Online Chat Agent Jobs (No Experience) – Ultimate Guide 2024

Are you looking for a flexible remote job opportunity? Explore online chat agent jobs, where you can work from home while providing excellent customer service through chat platforms. With the increasing demand for virtual support, companies seek talented individuals to engage with customers, resolve inquiries, and enhance user experiences. Discover how to become an online chat agent and enjoy the benefits of remote work, including flexibility, convenience, and competitive compensation. Apply now and embark on a fulfilling remote online chat agent career.

Online chat agent jobs offer individuals the opportunity to work remotely from the comfort of their own homes while providing valuable customer support services through chat platforms. In today’s digital age, where virtual interactions are becoming increasingly prevalent, companies across various industries are seeking skilled individuals to engage with customers, address inquiries, and enhance overall user experiences.

As an online chat agent, your primary responsibility is to communicate with customers in real-time through chat platforms, offering assistance, resolving issues, and answering questions. This role requires excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to multitask effectively and provide timely and accurate responses to customers’ inquiries.

One of the key benefits of online chat agent jobs is the flexibility they offer. Working remotely allows individuals to set their own schedules, making it an ideal option for those seeking work-life balance or those with other commitments. Additionally, remote chat agent positions often provide competitive compensation and may offer opportunities for career advancement and skill development.

To excel in this role, candidates should possess strong communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to think quickly on their feet. Familiarity with chat platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) software may also be beneficial.

Online Chat Agents Jobs
Online Chat Agents Jobs

What Is a Chat Agent?

Online chat agents offer customer support through text-based chat interactions, requiring them to thrive in a dynamic environment with multiple concurrent conversations. Proficiency in multitasking is essential, alongside excellent communication skills, including proper grammar and spelling. While some roles may demand specific business knowledge and platform familiarity, many companies provide training without prior experience requirements. Basic necessities for online chat agents include a stable internet connection, a computer, and possibly a phone and headset. Unlike virtual assistants, whose responsibilities encompass various tasks, online chat agents primarily focus on delivering customer support. For those preferring verbal interactions, phone-based customer service roles may be more suitable.

Types of Online Chat Agent Jobs

1. Customer Support Chat Agents: These agents provide assistance and resolve customer inquiries or issues via online chat platforms. They may work for various industries, including retail, technology, or financial services.

2. Sales Chat Agents: Sales chat agents engage with customers through online chat to promote products or services, answer questions, and facilitate the sales process. They focus on generating leads and closing sales via chat channels.

3. Technical Support Chat Agents: Technical support chat agents specialize in providing assistance with troubleshooting technical issues related to products or services. They help customers resolve technical problems through online chat interactions.

4. Virtual Assistant Chat Agents: Virtual assistant chat agents offer administrative and organizational support to clients remotely. They may manage schedules, handle emails, and perform various tasks via online chat communication.

5. Moderator Chat Agents: Moderator chat agents monitor and manage online communities, forums, or social media platforms to ensure compliance with guidelines, address user concerns, and maintain a positive user experience.

6. Language Support Chat Agents: Language support chat agents provide assistance in multiple languages to cater to diverse customer bases. They help customers in their preferred language and facilitate communication across language barriers.

7. Sales Support Chat Agents: Sales support chat agents assist sales teams by qualifying leads, providing product information, and guiding potential customers through the sales process via online chat channels.

8. Social Media Chat Agents: Social media chat agents engage with customers and address inquiries or comments received through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Best Places to Find Online Chat Jobs

1. Accolade Support

Accolade Support offers opportunities for customer service agents as independent contractors, which means they forego benefits like health insurance and paid time off. However, contractors enjoy flexible work hours. Specific pay rates and weekly hour commitments are unspecified. Required qualifications include an American accent, superior customer service, and communication abilities (both written and oral), attention to detail, and technical support skills. Technical prerequisites encompass a headset and a Windows PC (Windows 7 to 10) connected directly to the internet (Macs are incompatible).

