Georgia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate 2024

Are you concerned about Georgia Tech engineering acceptance rate? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! While it’s easy to fixate on college acceptance rates, especially when they’re as low as Georgia Tech’s, remember you have control over improving your application.

Instead of fretting over acceptance rates, focus on enhancing all aspects of your Georgia Tech application, including your scores, grades, and essays. With a 16% acceptance rate, Georgia Tech has highly selective admissions. On average, successful applicants present SAT scores ranging from 1310 to 1500 and ACT scores between 30 and 34.

The standard admissions application deadline for Georgia Tech is January 4th, while the early action deadline is October 16th, providing interested students with an earlier opportunity to apply. While the mentioned score ranges to capture the profiles of most admitted students, it’s essential to remember that exceptions exist, with many successful applicants surpassing these thresholds.

Georgia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate

GPA Range Percentage
3.75+ 98%
3.50 – 3.74 1%
3.25 – 3.49 90%
3.00 – 3.24 0%
2.50 – 2.99 90%
2.00 – 2.49 90%
Below 2.00 90%


Test Range
SAT Total 1370–1530
SAT Math 700–790
SAT Reading 670–760
ACT Composite 31–35
Metric Value
Acceptance Rate 16%
Total Applicants 45,388
Admitted 8,308
Enrolled 3,471

Application Requirement

Application Requirements Requirement
High school GPA Required
High school rank Neither required nor recommended
College prep courses Required
SAT/ACT scores Required
Recommendations Considered but not required

Writing Section Requirements for the SAT and ACT

The ACT is the only exam offering an optional essay section that all students can take. The optional essay portion of the SAT was phased out in June 2021, except in certain states where it continued to be administered during school days. Consequently, while some institutions may advise candidates to submit SAT Essay or ACT Writing scores if available, no school mandates it.

The SAT Essay/ACT Writing section for Georgia Tech is optional and may not be considered in admissions decisions. While writing proficiency may not be a significant concern for this institution, it could be for others you’re applying to.

Admission to Georgia Tech is highly competitive, making a strong GPA and SAT/ACT score essential. Failure to meet their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements could lead to rejection without much deliberation.

Aim for the 75th percentile with a 1530 SAT or a 35 ACT to maximize your admission chances. Additionally, a GPA of at least 4.07 is required. If your GPA is lower, compensate with a higher SAT or ACT score. Beyond test scores, your application needs to make a strong impression on the admissions committee at Georgia Tech.

However, if you apply with a score below 35 on the ACT or a 1530 SAT, your chances of admission are significantly diminished. You’ll compete against a large pool of students with exceptional applications and strong SAT/ACT scores, making admission highly challenging.

Admissions to Georgia Tech

The applicant review process at Georgia Tech’s admissions office is thorough and holistic. This means that Georgia Tech admissions decisions are not solely based on any single component of your application. Therefore, if your grades and test scores are weaker than you’d like, focus on maximizing the other aspects of your Georgia Tech application. This includes highlighting engaging extracurricular activities and crafting compelling essays.

Despite the competitive nature of admissions at GT, you can still succeed in the Georgia Tech admissions process by submitting an outstanding application. You can visit their official website for more detailed information on their undergraduate and graduate programs.

Georgia Tech Tuition Fee

  • Average Cost of Attendance: $14,974
  • Average Total Financial Assistance Offered: $12,741
  • Percentage of Students Receiving Financial Aid: 36.33%

Georgia Tech Majors

  • Information Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Business
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Georgia Tech’s Specialized Engineering Programs

Georgia Tech is renowned for its exceptional electrical and computer engineering programs, with graduates sought after in various industries such as computing, robotics, energy, and manufacturing.

Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate for Engineering

Acceptance Rate: 17.1%

The acceptance rate is crucial to consider when aiming to secure admission. It indicates the level of competition and the rigor of the school’s criteria. Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate for engineering stands at 17.1%, meaning only seventeen out of every hundred applications are accepted.

Why Georgia Tech Earns High Engineering Rankings

Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering consistently earns top rankings in prestigious publications like the Princeton Review, Fiske Guide to Colleges, and Kiplinger Business Magazine. This recognition stems from its exceptional academic standards and affordable tuition, making it one of American higher education’s most esteemed and best-value institutions.

Conclusion on Georgia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for engineering programs at Georgia Tech is 17.1%, indicating a highly competitive admissions process. Prospective students should be prepared to showcase strong academic credentials, including high grades and standardized test scores, to maximize their chances of acceptance. Additionally, highlighting relevant extracurricular activities and achievements can help strengthen their applications. Despite the rigorous selection criteria, successful applicants to Georgia Tech’s engineering programs benefit from access to top-notch faculty, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a vibrant learning environment conducive to academic and professional growth.

FAQs about Georgia Tech Engineering Acceptance Rate

1. What is the engineering percentage at Georgia Tech?

Over 65% of all students at Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering graduate with a major in engineering.

2. Which major is most popular at Georgia Tech?

The most popular majors at Georgia Tech include Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences, Business, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, Mathematics, and Statistics.

3. Does Georgia Tech offer scholarships to students studying abroad?

Unfortunately, federal and state financial assistance programs are not available to international students, and institutional scholarships managed by Georgia Tech’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance (OSFA) often do not provide awards to international students.

4. Which GPA is needed to get into Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech requires a GPA of 4.07, meaning you need to excel in your classes with primarily A’s to compete with other applicants.

5. Does Georgia Tech cost a lot of money?

For the 2022–2023 academic year, the total cost of attendance at Georgia Tech was $24,106 for in-state students and $45,218 for out-of-state students, including tuition and room and board.

We hope this blog post did justice to your worries and the Faqs section answers your inquiries. Please visit our website for more information on international universities’ acceptance rates.


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