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Online Chat Support Jobs
Online Chat Support Jobs

Online chat support jobs offer a unique opportunity to provide exceptional customer service while working remotely. These positions cater to individuals seeking flexibility and a fulfilling career in customer support.

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What is an Online Chat Support Job, and What Does it Imply?

An online chat support job involves providing assistance, guidance, and troubleshooting to customers or clients through digital communication channels, specifically chat interfaces on websites or applications. Remote chat support representatives engage with customers via chat to address inquiries, resolve issues, provide product information, and ensure a positive user experience. This role requires effective communication skills, multitasking abilities, and proficiency in using chat software to interact with customers and resolve their concerns promptly and efficiently.

Let’s clarify the role and its day-to-day duties as a remote live chat support agent. Your primary responsibility typically revolves around addressing customer support or sales-related queries received through a company’s website. Responsibilities may encompass:

– Responding to live chat support requests via the company’s website, mobile app, or social media channels.

– Handling incoming phone calls.

– Managing support emails.

– Documenting all support requests.

– Utilizing company software to initiate new support cases and escalate existing ones.

– Communicating the most common questions and issues to the management team.

Major corporations often offer customers the option to initiate live chat support for assistance with their accounts, products, or services. Many customers find this mode of communication preferable to calling or emailing.

Although it might seem straightforward initially, some live support roles can be intricate, particularly when it involve a thorough understanding of the product or service. For instance, providing live support for an enterprise software solution tailored to engineers or programmers can be challenging without the right academic background or experience.

Companies That Hire for Online Chat Support Jobs

Certainly! Here’s an expanded description of remote chat jobs at various companies:

1. Clearcover

– Based in Chicago, Clearcover aims to offer smarter car insurance with better coverage at affordable rates.

– Recent remote chat jobs include roles like Customer and Agent Success Advocate and Express Claims Associate.

– Find more Clearcover jobs [here](job link).

2. ExecOnline

– Headquartered in New York, ExecOnline specializes in professional development for executives.

– Their programs feature self-paced exercises, on-demand video lectures, and online networking.

– Recent remote chat jobs involve roles like Tier 1 Customer Support and Support Desk.

– Explore more ExecOnline jobs [here](job link).

3. HubSpot

– HubSpot, established in 2006, leads in inbound marketing and sales platforms.

– They excel in website content management, social media monitoring, SEO, email marketing, and analytics.

– Recent remote chat jobs at HubSpot include Customer Support Specialist roles for multilingual speakers.

– Check out more HubSpot jobs [here](job link).

4. Kelly Services

– Since 1946, Kelly has been a leader in connecting skilled workers with top businesses across industries.

– Recent remote chat jobs include positions like Benefit Customer Service Representative and Help Desk Analyst.

– Find more Kelly Services jobs [here](job link).

5. ModSquad

– Founded in 2007, ModSquad provides digital engagement solutions for global brands.

– Their network of virtual moderators helps engage, moderate, and support audiences.

– Recent remote chat jobs at ModSquad include Customer Support roles for phone and chat, including E-Book support.

– Explore more ModSquad jobs [here](job link).

6. PDI Technologies

– PDI Technologies focuses on solutions for sales growth and productivity in the petroleum wholesale and retail sector.

– Recent remote chat jobs include Member Support Specialist and Customer Support Analyst positions.

– Discover more PDI Technologies jobs [here](job link).

7. Randstad

– As a global staffing and HR services provider, Randstad offers a range of staffing services and HR solutions.

– Recent remote chat jobs involve roles like Bilingual Spanish Customer Service Representative and Customer Service Representative.

– Find more Randstad jobs [here](job link).

8. Rubiko

– Founded in 2016, Rubiko specializes in payment and customer support services for iGaming industry clients.

– Recent remote chat jobs include roles like Dutch and Japanese-speaking Speaking Customer Support Agents.

– Explore more Rubiko jobs [here](job link).

9. Vista

– Vista, a Cimpress company, supports small businesses in design and marketing, both digitally and physically.

– Recent remote chat jobs include positions like Customer CARE Specialists for different language speakers.

– Find more Vista jobs [here](job link).

10. Whatnot

– Established in 2019, Whatnot is an online marketplace for individuals to turn their passion into business.

– Recent remote chat jobs include Trust and Safety Agent and Customer Experience Manager roles.

– Discover more Whatnot jobs [here](job link).

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Ways to Find Online Chat Support Jobs

To find online chat support jobs, consider these avenues:

Online Chat Support Jobs
Online Chat Support Jobs

1. Job Boards: Platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn often feature remote chat support roles. Use filters to specify “remote” or “work from home” positions.

2. Company Websites: Check directly on the company career pages of businesses known for employing remote chat support agents. Companies like HubSpot, Clearcover, or Randstad might list such roles.

3. Remote Job Portals: Websites specializing in remote work, such as, FlexJobs, or We Work Remotely often curate job listings from various companies.

4. Freelance Platforms: Websites like Upwork or Freelancer might have opportunities for chat support gigs. Though not always full-time, they can offer freelance or part-time work.