2. Apple

Apple At Home Advisors offer online chat support and answer customer inquiries. Apple furnishes its advisors with an iMac and headset, requiring only internet access and a quiet workspace. Additionally, the company partially reimburses internet expenses. Prior experience with Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads, is beneficial but not mandatory. Comprehensive training covers technical aspects and Apple’s customer service approach. Benefits include paid time off, product discounts, and career development resources. Both part-time and full-time roles are available, with compensation and benefits details disclosed during the interview.

3. Asurion

Asurion, a phone insurance provider, offers remote customer service positions for handling claims and technical inquiries. Employees start at $13.50 per hour. Requirements include a high school diploma or GED, availability for nights, weekends, and holidays, six months of customer service experience, and passing a background check or drug test. A quiet workspace and high-speed internet are necessary, with Asurion supplying additional equipment. Bilingual positions are available, though specific pay rates are undisclosed.

4. Amazon

Amazon hires remote workers for Customer Service Associate positions. As of March 2019, the company offers these roles $15 per hour plus benefits. Typically, associates work about 20 to 29 hours per week, with up to 60 hours available based on customer demand. The job entails communication with customers through phone, email, and chat, demanding a strong customer-centric approach in a fast-paced environment.

5. Uber

Uber recruits Community Support Representatives globally to address customer issues through phone, email, and chat. Candidates should demonstrate empathy for riders and drivers, coupled with strong written and verbal communication skills. Flexibility in working evening or weekend shifts during peak support demand is expected. While a Bachelor’s degree in fields like Business, Communications, English, or Journalism is preferred, it’s not mandatory. It’s important to note that current Uber Community Support positions are full-time office-based roles, not remote opportunities.

6. Arise

Arise recruits independent chat agents to work remotely and provide real-time support and troubleshooting for its clients. These agents may serve various companies that partner with Arise for chat support services. Working as an independent contractor through Arise offers flexibility in job selection. Additionally, Arise provides support to new contractors through online videos.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy seeks full-time customer support agents to address client inquiries and troubleshoot issues via phone, chat, and sometimes social media platforms or the Best Buy forum. Ideal candidates possess at least one year of customer support experience and are comfortable communicating with customers both verbally and in writing. Flexibility in scheduling, including evenings and weekends, is required. While experience with consumer electronics is preferred, it’s not mandatory. Agents work in office or retail store settings, and compensation details are not provided in the job posting.

8. Concentrix

Contentrix, formerly known as Convergys, specializes in remote sales and customer support roles and is currently seeking applicants across 35 states. To qualify, you’ll need a computer, a secure workspace, and a reliable internet connection, with additional client-specific requirements possible. Compensation starts at $10 per hour, with payment issued bi-weekly. Both full-time and part-time positions are available, with a maximum of 40 hours per week. Schedules are agreed upon upon hiring. Contentrix offers both in-person and online training, which is provided free of charge, followed by an evaluation to ensure readiness to work with customers.

9. OutPLEX

OutPLEX, formerly known as Talk2rep, provides outsourcing solutions for customer support services, including live chat and text support. The company hires US-based remote customer service representatives to handle customer inquiries via email or phone.

To qualify for these online chat positions, applicants must demonstrate a typing speed of at least 30 to 50 words per minute with no errors. Prospective candidates can assess their typing speed through online tools. Additionally, candidates must ensure their computers are hardwired to the internet and run on a Windows operating system (Apple computers are not accepted). A high school diploma or GED is required, along with proficiency in multitasking, independent research, and excellent communication, spelling, and grammar skills.

10. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop employs Live Chat Agents to represent its customers globally. While the company offers training to its agents, applicants must be native English speakers with exceptional grammar and typing abilities. Recruitment is limited to Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas.

Successful candidates should possess strong organizational skills, multitasking abilities, and a willingness to learn new skills. Agents typically work 20 to 40 hours per week from their home offices.

