13 Best Law Schools in Canada in 2023

Best law schools in Canada: Looking for the best law schools in Canada? You have to search no more because this article will present a deep overview of the top law schools in Canada in 2022 for students who might be interested in studying law abroad.

As a law student, knowing how professional this course is, all you will have in mind is to study at the best university so you can have access to the best training and have the opportunity to study under knowledgeable and capable teachers. Learning in top schools would prepare you for a prosperous career in law after you graduate.

Most of the time, the best Canadian universities have programs that help students get ready for both the Canadian and American legal systems. QS World Rankings also says that Canadian universities have some of the best law schools in the world. This is because of the country’s friendly people, beautiful nature, and constant academic progress and development.

There are numerous universities across Canada that provide law courses, even though the majority are found in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Listed below are the best law schools in Canada.

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McGill University

One of the best legal education programs in the world is offered by one of the best law schools in Canada, McGill University. Many knowledgeable professors at McGill University support a comparative or trans-system approach when necessary. There are a lot of foreign experts among academics who are also active members of important organizations and institutes in Canada and around the world.

The university holds that people with creative ideas, a background in law, and a tolerance for diversity can significantly advance our understanding of our globalized world and help to solve some of its most pressing problems. At McGill Law, which brings together different legal traditions, some of the best legal minds in the world study, teach and do new research.

McGill Law graduates have a distinct advantage. They are ready to deal with a lot of information, deal with complexity, and deal with legal problems in fields that change quickly and don’t have a single right answer or many right answers. 

Dual degrees are available at the college, which are taught in both English and French. It is a hybrid of civil law, common law, and indigenous legal systems. Master’s and doctoral students in its active graduate program community get close attention from a wide range of top experts. Doctoral students receive the greatest legal education available.

The University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto has been named one of the best law schools in Canada for 2022. The University of Toronto puts a lot of weight on academic success, which is why it is consistently ranked higher than rival law schools by rating agencies. 

In the 2021 QS Ranking, the University of Toronto Law School has been named the best law school in Canada. This shows that the University of Toronto is still a respected school. The University of Toronto’s Law School offers courses in legal theory, criminal law, commercial law, health law, and other disciplines. The university has one of the world’s top ten health law LL.M. programs.

Students at the Law School at the University of Toronto are very different, have a lot of education, and want justice in their communities and around the world.  

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is one of the best law schools in Canada. All international students are accepted at this French-language university. It has been around for more than a hundred years, and it was the first place in Canada to have a management school. This prestigious educational institution is located in Montreal. 

The University has a great reputation for how well it teaches and does research. It is where a lot of well-known leaders and scientists got their education. The institution educates students at all levels, and its research seeks to improve society.

The University of Montreal wants to be a leader in all three areas of education by training the leaders, scientists, and teachers of tomorrow, and it has one of the best law schools in Canada. It does this by using its wide range of skills, the advantages of its location, and its commitment to always getting better. 

This is done by encouraging students to learn a wide range of skills and abilities that work well together, such as being able to speak more than one language, being open to the world, and having a plan for corporate social responsibility. In addition to having courses that are up-to-date and useful, the University of Montreal gives its students a great learning environment and experience.

University of York

The curriculum at Osgoode Hall Law School is broad, challenging, and forward-looking. It prepares students for a wide range of legal careers. It is one of the best law schools in Canada.

This law school has been around since 1889, and it has always been one of the best in Canada. The university presently offers several disciplines, including Business Law, Common Law, and others. In terms of academic achievement, the LLM Guide ranks Osgoode Hall Law School at York University as one of the best law schools in Canada for alternate dispute resolution and intellectual property law.

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University Ottawa 

This law school has been around since 1889, and it has always been one of the best in Canada. At the moment, the university offers many different courses, such as Business Law, Common Law, and others. Common Law, and others. the school houses an internationally acclaimed Human Rights Research and Education, it also houses the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law and is a national leader in several key areas. 

