Amazing Guide on Jobs at SAP 2024

Do you want to be part of a global innovation force? Then, Jobs at SAP are all that you need. Explore jobs across technology, innovation, and business. Join a global leader in cutting-edge solutions and create an impact with your career at SAP.

Jobs at SAP
Jobs at SAP

At SAP, the world’s leading enterprise software company, career opportunities abound across a spectrum of fields. From technology and innovation to business development, SAP offers a platform for professionals to thrive, innovate, and shape the future of industries globally. Explore the diverse roles and impactful careers waiting for you at SAP.

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What is SAP?

Founded in 1972 by five former IBM employees, System Analysis Program Development, now known as SAP, was envisioned to empower businesses with data-driven success in the digital era. Initially a modest private entity, SAP has evolved into the globe’s largest enterprise application software provider, boasting over 245 million cloud subscribers.

Its extensive suite of business function solutions encompasses supply chain management, travel and expense management, enterprise resource planning, and procurement applications. Notably, SAP serves an impressive clientele, with 99 of the world’s top 100 companies among its esteemed customers.

Today, helmed by Christian Klein, who embarked on his SAP journey in 1999, starting from the active global support operations team, the company is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. Operating across 78 countries, SAP’s workforce exceeds 110,000 employees worldwide. In the fiscal year 2021, SAP marked a total revenue surpassing $29 billion.

SAP, or Systems Applications and Products, is a multinational corporation renowned for its enterprise software solutions. Founded in Germany, SAP specializes in developing software to support businesses in various functions like finance, HR, logistics, and more. Its applications streamline operations, offer analytics, and facilitate decision-making for organizations of all sizes across industries worldwide. SAP’s software suite assists companies in managing their processes, data, and resources efficiently.

SAP Careers and Salaries

At SAP, the focus revolves around pioneering enterprise software and cultivating a workforce of collaborative, innovative individuals dedicated to global progress. The company categorizes its career avenues into seven primary domains:

1. Development and technology

2. Sales

3. Consulting services and support

4. Marketing and communications

5. Corporate operations

6. Human resources

7. Finance

Not certain which team aligns with your strengths? SAP provides a skills matcher tool to guide potential employees toward their ideal career path. Here are job titles and average salaries within two prominent teams at SAP.

SAP Consulting Jobs

Within SAP’s consulting services and support division, the consulting team specializes in collaborating with clients to optimize data utilization and integrate SAP solutions seamlessly into their businesses.

Glassdoor reports the following average salaries for technology consulting roles at SAP:

– Technical Consultant: $198,000

– Senior Technical Consultant: $228,800

– Applications Consultant: $216,500

– IT Consultant: $156,400

– Senior IT Consultant: $194,100

– Principal Technology Consultant: $286,000

SAP Engineering and Technology Jobs

Spearheading innovation at SAP, the development and technology team actively drives the company’s digital transformation. This dynamic team crafts new software and upholds standards for existing solutions, encompassing roles in IT, design and development, user experience, quality assurance, research, development operations, and product management.

Based on Glassdoor insights, here are the reported average salaries for tech-related positions within SAP:

– Software Engineer: $171,200

– Senior Software Engineer: $199,400

– Software Developer: $168,500

– Senior Developer: $191,800

– Quality Specialist: $95,200

– Senior Quality Specialist: $148,200

– DevOps Engineer: $171,300

– Support Architect: $221,000

Student and New Graduate Opportunities at SAP

SAP extends diverse internship and career paths catering to students and recent graduates. Dedicated to nurturing the future workforce, SAP empowers these individuals to acquire new skills, network effectively, and potentially secure permanent positions within the company.

Presently, SAP provides multiple pathways tailored to varying stages in both educational pursuits and career trajectories.


Over half of SAP’s student interns ultimately transition into full-time roles within the company, solidifying the internship track as a remarkable gateway to initiate a career at SAP.


SAP’s Internship Experience Program (iXp) spans from 10 weeks to a year, offering a full-time, paid internship designed for students to engage with mentors, attend networking events, and acquire new skills through hands-on experience. Interns gain access to a range of virtual and in-person events, participating in impactful projects and campaigns.

