Columbia MBA Acceptance Rate in 2024

Are you wondering about your chances of getting into Columbia’s MBA program? Discover Columbia MBA acceptance rate and gain insights into the competitive landscape of one of the world’s top business schools.

In 2023, the MBA acceptance rate at Columbia Business School stood at 20%. This represented a slight decrease from the previous year’s rate of 22% in 2022 and an increase from 16% in 2021. Specifically, in 2022, the school received 5,643 applications, with 1,109 students ultimately receiving admission.

Consequently, the total number of enrolled students for the class of 2024 amounted to 629.

Columbia MBA Acceptance Rate

Fast Facts: Columbia MBA
Acceptance Rate 20%
GMAT Average 730
GPA Average 3.5
Avg. Years Work Experience 5

How Hard is it to Get into Columbia Business School?

The Columbia MBA acceptance rate of 20% last season was slightly higher than its historical precedents. Class size at CBS is typically one of the largest of the elite programs, varying between 780 and 850 students. Columbia makes the most of this large cohort through its “cluster” system. That way, students benefit from a large school in New York City, the center of business, while also getting the intimacy of smaller-group bonds.

Timing is outsized in Columbia MBA admissions because of its unique binding Early Decision Round and rolling admissions format. Rolling admission means that applications are evaluated in the order received during Early Decision and Regular Decision. So, the earlier you hit submit, the better. But timing is not a total deal-maker/breaker; Columbia will find a place for great applicants until their official April deadline.

Regarding test scores, CBS’s 729 average GMAT is among the highest of top-ranked programs. Columbia was among the earliest full-time MBA programs to accept the Executive Assessment (EA), the GMAT, and the GRE. This array of testing options gives the admissions team the latitude to accept interesting applicants from non-traditional backgrounds who they believe will add unique value to the class.

Columbia uses a holistic approach to admissions, but “fit” is very important. In particular, CBS AdCom looks for involvement outside of work and the classroom, as well as leadership or leadership potential. They want to feel certain that you will fit into its tight-knit community and be super involved in student life.

Undergraduate Majors Represented in CBS’s MBA Program

In CBS’s MBA program, the most prevalent undergraduate majors include Business/Economics (35%), Economics (28%), and Engineering (17%).

Among the undergraduate universities prominently represented in CBS’s MBA class profile are Columbia University, Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, Boston College, Brown University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Virginia, Duke University, and Yale University.

If your undergraduate alma mater is listed among these institutions, it indicates that Columbia has accepted numerous applicants with similar educational backgrounds in the past. Moreover, it suggests that candidates from these schools have shown interest in applying to Columbia, indicating that the business school has found success with students who have completed their undergraduate studies at these universities.

Conclusion on Columbia MBA Acceptance Rate

While Columbia Business School maintains a competitive acceptance rate of around 20%, it’s important to note that this rate can fluctuate slightly yearly. The school’s holistic approach to admissions considers factors beyond test scores, including applicants’ fit within the tight-knit community and leadership potential. With a strong emphasis on involvement outside of work and the classroom, Columbia seeks to build a diverse and dynamic student body that will thrive in its rigorous academic environment and contribute meaningfully to the MBA program and beyond.


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