Best Guide On Teaching jobs In Australia In 2023

Are you a teacher looking for employment in Australia? This is the perfect opportunity for you because there are many teaching jobs in Australia that you may apply for and numerous ways to fulfil your dream of becoming a teacher.

Due to the tremendous demand for educators in Australia, teaching is one of the most sought-after careers there. In this article, we go over all you need to know about moving to Australia to work as a teacher.

Teaching jobs in Auatralia

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Ways to apply for Teaching jobs in Australia

Do you wish to apply for teaching positions in Australia? You need not search further because we will explain how to apply. Both AITSL and ACECOA accept applications.

These organizations are part of the Australian educational community. ACECOA and AITSL offer chances for teachers with local and foreign credentials to work in Australia.


This abbreviation is known as the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. You must go to the website to continue with the application procedure. You will gain access to several teaching-related resources on the website.

When you have access to the website,

  • Navigate using the prompt to immigrate to Australia.
  • Choose the application portal from the drop-down option that appears.
  • It will direct you to a page where you must log in, which calls for registration.
  • After creating a username and password, you can proceed to log in.
  • You can look up crucial details like the application date and status on the dashboard you will be taken to.
  • Then click on Start a new application.

Starting the application process

Applying on the website is a requirement of this application process to move to Australia. The steps in the procedure are as follows:

  • Identify the profession
  • enter the applicant’s details
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Enter Credential
  • Look at your application.

Who is eligible to apply

You can apply the AITSL if your line of work falls under one of the following professions.

  • Early childhood (pre-primary school ) teacher
  • Special education teachers
  • Middle school teacher
  • Primary school teacher
  • Special needs teacher
  • Teacher of the sight-impaired
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Teacher of the hearing-impaired

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teaching jobs in Australia

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Applicant Details and Qualifications

You must enter a variety of data under the applicant information tab, including the following:

  • Your Name
  • Date of birth
  • name on your passport
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Your Teacher registration number
  • Previous AITSL Assessment number, if applicable

You will also be required to upload proof of your identity, which could be

  • Your passport
  • Any other identity documents
  • Change of name evidence
  • You will be asked to upload documents that involve your qualifications, work experience, awards and training.

All these documents could be a jpg, jpeg, pdf or any other file type.

General Requirements Needed

You will be asked to provide other pieces of information under the “Applicant Information” tab. The website is easy to use.

You will need to provide the following paperwork to AITSL:

  • Academic requirements
  • professional standards
  • Review of skills
  • evidence of practice-monitoring in teaching

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English Language Proficiency

Passing an English language test is required for the application procedure. It goes without saying that effective communication skills are a need to become a successful teacher in Australia.

The only requirement for applying to be a migrant teacher through AlTS is the IELTS English language test. Other English proficiency tests, such as the TOELF, Cambridge, or PTE, are available. However, the AlTSL does not recognize them in this circumstance.


The acronym ACECQA stands for Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority. The main responsibility of ACECQA is to oversee the implementation of Australia’s National Quality Framework for Early Care and Education.

One choice is to take the website’s migration skills test. People looking for a skilled migration visa to enter Australia should especially visit this website. The migratory abilities evaluation takes the following into account:

  • Early childhood education and care qualifications
  • professional background
  • Then, ACECOA will evaluate your qualifications in light of the standards required for the position you’re looking for.
  • Additionally, the following jobs are within the jurisdiction of ACECQA:
  • Daycare facility manager
  • employee providing daycare

teaching jobs in Australia

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Who is eligible for the ACECQA Assessment of Migration Skills?

According to the ACECQA website, you qualify for a migration skills assessment if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your line of employment is on the list of skilled occupations maintained by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Your education and profession are related.
  • Your field of work is relevant to your evaluation.

Application Procedures for the ACECQA Assessment

The actions you must do in order to apply for an assessment are as follows:

  • Take a look at the guidelines for submitting a skills assessment application. Essentially, two versions of this paper are available on the ACECQA website: one for managers of childcare centres and the other for childcare providers.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation.
  • Send the payment after completing the online form.

If you are able to meet the requirements and are prepared to move on to the next level, you must first produce the following documents:

  • a contemporary passport’s identity page; evidence of a name change
  • a court document confirming your eligibility (s)
  • academic records that support your qualifications • Employer references and employment history
  • For applicants and authorized representatives, declaration and consent forms are provided.
  • Form for a migration agent’s declaration and endorsement
  • Evidence of your English language proficiency

The following step is applying for a migration skills examination, which costs 1,100 AUD and lasts roughly 40 minutes.

What Are the Results of the ACECOA Assessment?

You will receive an email from ACECQA 10 working days after you submit your application.

The agency will give you your assessment results within 60 days if you satisfy all the requirements.