Jobs at SAP
Jobs at SAP

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Annually, SAP recruits over 2,000 interns through iXp across 22 countries. For locations without iXp, standard paid internships (ranging from three months to a year) are available, catering to various business functions such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), marketing, and coding, among others. These internships can be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis.

SAP Student Training and Rotation (STAR) Program

The STAR programs, also known as Scholar@SAP or Vocational Training, offer paid, multi-year rotational experiences. Students engage in rotations across various teams, working on diverse projects while receiving coaching and on-the-job training. Eligibility criteria encompass:

– Current enrollment in a college or university

– Pursuing a STEM major

– Residing in proximity to Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

– Ability to work part-time during school terms and full-time in summers

The application process involves an online technical assessment followed by two rounds of interviews.


SAP extends opportunities for recent graduates to gain practical experience through diverse graduate programs and entry-level positions.

These programs encompass a wide array of career fields, incorporating boot camps, rotational programs, classroom training, and job placements tailored for graduates.

SAP Benefits and Perks

Similar to many multinational corporations, SAP provides conventional benefits like 401(k) retirement plans, health savings accounts, insurance coverage, and paid time off.

SAP stands out with unique offerings for its U.S.-based employees:

– Wellness Programs: Initiatives encompass health tracking tools, participation in virtual fitness and mindfulness classes, a diabetes management program, and family-oriented behavioral health support.

– Tuition Reimbursement: Employees qualify for up to $8,500 annual reimbursement for tuition costs (requires A and B grades).

– Parental Benefits: SAP offers flexible hours for parents, a breast milk delivery service, and a New Child Return-to-Work Transition Time, allowing new parents to work reduced hours for four weeks at full pay post paid family leave. Additionally, adoption assistance benefits up to $10,000 and surrogacy assistance up to $20,000 are available.

– Pledge to Flex: SAP’s policy empowers employees to determine their work location and schedule in alignment with business needs.

Employee feedback on benefits at SAP is highly positive, with Glassdoor ratings at 4.4 out of 5 stars. SAP’s benefits, including work-from-home options, tuition assistance, and complimentary meals, receive praise, earning an exceptional 85 out of 100 on Comparably and garnering an 86% satisfaction rate among employees.

Importance of Jobs at SAP

Jobs at SAP hold significant importance for various reasons:

1. Innovation Hub: SAP is a global leader in enterprise software, offering an environment that fosters innovation and creativity. Working here allows individuals to contribute to cutting-edge solutions that transform businesses and industries.

2. Career Growth: With diverse career paths and developmental opportunities, SAP nurtures talent and encourages professional growth. Employees can explore different roles and expand their skill sets.

3. Global Impact: SAP’s solutions have a broad global reach, affecting how businesses operate worldwide. Working here provides the chance to be part of solutions that drive positive change across industries.

4. Learning Culture: SAP promotes a culture of continuous learning. Employees gain exposure to new technologies, methodologies, and business strategies, enhancing their knowledge base.

5. Inclusive Environment: The company emphasizes diversity and inclusion, creating a welcoming atmosphere for employees from various backgrounds. This inclusive culture fosters collaboration and innovation.

6. Employee Well-being: SAP prioritizes its employees’ well-being through various benefits, programs, and initiatives that support health, work-life balance, and personal development.

7. Community Engagement: SAP encourages community involvement and social responsibility. Employees often participate in volunteering programs, contributing to societal betterment.

8. Career Stability: Being a leader in its field, SAP offers stable and reputable career opportunities, providing employees with a sense of security and stability in their professional lives.

Overall, jobs at SAP offer more than just employment; they provide a platform for personal growth, societal impact, and a fulfilling career journey.

SAP Culture

SAP offers standard benefits common in multinational corporations like 401(k) retirement plans, health savings accounts, insurance coverage, and paid time off. However, its U.S.-based employees enjoy unique perks:

Wellness Initiatives: These include health tracking tools, virtual fitness, mindfulness classes, diabetes management programs, and family-oriented behavioral health support.

Tuition Reimbursement: Employees can receive up to $8,500 annually for tuition expenses (requires A and B grades).

