Unveiling Capella University Acceptance Rate & Admission Guidelines 2024

Ready to learn about Capella University acceptance rate and essential admission guidelines to enhance your chances of securing enrollment at this renowned online learning institution? Capella University boasts a 100% acceptance rate, placing it among the 23% US universities with the most accessible admission processes.

The university’s admission statistics include both local and international students. Recent data shows that 39,727 students are enrolled exclusively in distance education programs at Capella University. Capella University maintains an open admission policy regarding admissions requirements, making it non-competitive. The primary prerequisite for admission is a certificate of attendance, a high school diploma, or a General Educational Development certificate.

The annual average net cost of attending Capella University is $14,935, comprising tuition, housing, fees, books, and supplies, adjusted by the average financial aid received. This figure may vary depending on household income, residency status, chosen program, and other considerations.

Capella University Acceptance Rate

Net Average Cost$14,935/year
Average Aid Awarded$6,637
Students Receiving Aid86%
Household Income RangeAverage Cost
$30K – $48K$14,252
$48K – $75K$14,255
$75K – $110K$21,572
Tuition in-district$14,328$14,826
Tuition in-state$14,328$14,826
Tuition out-of-state$14,328$14,826

Capella University Majors

Capella University offers a diverse range of majors across various degree levels. The university has conferred 6,057 bachelor’s degrees across 24 programs, 6,660 master’s degrees across 58 programs, and 1,261 doctorate degrees across 48 programs. Below is a table showcasing the majors available at Capella University and the corresponding degree programs they lead to.

Registered Nursing & Registered Nurse4,1433
Business Administration and Management, General55446118
Applied Behavior Analysis108565
Health & Health Care Administration & Management24356133
Psychology, General49712160
Nursing Administration595
Nursing Education51237
Mental Health Counseling & Counselor486
Human Resources Management & Personnel Administration, General14629417
Marriage and Family Therapy & Counseling292
Clinical & Medical Social Work265
Counselor Education & School Counseling and Guidance Services21443
Project Management571486
Industrial and Organizational Psychology16440
Medical Informatics1197
Nursing Practice178
Computer and Information Systems Security & Auditing & Information Assurance537042
Educational Leadership and Administration, General34114
Developmental and Child Psychology1317
Clinical Nurse Leader128
Public Health, General245533
Forensic Psychology110
Information Technology77521
Clinical Psychology7816
Community Organization and Advocacy92
Criminal Justice & Safety Studies324215
Education, General842
Applied Psychology80
Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching3247
Curriculum and Instruction1362
Social Work75
Human Services, General3339
Educational & Instructional Technology4328
Public Administration5614
Educational Psychology4019
Early Childhood Education and Teaching56
Social Sciences, Other151
Performance and Sport Psychology49
Management Science5403
Business Administration, Management and Operations, Other47
Special Education and Teaching, General44
Health Information & Medical Records Administration & Administrator42
Information Technology Project Management23127
Crisis & Emergency & Disaster Management1719
Higher Education & Higher Education Administration2114
Organizational Leadership35
Reading Teacher Education1420
Substance Abuse & Addiction Counseling293
Cyber & Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism18
Public Health, Other18
System, Networking, and LAN & WAN Management & Manager15
Finance, General1013
Education, Other12
Family and Community Services12
Computer Programming, Specific Applications11
Purchasing, Procurement & Acquisitions and Contracts Management37
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing, Other10
Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications9
Data Processing and Data Processing Technology & Technician9
School Psychology9
Secondary School Administration & Principalship9
Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language & ESL Language Instructor8
Cloud Computing7
Family Psychology7
Marketing & Marketing Management, General511
Non-Profit & Public & Organizational Management6
Health Policy Analysis5
Human Resources Management and Services, Other4
Information Resources Management4
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods, Other12
Administration of Special Education2
Computer & Information Technology Services Administration and Management, Other2
Computer and Information Sciences, Other1
Data Modeling & Warehousing and Database Administration1
Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Studies1
Organizational Behavior Studies1
Grand Total 6,057 6,6601,261

Conclusion on Capella University Acceptance Rate

Capella University maintains an open admission policy, with an acceptance rate of 100%. This means that all applicants meeting the basic admission requirements, such as possessing a high school diploma or equivalent, are admitted without competition. The university’s commitment to accessibility ensures that students from diverse backgrounds can pursue higher education and advance their careers. With its flexible online programs and a wide range of majors at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, Capella University provides accessible pathways for students to achieve their academic and professional goals.


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