2022 German Chancellor Fellowship Tomorrow’s Leaders [Fully Funded]


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German Chancellor Fellowship Tomorrow's Leaders
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is offering 50 of its German Chancellor Fellowships to anticipated leaders who are from China, Brazil, South Africa, the USA and India, regardless of their field of study. The selected fellows are offers German host and mentor of their choice while they conduct a socially relevant project they have independently developed.
In recent years, Russia was included in the list of eligible countries, however, as a result of the between Ukraine and Russia, the German Chancellor Fellowship for anticipated leaders will not accept students from Russia this year.
This 2022 fellowship for anticipated leaders brings selected applicants to Germany for one-year to execute a project idea they have personally developed. Fellows will be familiarised with international future leaders in Germany to find new solutions to the global issues.

Eligibility Criteria for German Chancellor Fellowship :

• The prospective applicants must possess either a Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, South African or American citizenship.
• The prospective applicants must work in a field like business, politics, media, administration, culture or society.
• The prospective applicants must demonstrate leadership experience
• The prospective applicants would have completed their first academic degree (Bachelor or related degree) not more than twelve years ago.
• The prospective applicants must want to conduct independently developed projects with their preferred hosts in Germany
• The prospective applicants should have a good knowledge of German and/or English
• The students must be citizens of China, India, Brazil South Africa or the United States
• The students must possess Bachelor’s or equivalent academic degree which they have completed less than twelve years before the beginning of the fellowship
• The students must accept a mentoring agreement from the host in Germany
• The students must present project plans in which they must draw up independently and coordinate with their hosts
• The students must prove leadership experience
Fellowship Perks:
• The applicants selected will receive a monthly fellowship of €2,000, €2,300 or €2,600. However, it depends on the applicants’ qualifications
• Flexible timing: 12-month fellowship between  August 1, 2023 to March 31, 2025
• The applicants will be mentored during their stay in Germany
• It offers subsidies towards insurances, mobility allowance, family perks and assistance towards travel expenses
• It provides an intensive preparatory German course and further language aid Joint program events with an opportunity to meet the German Chancellor, and an invitation to a study tour of Germany
• It offers the opportunity to actively participate in a vibrant network and cooperate in peer groups
Application Deadline: October 15, 2022

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The 2022 German Chancellor Fellowship for Tomorrow’s Leaders offers fellows a monthly fellowship of €2,000, €2,300 or €2,600. However, it depends on the fellows’ qualifications. It also offers fellows mobility allowance, subsidies towards insurances, family perks and assistance towards travel expenses.

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