Parental Support: SAP provides flexible hours for parents, a breast milk delivery service, and a New Child Return-to-Work Transition Time, allowing full pay for reduced hours post paid family leave. Adoption assistance of up to $10,000 and surrogacy support up to $20,000 are also available.

Pledge to Flex: SAP allows employees to set their work location and schedule, aligning with business needs.

Feedback on SAP’s benefits is highly positive, rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor. Employees appreciate perks like work-from-home options, tuition aid, and free meals, rating them an exceptional 85 out of 100 on Comparably with an 86% satisfaction rate.

SAP holds the distinction of being a certified Great Place to Work, with an impressive 90% of employees affirming this claim. Findings from the 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study further highlight:

– 95% feel empowered to take necessary time off from work.

– 93% experienced a warm welcome upon joining the company.

– 92% take pride in being associated with SAP.

From over 2,300 employee reviews analyzed by MIT’s Culture500, it was observed that while agility emerges as a frequently discussed cultural value with some negativity at SAP, innovation stands out as the most positively discussed value.

Values and Initiatives

SAP’s vision encompasses a world devoid of emissions, waste, and inequality, evident through these key initiatives:

Sustainability: Since commencing its carbon reduction journey in 2009, SAP has set its sights on achieving net-zero emissions by 2030 and ensuring carbon neutrality in operations by 2023. This commitment extends to reducing paper, water, and electronic waste.

Diversity and Inclusion: SAP’s dedication to inclusivity is reflected in its robust employee network groups, a stellar 91% positive rating for diversity and inclusion, a significant 29.4% representation of women in leadership roles, and active participation of 217 colleagues in the Autism at Work program.

Corporate Social Responsibility: With a mission to enhance lives and foster a better world, SAP focuses on advancing social businesses, nurturing future skills, and collaborating for sustainability. In 2021, SAP’s employees contributed over 20,000 hours in volunteering efforts, supporting more than 2,000 nonprofits and social enterprises through over 107,000 volunteering hours.

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How Does the SAP Interview Process Work?

The application process at SAP is simplified into five clear steps, offering guidance at each stage:

Jobs at SAP
Jobs at SAP

1. Preparation

Prior to applying, familiarize yourself with SAP’s website and social media channels. Sign up for job alerts and strategically plan your job search to align with your career goals.

2. Application

Take your time when applying, ensuring accurate contact details and tailoring your resume and cover letter to the specific role you’re pursuing.

3. Interview

The interview process varies based on the role but may involve pre-screening calls, assessments, and meetings with hiring managers. Prepare to discuss experiences showcasing client-centricity, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork.

4. Offer

If you receive an offer, a recruiter will guide you through the necessary information. If not, persist with applications until you succeed.

5. Onboarding

Leading up to your start date, access a pre-start portal with vital company information. Upon starting, undergo local, global, and role-specific onboarding processes to integrate seamlessly into the organization.

SAP recruiters share valuable interview advice for potential candidates:

1. Engage with Insightful Queries: Ask about the role, team dynamics, and the company’s future direction. Avoid questions easily accessible online.

2. Craft a Compelling Pitch: Prepare a succinct summary highlighting your key strengths and accomplishments.

3. Address Concerns Directly: Inquire if the interviewer has reservations about hiring you, allowing you to tackle any concerns openly.

4. Showcase Continued Learning: Discuss your tech field involvement, such as relevant side projects or hobbies.

5. Align Experience with Job Description: Illustrate how your past experiences align with the job’s requirements by referencing similar achievements outlined in the job description.

Here’s how applicants secured their SAP interviews, as reported on Glassdoor:

– 54% applied via the online application

– 20% utilized campus recruiting

– 12% applied through employee referrals

– 7% used recruiters

– 3% applied in-person

The interview process typically spans about two weeks, as per Indeed reviews. Steps may involve phone screenings, on-site interviews, background checks, and group interviews.

On Glassdoor, 72% of SAP interviewees reported positive experiences, while 14% had negative ones.


Working at SAP isn’t just about a job; it’s about being part of a global innovation force, where your skills contribute to shaping the future. SAP offers diverse opportunities, a commitment to sustainability, a supportive work environment, and a chance to grow both professionally and personally. Join SAP and be a part of a team that’s dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the world.


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