How to Move to the UK with UK Caregiver Jobs: A Step-by-Step Guide

uk caregiver jobs
uk caregiver jobs

If you are a qualified health professional, doctor, nurse, or adult social care professional, then you can land UK caregiver jobs in the United Kingdom. These jobs are available to foreign professionals from various countries of the world through the Health and Care Worker visa. Also it could be the perfect opportunity for you to immigrate to the UK through the job route.

However, it is impossible to work in the United Kingdom without a work visa. This means that you must secure one before you can move out of your country of residence, if you are not already resident in the UK. Also, there are certain conditions that must be met before you can get a UK work visa, and these conditions are not negotiable. What that means is that, you must meet them, or you do not stand a chance.

So, before you may submit an application for a Health and Care Worker visa, you must have gotten a job offer from an approved UK company. Also, because such an employer is facilitating your entry into or continued stay in the UK, such an employer can be referred to as a sponsor.

So, how do you go about the whole process of getting UK caregiver jobs so that you can get a UK work visa? The answer to this is not so hard as you will see in the course of this article! You will also find that there are UK employers that are more than willing to help you start your UK immigration journey.

But it gets even better! These employers are not going to charge you a dime for the entire process! And they will do everything in their power to help you scale the divide.

Who is a caregiver?

Caregivers provide care for people who are unable to look after themselves on their own. It is also an essential component of protecting and promoting the overall health and well-being of people who have long-term illnesses that require continual monitoring. In fact, this is an important aspect of their lives.

Caregiving, as contrast to in-patient care, typically takes place either in the individual’s own home or at an assisted living facility. However, the state of the person who is receiving care determines the type of support that you will be required to provide as a caregiver.

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What is the job of a caregiver in the UK?

As a UK caregiver, you will ideally help provide assistance with personal care in a number of ways. Examples of such assistance includes:

  1. Administering and monitoring medications: monitoring medication and prescription consumption, sending appointment reminders, and dispensing medication.
  2. Help with physical activities: using the restroom, and other physical activities.
  3. Home care: washing and grooming of patient’s clothing,
  4. Shopping and meal-preparation: You may also help with fundamental aspects of food preparation, including grocery-shopping, cleaning, as well as meal preparation. All this is in addition to
  5. Support and companionship: Being a reliable companion and supporter in all personal, health-related, and emotional concerns
  6. Transportation and Mobility: Transportation, including assistance entering and exiting a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible, driving to and from various activities, and running errands.
  7. Round-the-clock supervision: Personal supervision relates to the provision of all-round companionship and supervision.
  8. Providing reassurance: care for the elderly, including reassuring or re-orienting a person who has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and communicating the advice of their physician to other members of the family.
  9. Monitoring patient’s health: monitoring patient’s health involves adhering to a treatment plan and keeping track of, as well as documenting and reporting, any variations in an individual’s state of health.
  10. Home organization: Assistance with home organization, including but not limited to packing, cleaning, and organizing for a trip, as well as general house care and cleaning

Are caregivers even needed in the UK?

There is currently a demand for carers in the UK. This is underlined by the recent efforts by private care homes and the Uk government to recruit more caregivers in 2023. And to further underline the importance of carers in the United Kingdom, the Uk government has relaunched its annual recruitment campaign.

Through the campaign which had the theme: ‘Made with Care’ the UK government is encouraging people to apply for a career as a carer. The government is also emphasizing on the positives of the campaign, as it offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for a range of jobs in adult social care. There is also the chance to build a career as a carer while also improving yourself through development and training.

If you will like to know more about how to get government-backed UK caregiver jobs, then just click here.

More about UK Caregiver jobs

Now that you know that caregivers are actually needed in the Uk, the next thing is to know how to apply. So, how do you go about the application?