New agents are responsible for providing their equipment, including dual monitors and hard-wired internet connection. Additionally, The Chat Shop recommends using an external keyboard and mouse for those using laptops for work.

11. SiteStaff

SiteStaff offers specialized chat services for businesses, emphasizing personalized customer support. Chat Hosts have the flexibility to work from their home offices.

To qualify, applicants should type at least 65 to 75 words per minute with proficiency in punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Strong problem-solving abilities are also sought after.

While pay and benefits details are not provided on the website, candidates can expect to receive more information during the recruitment process.

12. Live Person

LivePerson seeks Client Partners to oversee enterprise customer portfolios. Working remotely, Client Partners collaborate closely with customer executives, focusing on continuous improvement, product expertise, and contract management.

Candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree and possess seven or more years of account management experience, with an MBA considered advantageous. While specific pay details are not provided, LivePerson offers competitive benefits and paid time off to support work-life balance.

13. LiveWorld

LiveWorld recruits full- and part-time remote customer service agents for handling customer service and marketing engagement. Proficiency in both the supported language and English is essential for this role.

Responsibilities include responding to social media posts, engaging with user content, and addressing customer inquiries in a social context. This position does not involve phone-based communication and requires strong writing skills, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Candidates must be able to commit to specific work hours in a quiet environment, with occasional availability on nights, weekends, and holidays. Reliable internet, phone access, and a computer are necessary for the role.


Explore work-from-home opportunities in’s dynamic contact center environment. Specializing in tech support services, assists clients via phone and chat.

Candidates should possess experience troubleshooting Mac, iOS, Android, or Windows devices due to the company’s tech-centric focus.

Perks of joining include paid training, tuition reimbursement, health insurance, and paid time off. Access to a comprehensive content library is also provided to enhance tech support skills and career development.

Moreover, offers a tax-free work-from-home reimbursement, reportedly at $0.50 per hour, to cover internet and equipment expenses, as reported in various online reviews.

15. Fancy Hands

For a diverse online work experience, consider becoming a virtual assistant with Fancy Hands. Virtual assistants have the opportunity to engage in various tasks, including online chat assignments, with the flexibility to set their own schedules.

Initially, tasks pay between $3 and $7 each, with the potential for increased pay as you gain proficiency and efficiency. Compensation may vary depending on task complexity and completion time.

Successful virtual assistants possess strong communication and internet research skills, along with a readiness to adapt to new challenges. A personal computer and audio headset are necessary equipment.

Additionally, Fancy Hands offers on-site Customer Support Associates opportunities at its NYC office, focusing on troubleshooting and client issue management. Weekend availability is required for this position.

16. Freshworks

Freshworks recruits Customer Success Managers to assist Software as a Service (SAAS) clients. These managers support a range of Freshworks solutions, including Freshdesk and Freshservice.

You’ll engage with customers through phone and video channels in this role, delivering essential insights and training. Please note that the Customer Success Manager position is office-based at Freshworks’ San Mateo, CA, location, and remote opportunities are not offered.

Skills And Qualifications

Skills and Qualifications for Online Chat Agent Jobs Remote:

1. Excellent Communication Skills: Strong written communication skills are essential for effectively conveying information, providing assistance, and resolving issues via online chat platforms.

2. Typing Proficiency: Chat agents must have fast and accurate typing skills to respond to customer inquiries promptly and maintain efficient communication during chat interactions.

3. Customer Service Skills: A customer-centric approach is crucial for delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Chat agents should be patient, empathetic, and adept at addressing customer needs and concerns.

4. Problem-Solving Abilities: Chat agents must possess strong problem-solving skills to identify issues, analyze situations, and provide appropriate solutions or assistance to customers in real-time.

5. Multitasking Skills: The ability to handle multiple chat conversations simultaneously while maintaining accuracy and professionalism is essential for chat agents working in fast-paced environments.

