Popular Canadian Scholarships 2023-2024


Popular Canadian Scholarships

Canadian Scholarships , Canada has a variety of scholarships for foreign students from around the world who want to study in the country. We’ve researched and compiled such scholarships for the benefit of our readers in this article. Canada is planning to grant over 5,000 foreign students scholarships to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in the country. And to welcome more foreign students to the country — Canadian Prime Minister has also added to the number of immigrants in 2023.

So, prepare to unravel an exceptional educational experience in Canada. The country grants limitless opportunities to International students who choose it for their studies. One good thing about Canadian scholarships is that you can apply for them throughout this year as the scholarship abounds. And another good thing is that it is not all the scholarships that require the IELTS.

Popular Canadian Scholarships 2023-2024 Summary

• Host Country: Canada
• Host Universities: Canadian Universities
• Program: Bachelor’s, Master’s & Ph.D. degrees
• Scholarship Type: Partially and Fully Funded
• Eligible Country: Foreign Countries
• Deadline: It varies

Some Popular Canadian  Scholarships

• University of Alberta Scholarships 2023-2024

The University of Alberta Scholarships 2023-24 application is ongoing. Applicants can for Masters and Ph.D. degree programs. Alberta offers over 200 Undergraduate programs, over 500 Graduate programs, and other programs.

Application Link: https://www.ualberta.ca/graduate-studies/prospective-students/apply-for-admission/index.html

• Saskatchewan University Scholarships 2023-24

The Saskatchewan University Scholarships 2023-24 application is ongoing now. Applicants can apply for both Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs. This University offers a variety of courses and applicants can apply for all of these courses.

Application Link: https://admissions.usask.ca/requirements/apply.php#1Findaprogram

• Montréal University Scholarships 2023-24

Montréal University Scholarships 2023-24 application is ongoing now. Applicants can apply for Undergraduate, Master, Doctorate, and Postdoctoral fellowship programs. This University is one of the most well-ranked universities in the whole world.

Application Link: https://admission.umontreal.ca/en/admissions/

• University of Toronto Scholarships 2023-24

The University of Toronto Scholarships 2023-24 application is ongoing now. Applicants can apply for any programs and fields they prefer. The University is willing to grant up to 4,000 students its scholarships.

Application Link: https://future.utoronto.ca/finances/awards/international-students/

• Concordia University Scholarship 2023-24

Concordia University Scholarship 2023-24 application is ongoing now. The University offers a variety of scholarships students can apply for. Concordia is one of the most revered universities in Canada.

Application Link: https://www.concordia.ca/admissions/undergraduate.html


The above scholarships applications portals have been opened for all interested International students who wish to study in Canada. Each scholarship has its requirements. Therefore, all applicants are advised to check the requirements of their preferred scholarships before they submit their applications.


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