The National Capital, which is home to the Supreme Court of Canada, the federal government, various non-governmental organizations, and a developing high-tech population, offers unique advantages to the University of Ottawa.

The college offers a variety of “hands-on” learning opportunities at its on-campus facilities. Some of the most prestigious honors have been bestowed upon subject experts who instruct students. Students can engage in intellectual and social activities outside of the classroom with people who share their interests owing to the more than 30 available student organizations, which cover a wide range of disciplines and themes.

Queen’s University

Since 1861, Queen’s University’s Faculty of Law in Kingston, Ontario, has provided exceptional educational preparation in a range of legal degrees. It was ranked eighth in the 2019 QS Ranking of Canadian Law Schools. The part-time undergraduate degree must be completed in six years, but the full-time program can be completed in three years.

Graduate students with an LL.M degree can do some of their studies at an English castle. Queen’s University offers courses in political and legal ideas (for students interested in legal philosophy and legal theory).

University of Alberta 

The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta has been around since 1912 and was rated as one of Canada’s Top 15 Global Law Schools. It is the third-oldest law school in Canada. After ranking sixth in the QS Ranking of Canadian Law Schools in 2018, the University of Alberta’s law department dropped two points in 2019.

The university offers coursework and thesis LL.M. programs. Students seeking a degree in energy law will find this college to be an excellent choice because they will be studying in Canada’s oil capital. As a result, students will be exposed to a variety of networking possibilities.

Dalhousie University

Students at this prominent legal school are likely to be studying in the heart of Nova Scotia, Canada’s gorgeous and attractive province. However, Dalhousie University is one of the best law schools in Canada in the Times Higher Education ranking for 2020, proving that it is more than just its visual appeal. This suggests that the University is another pinnacle of intellectual excellence.

The Law Faculty is made up of academics from history, criminology, legal anthropology, law, political economics, mass communication, political theory, and sociology. They work together on research and teaching projects that involve more than one field.

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Best Law Schools in Canada

Laval University

The Law School at Laval University has been around since 1852, making it the oldest school of its kind in North America that still teaches in French. The faculty welcomes more than a thousand students from all over the world every year because it is one of Canada’s best law schools for international students and one of Canada’s best law schools overall.

In addition to being known nationally and internationally as a top research center, the faculty gives future lawyers the best education possible. As of the summer of 2020, Laval University had 319,000 graduates across all fields.

University of New Brunswick 

Founded in 1892, the University of New Brunswick Institution of Law (UNB Law) is the Commonwealth’s second-oldest university-based common law faculty. Aside from law, the university’s Fredericton campus, which has about 11,000 students, has a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses.

UNM Law (Ludlow Hall) is located on one of Canada’s most beautiful university campuses, and it is also recognized as one of the best law schools in Canada. This diverse and small student body gives you a one-of-a-kind chance to get specialized legal education in a close-knit and friendly setting.

Ryerson University

Ryerson University is known for its commitment to tackling social issues through hands-on learning and education that is useful for a career. It is situated in the financial center and largest urban region of Canada. 

This is also true for Ryerson University’s Law School. In 2017, the Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC) gave its legal curriculum preliminary approval.

Since the Law Society of Ontario has approved the Ryerson University Law Program, students who enroll and graduate from it will no longer have to take the Law Practice Program to become licensed lawyers in Ontario.

Thompson Rivers University

The Faculty of Law at Thompson Rivers University has one of the best professional law programs in Canada. Because of its reputation as a top-tier Canadian law school for international students, the college receives applications from all around the world.

TRU, which was ranked 20th out of Canada’s Top 15 Global Law Schools, has become a center for research and high-quality legal education.

University of British Columbia

The Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia has taught students, community leaders, and practicing lawyers for more than 70 years. In 2018 and 2019, it was ranked third.