6. Technical Aptitude: Basic technical knowledge and proficiency with chat software, online platforms, and relevant tools are beneficial for effectively navigating chat systems and resolving technical issues.

7. Adaptability: Chat agents should be adaptable and flexible in responding to diverse customer inquiries, adjusting communication styles, and quickly learning and applying new information or procedures.

8. Attention to Detail: Paying close attention to detail is important for accurately capturing customer information, understanding their requests, and providing personalized assistance or recommendations.

9. Time Management: Effective time management skills enable chat agents to prioritize tasks, manage chat queues efficiently, and meet performance targets or service level agreements.

10. Language Skills (if applicable): For language-specific chat agent roles, proficiency in multiple languages may be required to effectively communicate with customers from different linguistic backgrounds.

Online Chat Jobs Websites to Find Clients


FlexJobs provides a carefully curated selection of remote and flexible job opportunities catering to entry-level and experienced candidates seeking part-time or full-time roles. Unlike traditional job boards, FlexJobs presents various job postings, encompassing freelance and employee positions.

In addition to its extensive job listings, FlexJobs provides valuable resources to support job seekers throughout their search journey. These resources include job search checklists, resume reviews, and informative video introductions.

Membership to FlexJobs is priced at $14.95 per month, granting access to all job postings and job search tools. Job seekers can opt for monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans based on the duration of their job search. FlexJobs also offers a 30-day refund policy for unsatisfied customers, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind.


On Fiverr, you have the opportunity to work as an independent customer service agent by showcasing your services on the platform. Simply create an account, set up your profile, and list your chat agent services in Fiverr’s marketplace.

Fiverr facilitates communication with potential clients, allowing you to negotiate terms and receive payments seamlessly. Payments are processed once the client confirms satisfaction with the delivered work, and Fiverr supports various payment methods, including PayPal and direct deposit.

When creating your service listing, you can set prices ranging from $5 to $995. It’s advisable to research similar gigs to determine competitive pricing and include relevant details about your skills, such as language proficiency and typing speed.

Additionally, communicate your availability hours and ensure your pitch exudes a friendly and professional tone to attract potential customers effectively.


To begin your job search on Upwork, create a complimentary profile and browse through chat support job listings that pique your interest. Upwork conveniently highlights suitable job opportunities and notifies you of new postings via email. Once you identify a promising opportunity, you can present your services to the client.

Moreover, Upwork simplifies the workflow by enabling seamless communication with clients and facilitating invoicing directly through the platform.

While signing up is free, it’s essential to note Upwork’s fee structure. The platform charges a fee of 20% on the initial $500 billed with a client, followed by 10% on billings ranging from $500 to $10,000. Beyond $10,000 in lifetime billings with a client, the fee is reduced to 5%.

Additionally, connecting with potential clients costs $0.15 per connection.

Keep these factors in mind as you explore job opportunities on Upwork.


On Freelancer, freelancers can connect with clients seeking services for various job categories. To get started, create a comprehensive profile showcasing your skills and expertise. You can submit a bid to the client when you come across a job that aligns with your interests.

Upon acceptance of your bid, you can complete the work and receive payment. With each successful job completed, you can gradually increase your rates and expand your bidding opportunities.

Access to jobs on Freelancer requires a subscription. The Intro plan, priced at $0.99 per month, allows you to list up to 30 skills and submit 15 bids monthly. As you upgrade your membership, you unlock additional features, such as more bid submissions and enhanced profile customization. Furthermore, you can deduct the membership fee as a business expense on your taxes.

For new freelancers, crafting tailored and professional proposals is key to making a positive impression on potential clients.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Chat Agent Jobs Remote

Advantages of Online Chat Agents Jobs Remote

1. Flexibility: Remote online chat agent jobs offer the flexibility to work from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing individuals to create their own schedules and work from the comfort of their homes.

2. Reduced Commuting Stress: Eliminating the need for commuting saves time and money, reducing stress associated with traffic congestion and long commutes.

