Cornell MBA Acceptance Rate 2024

Curious about the Cornell MBA acceptance rate? Discover the competitiveness of admission to Cornell’s MBA program. Find out key insights and factors influencing acceptance rates at Cornell University.

The Johnson Graduate School of Management, situated within the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, is an esteemed Ivy League institution renowned for its prestigious MBA programs. Prospective MBA candidates can pursue the traditional two-year MBA program, the accelerated one-year MBA program, or the Cornell Tech MBA. Each program offers a STEM-designated track, providing students with diverse academic pathways. While the two-year and one-year MBA programs are based in Ithaca, the Cornell Tech MBA offers a unique dual-campus experience, encompassing both the Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses.

Cornell mba Acceptance Rate

Here are some fast facts about the Johnson MBA program:

  • Acceptance Rate: 31%
  • GMAT Median: 710
  • GPA Median: 3
  • Average Years of Work Experience: 5.4

Cornell Johnson MBA Class Profile

The two-year MBA program at Cornell Johnson spans 21 months, commencing in August, with a cohort size of 292 students.

In the recent intake, students boasted a GMAT median score of 710 and a median GPA of 3.34. The average age of students stood at 28 years, with an average work experience of five years. Notably, the class represented 30 countries, with 35% of students from international backgrounds.

Diversity and inclusion are central to Johnson’s ethos, as evidenced by the 39% representation of women in the class. To further foster inclusivity, Johnson organizes the Johnson Women in Business (JWiB) event, offering female MBA applicants insights into the two-year MBA program through interactions with students, faculty, and alumnae over the two-day event.

Cornell Johnson MBA Application

Applying to the Cornell Johnson MBA program requires meeting several prerequisites, including a strong academic background, a competitive GMAT/GRE score, professional recommendations, a comprehensive resume, and a TOEFL/IELTS score if applicable. However, the cornerstone of the application lies in well-crafted MBA essays that demonstrate a mutual fit with the program and articulate how the MBA experience aligns with career goals.

With an acceptance rate nearing 40%, Cornell Johnson offers applicants a favorable chance of admission compared to other renowned MBA programs.

Mark your calendars for Johnson’s application deadlines: September 22, 2022, for the first round, January 10, 2023, for the second round, and April 11, 2023, for the third round. Plan accordingly to ensure a timely and thorough submission of your application.

Cornell Johnson MBA Employment Report

For the class of 2021, 97% of two-year MBA graduates secured job offers within three months of graduation, with an impressive 95% accepting these offers. Over the past five years, both base salaries and bonuses offered to MBA graduates have demonstrated a consistent upward trajectory.

The 2021 placement session stood out with notably high offer rates and salaries, particularly in sought-after fields such as MBB consulting, technology, and investment banking.

On average, MBA graduates commanded a base salary of $139,121, complemented by an average signing bonus of $37,684.

Among industries, consulting boasted the highest average base salary at $148,389, followed closely by the financial services industry at $147,396, with the technology sector trailing at $132,084.

Cornell Johnson MBA Ranking

The Cornell Johnson MBA program has garnered impressive rankings across various renowned publications:

  • 15 in the 2022 U.S. News Best Business School rankings
  • 17 in the 2022 FT (Financial Times) global MBA rankings
  • 20 in the Bloomberg Best B-Schools 2021–22 rankings
  • 15 in the Poets & Quants 2021-2022 rankings

These rankings reflect the program’s consistent commitment to excellence in business education and its esteemed reputation among peers and industry leaders.

Conclusion on Cornell MBA Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for the Cornell MBA program at the Johnson Graduate School of Management stands as a competitive factor, offering applicants a favorable chance compared to some other prestigious MBA programs. With an acceptance rate close to 40%, prospective students can secure admission to this esteemed Ivy League institution. However, meeting the rigorous application requirements and deadlines is crucial for maximizing one’s chances of acceptance. Aspiring applicants should ensure they present a strong academic record, competitive test scores, compelling essays, and relevant professional experience to strengthen their candidacy.


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