There will be a certification in your message.

Whether or not your evaluation of your abilities was accurate. You will then utilize this information as a requirement for your visa application.

Why There Are Such High English Standards

As was previously mentioned, becoming a teacher requires extremely high IELTS scores. In actuality, they earn more than many other professions. Questioning why it is that way.

According to the Australian government, a teacher needs to communicate well in English.

It is undeniable that a teacher speaks and communicates a lot. In addition to connecting with the pupils, you are also

  • Fellow teachers
  • Communities
  • Families
  • Other Stakeholders

Effective communication is undoubtedly a skill that instructors must possess. It is not possible to utilize an interpreter when lecturing. A high IELTS score is required as a result.

How to Apply at AITSL: Steps

The following is a list of the steps you must perform while applying through AITSL:

  • Identify a profession: Australia has a wide range of teachers, as was already mentioned. During the application process, you will be prompted to answer several questions that will help the organizing organizations determine the kind of teacher you are.
  • Review the guidelines: Similar to ACECQA. You will be asked to read the most recent application guidance to ensure your application is complete and includes all required supporting materials.
  • Using a representative to apply: If an agent makes the application on your behalf, fill out the agent authorization form.
  • Prepare the necessary prerequisites, some of which involve a diploma and a certified transcript. They often demand that the institution seal any records pertaining to students’ educational backgrounds. They will also check the institution’s authenticity and the validity of your diploma.
  • For information on how to use the applicant portal to submit your application, refer to the user guide.

Application portal

On the application portal, online registration is available. The data will be entered into their database, making it simple for them to examine the papers you need to send in together with the forms you need to complete.

They occasionally ask for an original copy in addition. A list of the papers you have or have not provided as part of the application procedure will also be given to you.

Are Australian teachers compensated fairly?

Australia’s national average teaching wage is $44.04 per hour, or $85,877 annually. Most experienced workers earn up to $124,809 per year, while entry-level jobs start at $73,644 annually.

Living in Australia

If you wish to work overseas in a nation where many people speak English and the people are pleasant, Australia is an excellent spot to teach English. Australia is a large country with numerous beautiful beaches, strange fauna, and travel chances (both within Australia and Southeast Asian tourist destinations). People from Western nations commonly travel to Australia for extended periods due to its warm and humid atmosphere.

Australian housing and living expenses

Australia maintains a high standard of living. But there is a substantial price to pay for this high standard of living. Education professionals should prepare to pay extra when relocating to Australia, notably for rent and consumables. A one-bedroom apartment in a city centre typically costs $1300 USD a month in rent, while a one-bedroom apartment outside of a city costs about $930. Rental fees for residences vary. Homes typically cost more when they have more bedrooms.

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teaching jobs in Australia

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Is it legal for foreigners to teach in Australia?

Sydney, Australia, has numerous opportunities for foreign teachers to join their teacher community. This implies that children in New South Wales can learn from a diverse spectrum of people during their elementary and secondary school years.

Is it possible for a teacher to immigrate to Australia?

Teachers who desire to teach in Australia must pass a skills test administered by the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). The AITSL must verify that your qualifications match Australian criteria before you may apply for a skilled visa.

Which Australian state has a teacher shortage?

Victoria, Australia’s fastest-growing state, estimates that it would require an additional 1300 teachers every year to educate the 90,000 children who are scheduled to relocate there over the next four years.

How many hours do Australian teachers work per day?

The amount of work assigned to each instructor should not be excessive or incorrect, and it should be distributed as fairly as feasible. The Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022 specifies the following responsibilities for teachers who work a 38-hour week.

Are teachers in demand in Australia?

Australia is experiencing an “unprecedented” teacher shortage. The federal government anticipates a shortage of more than 4,000 high school teachers by 2025. However, there are currently shortages, notably in rural and distant schools and math and science.

How long does it take to become a teacher in Australia?

In Australia, becoming a teacher may take six years if you have both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. You may also need to have one or two years of teaching experience.

In Australia, the minimum educational qualification is a bachelor’s degree, which can take up to four years to complete. This is true regardless of whether you want to teach kindergarten, primary school, or senior school.

After earning your teaching degree, you must apply for and maintain your teacher certification or registration. This is the responsibility of the applicable state or territorial authority.

Conclusion on teacher jobs in Australia

There are many high-paying and in-demand occupations in Australia, including IT, nursing, engineering, and many others. For this post, we’ll focus on teaching positions in Australia.

A migrant skilled worker visa is one of the many ways to immigrate to Australia as a teacher. There are various ways to immigrate to Australia, though I’m not sure what kind of visa you must have filed for or are considering applying for.

One can migrate to Australia through the following visas:

  • Students visa
  • Working visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Working holiday visa.

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