First, you must have a job offer from a sponsor before you can be issued a Health and Care Worker Visa, to work as a caregiver in the UK. However, before you can even be considered for a job offer, you must have fulfilled certain eligibility criteria. So, what are the eligibility criteria for getting a job offer to work as a caregiver in the United Kingdom?

uk caregiver jobs
uk caregiver jobs


In order to be eligible for a UK Health and Care Worker visa, you must:

  • Have been working in an eligible health or social care sector
  • Have secured employment with a UK employer that has been approved for sponsorship roles by the Home Office
  • Be in a possession of a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from the approved employer. The document must also provide clear information on the role that the employer has offered you
  • Be a qualified health professional, doctor, nurse, health or adult social care worker
  • Have been offered a salary by your would-be employer

Additional eligibility criteria

Only jobs in the following occupational codes qualify for a UK Health and Care Worker Visa:

  • 6146: Senior care workers
  • 6145: Care workers and home carers
  • 2222: Occupational therapists
  • 2221: Physiotherapists
  • 2219: Health professionals that are ‘not elsewhere classified’, such as audiologists and occupational health advisers
  • 2218: Podiatrists
  • 2217: Medical radiographers
  • 2215: Dental practitioners
  • 2214: Ophthalmic opticians
  • 2213: Pharmacists
  • 2212: Psychologists
  • 2211: Medical practitioners
  • 2113: Physical scientists
  • 2112: Biological scientists and biochemists
  • 1242: Residential, day and domiciliary care managers and proprietors
  • 1181: Health services and public health managers and directors
  • 6143: Dental nurses
  • 6141: Nursing auxiliaries and assistants
  • 3219: Health associate professionals not elsewhere classified
  • 3218: Medical and dental technicians
  • 3217: Pharmaceutical technicians
  • 3216: Dispensing opticians
  • 3213: Paramedics
  • 3111: Laboratory technicians
  • 2442: Social workers
  • 2232: Midwives
  • 2231: Nurses
  • 2229: Therapy professionals that are ‘not elsewhere classified’, such as osteopaths and psychotherapists
  • 2223: Speech and language therapists

Note: Ensure that the job you were offered conforms to one of these codes to get the needed to work as a caregiver in the UK.

English Language proficiency

To qualify for the Uk Health and Care Worker visa, you are also expected to be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language. In fact, you will be expected to write an English proficiency test to prove that you have adequate knowledge of the language in the process of applying,

How long you can stay in the UK on the Health and Care Worker visa

Up to 5 years, after which you may then choose to extend it. However, if you wish to work with another employer, you will need to update your visa. The same applies to when you change jobs during the course of your stay in the UK.

Note: There are no limits to how many times you can extend your UK visa. That is, you can extend as many times as you want as long as continue to meet the eligibility criteria. You may even be eligible to settle permanently in the United Kingdom, after the expiration of your first 5-year visa.

How to apply for UK Caregiver jobs through the Health and Care Worker visa

All applications are to be made online via the UK Home Office Application Portal. When making your application, you have the option of registering your partner and child(ren) as dependents, as long as they qualify for the role.

How long would the application take

Because there are many like you out there, who are applying for the UK Health and Care Worker visa, you may want to start your application early. Ideally, your sponsor would have stated the day you are expected to start working on you certificate of sponsorship, and that is what you need to work with.

Consider starting 3 months before your expected start date, and things would pan out nicely from there. Normally, you should know your fate 3 weeks after you start your application and submit all necessary documents. However, starting early allows you to still arrive on time, even if there are issues in the process of your application.

How much does it cost to apply

When it comes to the cost of applying for the Health and Care Worker visa, there are two factors to consider:

  1. The application fee: The application fee for the Health and Care Worker visa depends on your expected length of stay.
  • £247 per person if you are applying for a visa to stay in the UK for up to 3 years
  • £479 per person if you are applying for a visa to stay in the UK for more than 3 years
  1. Money to support yourself: This is an amount of money that must be in your bank account when you are applying for the Health and Care Worker visa. The idea behind this is that the UK government expects you to be able to take care of yourself before your first payday. The minimum required amount is £1,270 (you can have more) and it must be in your bank account for at least 30 days in a row.
uk caregiver jobs
uk caregiver jobs

Do you need a qualification to work as a caregiver in UK?

