations to join HP and inquiries about the company and its industry. These queries aim to gauge the applicant’s familiarity with HP and the industry, emphasizing the importance of thorough research before applying for HP roles. Sample questions encompass “What are HP’s objectives for the upcoming year?”, “Who are HP’s primary competitors?”, and “Why are you interested in an HP role?”

In face-to-face interviews, expect a mix of technical inquiries, questions about past experiences and competencies, discussions on strengths and weaknesses, and exploration of Hewlett Packard’s core values.

Advanced Tips for HP Applications

As the application form lacks competency questions, the cover letter serves as your prime platform to exhibit alignment with the job specifications. HP’s official website explicitly outlines the required qualities and skills for each role, necessitating a close review to align experiences with the job requirements.

Emphasize soft skills alongside technical expertise, showcasing examples of effective communication, problem-solving, and successful teamwork, amplifying your candidacy.

Ensure your resume highlights relevant technical expertise and pertinent experiences to bolster your application.

Benefits of Jobs at HP

Jobs at HP come with a range of benefits that aim to support and enhance employees’ professional and personal lives. These benefits may vary based on location and position within the company, but some common benefits at HP include:

1. Health and Wellness: Comprehensive health insurance covering medical, dental, and vision care for employees and their families. Health and wellness programs, including gym memberships, wellness incentives, and mental health support.

2. Financial Benefits: Competitive salaries, performance-based bonuses, and stock options. Retirement plans like 401(k) matching, pension plans, and financial counseling.

3. Work-Life Balance: Flexible work hours, remote work options, and paid time off, including vacation days, holidays, and personal days. Parental leave and support for work-life balance initiatives.

4. Career Development: Opportunities for career growth and advancement, professional development programs, tuition reimbursement, and mentorship programs to support skill-building and career progression.

5. Employee Assistance Programs: Counseling services, employee assistance programs, and resources to support employees’ well-being and address personal or work-related challenges.

6. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, with programs, resource groups, and initiatives promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

7. Technology and Perks: Access to cutting-edge technology, employee discounts on HP products, and various employee perks like discounts on travel, entertainment, and other services.

8. Community Engagement: Opportunities for volunteering, community service, and corporate social responsibility initiatives, enabling employees to contribute to social causes and make a positive impact.

These benefits at HP are designed to attract and retain top talent, support employees in various aspects of their lives, and create a positive and rewarding work environment.

HP Interview Tips & Hiring Process Information

The process for applying to HP typically includes completing an online application specific to Hewlett Packard, followed by a telephone interview and, finally, an assessment center.

HP Application Online

Your HP application online necessitates completing all questions before attaching your CV. This data aids in the initial screening and builds your profile. Incomplete responses lead to the return of your HP application, requiring resubmission. Due to the high volume of applications, notification of successful completion occurs solely at this stage. Applications are reviewed in chronological order.

Telephone Interview

HP arranges an initial phone interview to assess if you possess the competencies and skills sought after. Candidates who progress beyond this stage are contacted via email or phone.

Assessment Center

The HP assessment day comprises a presentation, interview, group exercise, and an ability test, such as a case study or numerical and verbal reasoning assessment. Results are communicated within 48 hours, with unsuccessful candidates offered constructive feedback based on their performance.

Final Interview

Some applicants may receive an invitation for a face-to-face interview with HP, focusing on the program applied for and career interests.

HP seeks candidates with company knowledge, leadership potential, strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and initiative. Additionally, they value IT passion, enthusiasm for change, a sense of humor, independent drive, creativity, and customer focus in applicants.

Reasons to work in HP for working professional

Work and Life Balance

At HP, maintaining a balance between work and social life is paramount. The company offers monthly leaves and sick leaves, emphasizing the separation of professional and personal spheres. Employees benefit from stress-free time outside work, including up to a week’s Christmas vacation, ensuring minimal interference with personal life.

Cutting-Edge Technology

HP provides an enriching work experience with the latest technologies, fostering innovation and transparency between employers and employees. Access to new laptops and cutting-edge products energizes work life, offering an invigorating environment.

Enhanced Resume Value

Working at HP significantly boosts one’s resume, particularly for freshers, providing an advantageous start to a career. The experience gained at HP garners appreciation and favorable treatment in subsequent job interviews, augmenting one’s profile.

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Engaging Events

HP hosts various engaging events, from talent showcases to sports tournaments and internal conferences. These activities nurture skills and foster a fun learning environment, facilitating personal and professional growth.

Collaboration with Talented Peers

Interacting with talented colleagues at HP nurtures new skills and fosters an innovative mindset. The exposure to diverse talents aids in personal development, enabling professionals to network and share ideas openly.

Competitive Environment

Working at HP equips individuals with the ability to handle pressure and competition, preparing them for real-life scenarios. The company’s competitive stance against IBM motivates employees to strive for excellence.

Additional Benefits

In addition to competitive salaries averaging around 7.89 Lakh rupees per annum for freshers, HP offers a casual work environment, paid leaves, life insurance, gym memberships, and paid vacations. The company’s multiple offices across India and caring approach toward employees further enhance its appeal.

Want to Work for HP? Here Are the Degrees You’ll Need.

HP’s Business Planning Opportunities

Roles in business planning encompass program managers, project managers, and various leadership positions like Director of Market Intelligence, Senior Associate in Strategy and Incubation, VP of Pricing and Analytics COE, Business Planning Manager, and Lead Data Scientist. These roles focus on guiding the company’s growth and profitability amidst market dynamics.

Typically, advanced degrees in data science, computer science, applied math, statistics, or related fields are sought after. Positions such as Business Planning Manager, Lead Data Scientist, and Director of Market Intelligence often prefer candidates with an MBA. Experience requirements vary, ranging from two or more years to 15 or more, depending on the role.

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Engineering Roles at HP

HP offers diverse engineering positions in innovation technology, eCommerce analytics, systems architecture, software development, and user experience design. Opportunities span across research, data, cloud computing, software security, and electrical hardware, involving the creation and testing of HP’s next-gen hardware and software systems.

Jobs at HP
Jobs at HP

Entry-level positions usually require a bachelor’s in computer science, computer engineering, or similar fields. Higher-level roles like software engineering may prefer a bachelor’s or master’s in computer science or information systems. Research-focused roles such as Information Chemist or Technologist may require a Ph.D. in computer science, information systems, or chemical engineering.

IT and IS Opportunities at HP

In the IT domain, HP seeks Technical IT Leads, Systems Administrators, IT Developers, and Senior Infrastructure Engineers specializing in storage and network technologies. These roles encompass system design, administration, and support for computer and telecommunications systems. Additionally, HP plans to hire Cyber Security Engineers and Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Analysts to protect sensitive digital information.

Candidates in IT typically need work experience alongside a bachelor’s or master’s in computers, information technology, or information systems management. Cybersecurity roles similarly require work experience and a bachelor’s or master’s in computer science, information security, or cyber security.

Internships and Graduate Programs at HP

HP offers diverse internship opportunities for current students, spanning summer programs, year-round placements, and co-op assignments that can extend up to graduation. These programs allow students to experience HP’s culture, engage in projects, and receive mentorship.

HP’s graduate program caters to recent university graduates pursuing master’s degrees. Opportunities span economics, finance, business administration, and sales development, among others.


HP unveils a world of career prospects spanning business planning, engineering, IT, and beyond. Whether seeking entry-level roles or leadership positions, HP offers a gateway to innovative work environments, cutting-edge technology, and a culture fostering growth and development. Embrace the chance to be part of HP’s dynamic landscape, where talents flourish, ideas thrive, and careers find their wings.


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