UIUC Acceptance Rate by Major in 2024

Are you curious about the UIUC acceptance rate by major? Discover which programs are the most competitive and gain insights into admission trends with UIUC’s acceptance rate breakdown by major.

In an era where undergraduate admissions often seem shrouded in mystery, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) stands out for its commitment to transparency. Unlike many institutions, UIUC openly acknowledges that its acceptance rates vary across different majors, offering a more comprehensive view of the admissions process.

Amidst its debut on the Common App, UIUC reported a significant surge in applications, receiving over 63,000 during the 2021-2022 admissions cycle—a remarkable 33% increase from the previous year. Consequently, UIUC’s selectivity soared, admitting only 45% of applicants compared to roughly 60% in the previous cycle. Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Andy Borst, noted, “We exceeded our initial targets, with a higher-than-expected enrollment of international students.” If only more institutions followed UIUC’s lead in transparency!

UIUC Acceptance Rate by Major

College Admit Rates (First-Choice Major Only)

Acceptance rates for first-choice majors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) vary across different academic disciplines:

  • College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences: 42.8%
  • College of Applied Health Sciences: 45.5%
  • College of Education: 51.7%
  • College of Fine & Applied Arts: 49.5%
  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences: 49.8%
  • College of Media: 38.4%
  • Division of General Studies: 48.9%
  • Gies College of Business: 27.0%
  • Grainger College of Engineering: 23.0%
  • School of Information Sciences: 68.1%
  • School of Social Work: 46.9%
  • Computer Science Programs:
    • Computer Science: 6.7%
    • Computer Science + X Programs: 25.4%

Unlike many other institutions, UIUC is transparent about its acceptance rates based on residency status.

Residency Applicants Admits Acceptance Rate

Residency Applicants Admits Acceptance Rate
Illinois Resident 25,944 14,589 56.20%
Non-Resident 21,216 7,749 36.50%
International 16,097 6,016 37.40%

Insights into UIUC Admissions

While UIUC remains test optional, the university has disclosed the percentage of applicants who submitted ACT or SAT scores by college. Notably, over seventy percent of accepted Engineering applicants submitted test scores, while fewer than thirty percent of accepted Education and Social Work applicants did so. Furthermore, despite these significant differences, the middle fifty percent of accepted Engineering students earned scores between 1440 and 1530, compared to 1220 to 1365 for Education students and 1260 to 1420 for Social Work students. This reveals intriguing insights into the applicant pool.

Director Borst emphasized the importance of applying for programs in which students intend to enroll, noting that UIUC considers students only for their first-choice major and, if selected, their second-choice major. The Division of General Studies is designed for students open to exploring multiple majors, with preference given to those open to programs with available capacity on campus. Borst also advised students interested solely in intercollegiate transfer into The Grainger College of Engineering or Gies College of Business to consider enrolling at another university.

In a significant policy change, due to UIUC’s increasing competitiveness, entry into the university’s computer science program is now limited to new first-year or transfer students. Once on campus, students cannot apply to change majors into computer science, although they may pursue a computer science minor or apply to change majors into the computer science & X programs.

UIUC Traditions

Homecoming: The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is believed to be the birthplace of the Homecoming tradition, which originated over a century ago. Initially, Homecoming was a modest affair when it debuted in 1910. However, it swiftly gained popularity and evolved into a significant event by the 1920s. Today, Homecoming stands as one of the campus’s grandest celebrations, attracting alumni, students, and supporters from around the globe. The festivities include a football game, a parade, a pep rally, and various social gatherings.

Altgeld Chimes: Nestled within Altgeld Hall on the UIUC campus, the Altgeld Chimes comprise a 15-bell instrument that not only marks time but also hosts concerts every weekday post-lunch. These concerts feature an array of music genres, spanning traditional college tunes, popular songs, and even iconic movie themes. Whether you’re partial to “Hail to the Orange” or “Hey Jude,” there’s something for everyone at an Altgeld Chimes concert.

Lincoln’s Nose: Adorning the entrance of Lincoln Hall is a bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln, notable for its gleaming golden nose. This peculiar phenomenon is the result of a longstanding tradition where students rub the nose for good luck before exams, a custom believed to have originated in the early 1900s. The constant rubbing has polished the nose to a different hue from the rest of the bust, earning it the moniker “Lincoln’s Lucky Nose.” If pre-exam jitters strike, a visit to Lincoln Hall to give Lincoln’s nose a gentle rub might just bring a stroke of luck your way!

Cost of Attendance

Tuition & Fees Food & Housing Books & Supplies Other Expenses Total
Illinois Resident $17,572-$22,836 $13,938 $1,200 $2,500 $35,210-$40,474
Non-Resident $36,068-$43,894 $13,938 $1,200 $2,840 $54,046-$61,872
International $36,998-$46,944 $13,938 $1,200 $2,840 $54,976-$64,922

Conclusion on UIUC Acceptance Rate by Major

Acceptance rates at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) vary significantly across different majors. The data reveals a diverse landscape, with some programs boasting relatively high acceptance rates while others are highly competitive. For example, majors within the College of Engineering exhibit lower acceptance rates, with the Computer Science program being particularly selective. On the other hand, majors within the College of Education and School of Social Work tend to have higher acceptance rates.

These variations underscore the importance of prospective students carefully considering their intended major when applying to UIUC. It’s essential to understand the competitiveness of each program and align one’s academic interests and qualifications accordingly. Additionally, the transparency demonstrated by UIUC in providing detailed acceptance rate data by major sets a commendable example for prospective students navigating the college admissions process. This transparency enables applicants to make informed decisions and better understand their chances of admission to their desired programs.


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