To become a caregiver in the UK, you will typically need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. But, the employing institution may choose not to look at these qualifications. One things that is important is the experience that the carer has gained overtime.

Also, you may be required to complete a training program or obtain relevant certifications in order to work in certain settings, such as a nursing home or hospital.

How much are caregivers paid in the UK?

As a UK carer, the least that you can be paid is an annual salary of £25,600 per year or £10.10 per hour. But, you may earn an higher figure, depending on a number of factors including:

  • Your qualifications
  • Level of experience
  • Required extra certifications

How many hours do caregivers work in UK?

As a UK caregiver, you will be expected to work between 8 to 10 hours if you live with the client you are caring for. However, you may be asked to work for longer or even work through the night if the client wishes. This would mean that an agreement has to be reached between you and your employer.

Benefits of working as a caregiver

You are in line to gain a lot as a caregiver in the UK. One of the benefits of working as a caregiver is the flexibility that the job offers. Many caregivers work on a part-time or casual basis, which allows for a good work-life balance. Also, many caregivers choose to work independently, providing home care services to clients in their own homes, and thereby earning more money.

Well, isn’t money what we all want?

Tips to getting your first caregiver job

In addition to searching for job openings, it is important to have a strong resume and cover letter that highlights your qualifications and experience. You should also be prepared to demonstrate your skills and knowledge during an interview, as well as provide references from past employers or clients. This will go a long way to giving you a good impression with prospective employers.


  1. Does caregiver need IELTS in UK?

Yes, every aspiring caregiver must take the assessment in order to prove that they can read, write, speak and understand the English language.

  1. How do I get a sponsor to work as a Care Worker UK?

To find UK sponsors for caregiver jobs, you can search online job boards, such as Indeed or Reed, or check the websites of local care providers. You can also network with individuals in the industry, such as nurses or social workers, to learn about job opportunities in the UK.

You can also check the approved list of UK visa sponsors and connect with any of them.

  1. What is the age limit for caregivers in UK?

There is no age limit for caregivers in the UK, unless the employer has a specific age bracket in mind.

  1. What am I allowed to do once I start a UK caregiver job

When you eventually start as a UK carer, you are entitled to some rights, and it is only normal that you know those rights from now. You can:

  • Study in any of the UK’s institutions of learning
  • Take up other jobs in addition to being a carer (certain conditions apply in this regard)
  • Volunteer
  • Apply for permanent settlement in the UK (you must have lived in the UK for 5 at least years in addition to meeting other eligibility criteria)
  • Bring dependants (your partner and child(ren) into the UK
  • Travel out of and back into the UK without restrictions
  1. What am I not allowed to do once I start a UK caregiver job

Once you start working in the UK as a caregiver, you are not allowed to do certain things. Some of the things you are not allowed to do is:

  • You cannot change jobs or switch employers unless you visit the home office and update your visa
  • You are not eligible and cannot apply for benefits connected to public funds and cannot apply for State Pension.
  1. What if I am not eligible for the Health and Care Worker visa?

There have been times when aspiring candidates fall short of the requirements for the Health and Care Worker visa, so you won’t be the first. Also, it is not the end of the world, so cheer up. Also, you may even qualify for other types of UK work visas.

But, what if you are not exactly looking for caregiver jobs in the UK? You can go for Nursing jobs in Canada, Salesforce Jobs in Canada or Teaching jobs in New Zealand.


UK caregiver jobs are an excellent career choice for individuals who are compassionate, patient, and dedicated to helping others. But, you won’t just be helping others by getting a UK caregiver job, you’ll be helping yourself as well. This is because the caregiving occupation offers a lot of benefits.

So, why not get started now?

Because with the right qualifications, experience, and a positive attitude, you can be on your way to a fulfilling and rewarding career in the healthcare industry.


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