International students can now continue their studies in Canada in the gorgeous city of Vancouver on the country’s west coast, which is home to UBC. Students at the college who want to get a law degree not only get important training but also get help meeting the requirements to practice law anywhere in Canada. Taxation and two laws are relevant legal subjects offered by the University of British Columbia.

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Western University

According to Times Higher Education rankings, Western University in London, Ontario, about midway between Detroit and Toronto, has one of the best law schools in Canada.

In the field of commercial law, the Faculty of Law at Western University is more well-known and trustworthy than others. Despite not ranking among the top 15 global law schools in Canada in the 2018 QS Rankings, this institution improved in 2019 and rose to ninth place in the same table.

University of Calgary 

The University of Calgary is a vibrant, young institution that embraces all sorts of opportunities and change. The Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, which has around 378 undergraduate students, was ranked tenth in both the 2018 and 2019 QS Rankings of Canadian law schools.

The University of Calgary has a considerable advantage over other Canadian law schools in that its classrooms are frequently smaller, and it is also one of the top 15 global law schools in Canada by 2022. As a result, students will spend more time with their teachers.

Best Law Schools in Canada

Why Should You Study in the Best Law Schools in Canada?

Many students must choose between earning a JD from a Canadian law school and taking the bar exam in their home country. Some students travel to Canada for the experience of studying in another country as well as the chance to practice more worldwide. Others travel north to study law because they desire a higher quality of life with lower tuition prices than what is available in their native countries.

Law students in Canada can expect a well-rounded academic experience with numerous benefits. To begin with, tuition is roughly one-third to one-half of what it would be in the United States. Students also receive greater government funding than they do in the United States. 

Law studies in Canada are also well-known and respected around the world. This is because Canadians have developed their unique views on the law and legal systems. There are numerous reasons why Canada is the ideal country in which to study law. To begin with, Canadian law schools offer high-quality education. 

They prepare students for a global economy and give them the skills to work anywhere in North America, if not the entire world. Another factor is that tuition in Canada is affordable, and government grants are available to those who qualify. Finally, Canada provides student visas that can assist you in finding work overseas.

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Bottom line: best law schools in Canada

Most of the best law schools in Canada offer dual degree programs that teach students about both Canadian and American law. According to QS World Rankings, Canadian universities are some of the best law schools in the world. This is because Canada has friendly people, beautiful nature, and a strong academic system that is always getting better.

Even though most universities that offer law degrees are in the cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, there is a wide range of universities across Canada that offer law courses.

Best Law Schools in Canada FAQ

What is the top law school in Canada?

Toronto University

According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, the University of Toronto is the best place to study law in Canada. The university, which is based in Toronto, is the first in the country and is in the top 20 in the world for law. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 place the university in the top 20.

Is it hard to get into Canadian law school?

It’s challenging to get accepted into a law school in Canada, even at less selective colleges. The nation’s average acceptance rate for law schools of 11.4% demonstrates this. 

With a 3.0 GPA, can I get into a Canadian law school?

An LSAT score in the top 55% and a GPA of at least 3.0 are requirements for almost all accepted candidates. If you do not fit into this category, you will need other aspects of your experience to be very strong for you to succeed. Even if you fit into this category, admission is not assured.

What is the cheapest law school in Canada?

Newfoundland and Labrador University, the least expensive law school in Canada, stands out for two reasons: its reputation for scholarship and thought leadership, as well as its low tuition costs. Additionally, it provides some unusual ways for students to pay for colleges, such as a scholarship for LGBT students funded by the married couple Brad Berg and Brian Rolfes. Students can also apply for LGBT-specific scholarships like the J. Barrie Thomson Scholarship and the Nicole L. Thornbury Memorial Bursary.

The cost of attending Newfoundland and Labrador University is among the lowest in Canada for law students. Although the cost of tuition is relatively low in comparison to other Canadian universities, full-time students can expect to pay around $11,000 annually. However, students are required to pay for their textbooks, course supplies, and Law Co-op work term costs. In addition, off-campus housing costs an average of $13,552.

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