3. Work-Life Balance: Remote work provides opportunities for better work-life balance, allowing employees to manage personal commitments alongside their job responsibilities more effectively.

4. Increased Job Opportunities: Remote online chat agent roles open up job opportunities to individuals who may not be able to work in traditional office settings due to location or other constraints.

5. Cost Savings: Working remotely can lead to cost savings for both employees and employers, such as reduced transportation costs, office space expenses, and other overheads.

Disadvantages of Online Chat Agent Jobs Remote

1. Limited Social Interaction: Remote work can be isolating, leading to reduced social interaction with colleagues and feelings of loneliness or disconnection.

2. Communication Challenges: Remote communication may lack the immediacy and clarity of face-to-face interactions, leading to misunderstandings or difficulties in conveying information effectively.

3. Distractions: Working from home can present distractions such as household chores, family members, or pets, which may impact productivity and focus.

4. Technology Issues: Reliance on technology for remote work means that technical issues such as internet outages or computer malfunctions can disrupt workflow and productivity.

5. Blurred Boundaries: Without clear boundaries between work and home life, remote workers may struggle to disconnect from work, leading to burnout and increased stress levels.

Experience and Education Requirements

1. High School Diploma or Equivalent: Most online chat agent positions typically require a high school diploma or GED equivalent as the minimum educational qualification.

2. Previous Customer Service Experience: While not always mandatory, many employers prefer candidates with prior experience in customer service roles, whether in-person or remote. Experience in handling customer inquiries, resolving issues, or providing support via chat platforms can be advantageous.

3. Typing Speed and Accuracy: Proficiency in typing with a high words-per-minute (WPM) rate and minimal errors is often a requirement for online chat agent positions. Candidates may need to demonstrate their typing skills during the application process.

4. Technical Skills: Basic technical knowledge and familiarity with chat software, online platforms, and computer systems are beneficial. Candidates should be comfortable navigating digital interfaces and troubleshooting technical issues as needed.

5. Communication Skills: Strong written communication skills are essential for effectively interacting with customers via chat. Candidates should demonstrate clarity, professionalism, and the ability to convey information concisely and accurately.

6. Problem-Solving Abilities: Experience in resolving customer inquiries, addressing concerns, and finding solutions to various issues is valuable. Candidates should showcase their problem-solving skills and ability to handle challenging situations effectively.

7. Multitasking and Time Management: Experience in multitasking and managing multiple chat conversations simultaneously while maintaining quality and efficiency is advantageous. Candidates should demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

8. Adaptability and Flexibility: Online chat agents should be adaptable to changing circumstances, customer needs, and evolving job requirements. Candidates who can quickly adjust to new situations, procedures, or technologies may have an edge.

9. Language Proficiency (if applicable): For bilingual or multilingual chat agent roles, proficiency in additional languages besides English may be required. Candidates should demonstrate fluency and proficiency in the relevant languages to effectively communicate with diverse customers.

10. Remote Work Experience (Preferred): Experience in remote work environments or telecommuting arrangements can be beneficial for candidates applying for online chat agent jobs remote. Familiarity with remote communication tools, time management strategies, and self-discipline in remote work settings may enhance candidacy.

Final Thoughts on Online Chat Agent Jobs

Online chat agent jobs offer a unique opportunity for individuals seeking remote employment in customer service roles. With the convenience of working from home and flexible scheduling options, these positions provide a viable alternative to traditional office-based employment.

While online chat agent roles require strong communication skills, typing proficiency, and the ability to multitask effectively, they offer numerous advantages, including the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment, interact with diverse customers, and develop valuable problem-solving abilities.

Additionally, the remote nature of these jobs allows for greater autonomy and work-life balance, enabling individuals to tailor their work schedules to fit their personal needs and preferences.

However, it’s essential for online chat agents to maintain a professional demeanor, adhere to company guidelines, and stay updated on relevant technologies and procedures to ensure optimal performance in their role.


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