5. Industry-Specific Websites: Explore industry forums, websites, or associations relevant to customer service or tech support. These may occasionally feature remote chat support job postings.

6. Social Media: Follow companies or job boards on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, where job openings are frequently shared.

7. Networking: Connect with professionals in the industry through LinkedIn or industry events. Sometimes, job openings are circulated through professional networks.

8. Recruitment Agencies: Agencies like Kelly Services or Randstad often post remote chat support roles, particularly for temporary or contract positions.

9. Chat Support Companies: Directly explore businesses known for providing chat support services, such as ModSquad or Liveops, which may offer remote roles.

Benefits of Online Chat Support Jobs:

1. Flexibility: Often offer flexible schedules and remote work options.

2. Variety: Diverse roles catering to different industries and needs.

3. Accessibility: Easily accessible with internet connectivity.

4. Communication Skills: Opportunity to enhance communication abilities.

5. Global Reach: Ability to work with customers from various locations.

6. Skill Development: Opportunity to improve problem-solving skills.

7. Convenience: Work from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

8. Entry-Level Roles: Accessible for individuals with minimal experience.

9. Work-Life Balance: Potential for flexible hours and part-time work.

10. Career Growth: Opportunity to advance within the customer service field.

Top Platforms to Find Online Chat Support Jobs

1 – Indeed is one of the most popular job search engines in the United States. A great thing about Indeed is that it allows you to search for “Remote” jobs only. Simply type a keyword like “live chat” or “customer support” in the job title field, and type “Remote” in the location field, then hit the “Find Jobs” button.

You can save your search criteria and set up an alert so that new live chat online job postings that match your search criteria are sent to your email as soon as they are published. That way, you’ll be amongst the first applicants to any new job offer.

2 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a robust professional platform, offers a job search engine akin to Indeed, specializing in remote job opportunities globally. Unlike Indeed, LinkedIn provides additional filters, such as ‘Experience Level,’ enabling you to narrow down roles like live chat support jobs specifically tailored for entry-level candidates with minimal or no prior experience.

This platform stands out as a top choice for finding remote positions due to its ‘easy apply’ feature. With a simple click, applicants can swiftly apply to new job listings without the need for manual resume and cover letter submissions via email, streamlining the application process.

3 – Glassdoor

Glassdoor offers a distinctive advantage with its precise salary insights, a feature lacking in many other job search platforms. For over a decade, Glassdoor has been the go-to source for comprehensive salary research, providing accurate compensation details for various job positions.

Similar to LinkedIn or Indeed, Glassdoor provides a search function to explore remote job opportunities. Users can input specific keywords like ‘live chat’ or ‘customer service’ to tailor their job search.

However, one drawback of Glassdoor is its requirement for users to create an account to access their extensive listings of open jobs and career insights.

4 – ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter operates similarly to Glassdoor, necessitating a form completion and quiz before granting access to their available job postings. However, a notable feature of ZipRecruiter is its provision for setting a minimum salary threshold during job searches. This feature aids in immediately filtering out lower-paying job opportunities.

5 – Social Sales Rep

Amidst the competitive field of remote live chat customer service jobs, securing the top-paying roles with stellar benefits can be challenging. Social Sales Rep has devised a system to offer an advantage over other candidates and streamline applications for numerous high-paying positions. We strongly suggest exploring this opportunity while applications remain available.

6 – ModSquad

ModSquad is a renowned digital marketing service focused on delivering top-tier customer experiences. They refer to their employees as moderators, or “mods,” boasting exceptional branding. This fully remote opportunity offers flexibility, allowing you to scale it into a full-time role at your pace.

Their spectrum of customer service roles spans from remote chat support to community management, promising a consistent workflow. ModSquad’s portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed brands like Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Electronic Arts, Vimeo, and the United States Department of State.

In your job application, specifying your preference for chat-based customer support can help align your interests with their various service offerings.

What Are Online Chat Support Jobs Alternatives?

Online chat support job alternatives include:

1. Customer Service Representative: Responds to inquiries and resolves issues via phone or email.

2. Virtual Assistant: Provided administrative support remotely, managed calendars and emails, and handled various tasks.

3. Technical Support Specialist: Assisting customers with technical issues and troubleshooting problems.

4. Sales Support Representative: Providing assistance to sales teams, addressing customer queries, and aiding in sales processes.

5. Social Media Manager: Manages social media accounts, engages with audiences, and handles customer inquiries on social platforms.

6. Help Desk Technician: Offers technical assistance and resolves IT-related problems via chat, phone, or email.

7. Content Moderator: Review and monitor user-generated content on online platforms to ensure compliance with guidelines.

These roles share similarities with online chat support jobs, often involving customer interaction, problem-solving, and communication skills, but may vary in specific duties and focus areas.

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Characteristics of Online Chat Support Jobs

Online chat support jobs typically involve the following key characteristics:

1. Customer Interaction: Engaging with customers in real time via chat to address inquiries, provide information, troubleshoot issues, and offer assistance.

