UK Farm Working Jobs For Foreigners In 2024

Are you interested in UK farm working jobs? Farm work sponsorship jobs in the United Kingdom are excellent opportunities to launch a career there. The procedure for applying for a visa is straightforward, and the UK is a popular destination. It is closer compared to Australia, Canada, or the US. The economy of the United Kingdom wants to add more than 3 million new jobs. 

Why apply for a UK Farm Work Visa? 

Over 46,000 UK businesses sponsor visas due to the severe labor shortage the country is currently facing. The British government has given its full approval to all of them. Additionally, they have the legal right to sponsor international applications. In addition, with high graduate employment rates, agriculture is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. 

In the UK, agriculture covers 71% of the land area and employs 1% of the workforce (467,000 people). The UK agriculture industry depends on 70,000 migrant workers annually. With over 216,000 farm holdings, the UK agriculture sector has a high demand for foreign labor. 

Farmworker responsibilities 

Depending on the season and the type of farm you work on, your daily duties will change. 

In the UK, a typical farm worker’s responsibilities include the following: 

  • taking care of and feeding farm animals 
  • preventing disease by treating livestock and crops 
  • upkeep of farm structures 
  • Picking fruit and packing produce 
  • operating and maintaining milking equipment and other farm machinery, such as tractors, on dairy farms 
  • repairing fences and walls, cleaning drains and ditches, and trimming hedges

List of Farm working Agencies In the UK

  • UK Government Farm Jobs
  • Tasty Careers
  • AB Agri
  • Farmers Guardian
  • ADAS Careers
  • Farmers Weekly
  • National Trust Agric Jobs
  • The Scottish Farmer

1. UK Govt Farm Jobs 

You can get assistance with your search for farm jobs from the Find a Job service on, which can also notify you when new farm jobs in the UK become available. Please visit the UK Government’s official website to search for and apply for Farm Working Visa Sponsorship Jobs. For international applicants, there are farm jobs that sponsor visas.

Apply on the website by clicking here. In the search box, type in farm, visa sponsorship, farm jobs, or any other related keyword. You will get lots of jobs in the UK. Then you can apply for whichever one. 

2. Tasty Careers Agriculture Jobs In the UK

Their website has over 100 incredible job descriptions that will help you understand what it’s like to work on a farm in the UK. 

Depending on the time of year and the type of farm you work on, the specific tasks you’ll be doing will change, but a variety of tasks must be finished.

3. AB Agri

The business is Associated British Foods PLC (ABF) agricultural division, a global food, ingredient, and retail conglomerate with £13.9 billion in annual sales and 128,000 employees. 

In order to fill its many diverse opportunities, AB Agri is constantly looking for outstanding individuals to join the organization. The business employs people worldwide throughout the entire agricultural supply chain.

If the position interests you, apply for the opening at AB Agri. Your application will be examined, and if a match is found, you’ll be invited to meet the team so both of you can get to know one another. 

If the interview goes well, feedback will be given afterward, and we’ll extend an offer. Pre-employment screenings will be finished by the business, and everything will be set up for your start date. You join AB Agri and earn their respect as a valuable employee.

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UK Farm Working

4. Farmers Guardian

The weekly newspaper Farmers Guardian targets the British agricultural sector. With sections on livestock, agriculture, and machinery, as well as business news and the most recent market prices, it offers thorough and current news. It is distributed across the country and released every Friday.

5. ADAS Careers

This is a well-known leader in the rural, agricultural, and environmental sectors. ADAS is one of the top consultancy and research providers in the UK, with over 75 years of experience in the agricultural and environmental sectors. 

They collaborate with a wide range of clients from the public and private sectors to offer long-lasting, sustainable solutions in a variety of disciplines. 

If you think this is something you’d like to be a part of, see the current farm job openings at ADAS listed below and get started on your career today.

6. Farmers Weekly

This is a magazine for the farming sector in the UK. It has sections on livestock, arable, and machinery with technical advancements, farm sales, and pricing analysis, as well as news, business features, and a weekly digest of statistics pertaining to British, European, and international agriculture. 

The platform evaluates employable agricultural job openings worldwide, including in the UK. For the best agric job openings in the UK and worldwide, immigrants looking for sponsorship for their visas can register on Farmers Weekly.

7. National Trust Agric Jobs

Agric jobs are a large and important sector of the National Trust, so there are many positions that you can apply for. With the help of this platform, you can obtain sponsorship for a UK farm work visa and move there. 

Jobs in Agriculture at the National Trust 

The National Trust offers a wide variety of Countryside Management opportunities in its special locations, regional and central offices, and outdoor spaces.

8. The Scottish Farmer

Another platform that has been helping farmers for 124 years by giving them important farming perspectives and business information. Politics and agricultural personalities are additional features. You can obtain sponsorship for a UK farm work visa using this platform. 

The platform also offers useful information on agricultural job openings in the UK. Candidates looking for UK agricultural jobs sponsored by a visa can subscribe to The Scottish Farmer and search for the most recent openings in the field.

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FAQs On UK Farm Working Jobs

How much money do farm workers make in the UK?

They make an average hourly pay of £12.31. 

Does farming offer a good wage in the UK? 

The average farmer in the UK makes £28,000 a year, or £14.36 an hour. Entry-level positions typically start at £25,263 per year, with experienced professionals earning up to £44,603 annually. 

How many hours a day do British farmers work? 

Adult workers must adhere to the regulations and work an average of 48 hours per week. 

Do all farms offer to house their employees? 

For the vast majority of their employees, farms offer housing on the property. Information about the lodging options is available on each farm page. 

How can I begin a career as a farmer in the UK? 

An agricultural college offers courses that can help you start a career in farming, like: 

  • Level 2 Certificate in Land-based Activities.
  • Agriculture Diploma at Level 3.
  • Agriculture, Land Management, and Production at the T Level. 

Do farmers in the United Kingdom pay taxes? 

Farmhouses owned by companies and worth more than £500,000 are subject to tax laws. 

Farms that own pricey residential property through a limited company are required to pay an annual tax on that property or, in certain circumstances, submit an abatement claim.

Is there a way to get from the city to the farm? 

No transportation will be provided to or from the farms in order to guarantee that the social distancing policies outlined in the government guidelines are in place. 

Do employees and residents have access to the same restrooms? 

Yes, the staff members work in teams and share the restrooms. 

Can my child come to work with me? 

Unfortunately, no, but since farm workers are regarded as important employees, kids should be able to go to school while they work. 

Do the farms offer prompt starts? 

Every farm started on a different day. When the farm needs you, please apply online, and the farm will call you. 

Does lodging exist, and how much does it cost? If so? 

Some farms charge an additional fee for lodging. We advise asking the farm directly because each farm is different. Asking a question in the application’s question box at the end will enable you to do this. 

When will I get the results of my application? 

The farms will reply in two to three business days. The size of the farm will determine this. 

What factors should I take into account before applying for farm jobs? 

Because the farm may be in a remote area or because you may be required to pay your employer to live on the farm in provided housing, think about your travel options.


Agriculture is one of the UK’s fastest-growing industries, and graduate employment rates are very high. Farm manager, animal nutritionist, real estate agent, soil scientist, and supply chain manager are just a few available roles. You can apply for the UK visa sponsorship jobs to earn a good salary. if you have not decided where to relocate to, you can also check out visa sponsorship jobs in Australia, Japan, Canada and other places.

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