Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students in Italy 2022/2023


Foreign citizens and Italian citizens living abroad are both eligible for Italian government scholarships to study in Italy (IRE). The Italian Government Scholarships are designed to encourage worldwide cultural cooperation, transmit knowledge of the Italian language, culture, and science, and promote Italy’s economic and technological sectors around the world.

Grants are available for the following courses:

  •       Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale 2° ciclo)
  •       Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM)
  •       Ph.D. programs
  •       Research under academic management (Progetti in co-tutela)
  •       Italian Language and Culture Courses


The democratic republican system of government that governs Italy was founded in 1948 by a constitution. There are three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial, as well as a President who serves as the nation’s chief executive.

According to the Italian Constitution, Italy is a democratic republic established on the labor of its people, as stated in Article 1. The people have power, and that power is exercised by the people in accordance with the Constitution’s stipulations and limitations.

By declaring that Italy is a democratic republic, the article formally declares the outcome of the constitutional referendum that took place on June 2, 1946 in Italy’s capital city of Rome.


The state is a Res Publica, which means that it belongs to everyone, not just the monarch. All of the people who are called in to support the republic are not owners or subjects, but rather servants.

A democracy is a form of government based on the Greek words krata (community) and demos (people), which means “the power to make decisions that affect all of us” (power).

However, this authority should not be used in an arbitrary manner, but rather in accordance with the forms and restrictions established by the rule of law.


  • It is standard practice in Italy to exempt recipients of government scholarships from paying university tuition costs. As part of their autonomy, universities may not grant such immunity. If tax or tuition fees apply, prospective students should get in touch with the institution of their choice.
  • Scholarship recipients are covered by an insurance coverage for the duration of the Italian Government Scholarships awarded by the Italian Government. Only Chilean citizens are eligible for free air travel.

Requirements for Italian Government Scholarships

  • Academic qualifications: Non-Italian students and Italian nationals residing abroad (IRE)* are only eligible to apply to Italian universities and institutes with the required academic qualifications..
  • Age requirements:
    • With the exception of renewals, candidates for Master’s Degree/Higher Education in Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM) Programs/Italian Language and Culture Courses should not be older than 28 years old by the deadline of this call.
    • Except for renewals, no Ph.D. scholar should be older than 30 while applying for this award.
    • In addition, applicants for Research Projects under academic supervision should not be over 40 years old by the deadline of this call.
  • Language proficiency
    • Each candidate must provide a certificate of proficiency in the Italian language. The minimum level needed is B2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): (
    • Courses delivered entirely in English do not need students to show proof of their language skills.
    • In this case, candidates must provide a language certificate of their proficiency in the English Language. The minimum level needed is B2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
    • Each student wishing to enroll in an Italian language and culture course must present proof of a current Italian language competency certificate. CEFR level A2 is the minimal need for entry-level fluency in any given language.

How to Apply for Italian Government Scholarships holders

If you are interested in Italian Government Scholarships holders and eligible, follow the below steps:

  • Click here to access the registration form
  • Before applying, please read carefully the Call for Procedure

For further details, visit the website. 

Application Deadline: June 9, 2022