2. Multi-Tasking: Managing multiple chat conversations simultaneously while maintaining prompt and effective responses.

3. Problem-solving: Identifying customer concerns, analyzing issues, and providing suitable solutions within a short timeframe.

4. Written Communication Skills: Expressing information clearly and effectively through written messages, ensuring comprehension and clarity.

5. Product/Service Knowledge: Thorough understanding of the products, services, or systems offered by the employer to assist customers accurately.

6. Adaptability: Being flexible to handle various types of inquiries and adjusting communication styles based on customer needs and situations.

7. Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with chat software, CRM tools, and possibly product/service-related software to access information promptly.

8. Empathy and Patience: Demonstrating understanding, empathy, and patience in handling customer concerns and inquiries.

9. Problem Escalation: Knowing when and how to escalate issues beyond the chat support level to ensure timely resolution.

10. Documentation: Accurately documenting customer interactions, issues, and solutions for future reference and improvement.

Who Can Do an Online Chat Support Jobs?

Online chat support jobs are versatile and can be suitable for a wide range of individuals:

1. Remote Workers: Those seeking flexible work options or remote opportunities to balance work-life commitments.

2. Customer Service Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about helping others and providing exceptional customer experiences.

3. Entry-Level Candidates: People looking for their first job or those transitioning into customer service careers.

4. Bilingual or Multilingual Individuals: Proficiency in multiple languages can open doors to specialized roles and global companies.

5. Tech-Savvy Individuals: Those comfortable with digital tools, software, and troubleshooting technical issues.

6. Stay-at-Home Parents: Individuals seeking employment while managing home responsibilities.

7. Freelancers: Those interested in freelancing or supplementing their income through part-time work.

8. College Students: Seeking flexible work to accommodate their academic schedules.

9. Career Changers: Individuals exploring a new career path or looking for diverse job experiences.

10. Retirees: Seeking part-time or flexible work to stay engaged and earn additional income after retirement.

What Are The Requirements And Qualifications For Being An Online Chat Support Agent?

Requirements for an online chat support agent can vary depending on the company and the specific role, but common qualifications include:

1. Strong Communication Skills: Excellent written communication is crucial, as chat support involves interacting with customers solely through text-based communication.

2. Customer Service Experience: Prior experience in customer service, whether in a call center, retail, or online support, is often preferred.

3. Problem-Solving Abilities: Capability to troubleshoot issues, handle complaints, and provide effective solutions promptly.

4. Tech-Savviness: Familiarity with basic computer skills, typing proficiency, and the ability to navigate through various software or CRM systems used for customer support.

5. Product/Service Knowledge: Understanding the company’s products or services, policies, and procedures to assist customers accurately.

6. Adaptability and Flexibility: Ability to multitask, work under pressure, and handle multiple chat conversations simultaneously.

7. Empathy and Patience: Essential qualities to understand and address customer concerns, even in challenging situations.

8. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the language(s) required for the role, especially if supporting multilingual customers.

9. Education: While not always mandatory, some companies may prefer candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent. Higher education or relevant certifications can be advantageous.

10. Availability and Schedule Flexibility: Willingness to work in shifts or irregular hours, as some chat support roles may require 24/7 availability.

11. Reliable Internet Connection: Access to a stable Internet connection to ensure uninterrupted communication with customers.

It’s important to review the specific job description for any additional requirements or qualifications that a particular company or role may demand.

How Much Money Can I Earn With Online Chat Support Jobs?

The earnings potential within online chat support roles is contingent upon your employer, skill level, and adeptness in resolving customer queries promptly.

Typically, reputable companies offer hourly rates ranging from $12 to $25. As a freelancer, you have the liberty to set your rates, and on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, chat support agents often command rates of up to $40 per hour.

Online Chat Support Jobs
Online Chat Support Jobs

Tips to Succeed at Online Chat Support Jobs

1. Familiarize yourself with products/services: Understand the products or services thoroughly to provide accurate information and solutions to customers.

2. Polite and Clear Communication: Maintain a friendly tone and be concise in your responses to ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Active Listening: Pay attention to customers’ concerns, ensuring you address their queries comprehensively.

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4. Multi-Tasking Skills: Manage multiple chat windows or tasks simultaneously without compromising quality.

5. Problem-Solving Ability: Develop effective problem-solving skills to resolve issues promptly.

6. Use Knowledge Resources: Make use of available resources like FAQs, manuals, or knowledge bases for quick solutions.

7. Time Management: Prioritize and manage your time efficiently to handle multiple inquiries effectively.

8. Technical Proficiency: Be comfortable navigating various software, CRM tools, and chat support platforms.

9. Adaptability: Adapt to changes in procedures, product updates, or new policies swiftly.

10. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with product knowledge and customer support techniques to improve your skills continuously.


Join the world of online chat support jobs today and step into a realm of flexibility, growth, and diverse opportunities. With remote work options, skill enhancement, and a variety of roles available, these jobs offer an ideal blend of convenience and career progression. Embrace the future of customer service and connect with a dynamic industry that values your communication prowess. Start your journey toward a fulfilling and flexible career in online chat support today.


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