UT Austin Acceptance Rate by Major: Assess Your Program’s Competitiveness 2024

Considering UT Austin? Explore UT Austin acceptance rate by major to gauge program competitiveness and make informed decisions about your academic future at The University of Texas at Austin.

We have compiled comprehensive information about UT Austin’s acceptance rate by major, along with other valuable tips to help aspiring students navigate the admissions process.

The University of Texas at Austin stands as one of the most esteemed institutions in the southern region and across the entire United States. Renowned for its top-ranked programs in Business and Engineering, UT Austin boasts affiliations with Texas’s world-renowned energy industry.

For high school students seeking a vibrant academic environment coupled with exceptional opportunities, UT Austin emerges as the ideal destination.

UT Austin maintains a highly selective admission process, with an acceptance rate of 32%. With approximately 66,000 applicants vying for admission, only about 17,000 were admitted. Notably, half of the admitted applicants achieved SAT scores ranging from 1210 to 1470 or ACT scores between 26 and 33. Furthermore, one-quarter of admitted students surpassed these score ranges, while another quarter fell below.

This data underscores the competitiveness of securing admission to UT Austin. Prospective students should prioritize achieving strong GPAs, SAT, and ACT scores to enhance their chances of acceptance.

For high school students aspiring to attend UT Austin, excelling academically and achieving high scores on standardized tests significantly increases the likelihood of being admitted to this esteemed institution.

UT Austin Acceptance Rate by Major

Knowing More About UT Austin

The University of Texas (UT) at Austin is a public institution that was founded in 1883. Sitting on a 437-acre as it’s campus size in an urban setting, UT Austin utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.

UT Austin was ranked 39th in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges in National Universities. UT Austin’s in-state tuition and fees are $11,448, and out-state tuition and fees are $40,032.

The University of Texas at Austin is among the biggest institution in the U.S., and it has 13 schools and colleges. College of Liberal Arts is among the largest colleges. UT Austin also has top-ranked graduate programs at the McCombs School of Business, School of Nursing, and Cockrell School of Engineering.

The institution has several media outlets for students and sports teams that compete in the Division I Big 12 Conference. UT Austin also offers lots of programs available for students who want to study abroad in places like the UK, China, France, Spain, and Italy.

Students at UT Austin can participate in over a thousand clubs and organizations and freshmen don’t need to live on campus.

What Do I Need To Apply At UT Austin?

Our main aim in this article is to talk about the UT Austin acceptance rate by major, but let us look into the requirements that students need to meet before they can apply to UT Austin.

For you to apply to UT Austin, you will have to make use of either the ApplyTexas or the Coalition Application platform. These are the appropriate platforms to present all your academic information together with credits and transcripts.

Writing a long personal essay and many shorter essays are also needed. This implies that the application requires a sufficient investment of energy and time.

UT Austin’s official website, the application deadline for fresh students is November 1, and if you submit your application by this deadline, expect to receive your admission decision by February 1 of the following year1.

However, if you were to submit your application by the regular deadline of December 1, expect your admission decision by March 1.

Below is the full list of requirements before applying to UT Austin:

  • Completely filled in Coalition Application or ApplyTexas Application
  • A personal essay of 500700 words about your story
  • A complete Student Information Form
  • Four short essays of 250-300 words each covering prompt about your intended major, your goals, leadership, and your high school academic performance
  • Your high school’s profile, grade distribution report, and GPA
  • Your official high school transcript and class rank, but if your school does not provide a class rank, they can provide a statement on their policy
  • A test of proficiency in the English language (for non-native speakers and those not studying in English)
  • A $75 application fee for domestic students and $90 for International students
  • Optimal: about two letters of recommendation from an adult that is not a family member but knows you too well
  • Optional: an expanded resume with additional information about your achievement, leadership, activities, and employment experiences
  • Optional for 2022-2023 academic year: official standard test score, which will be considered but not required

In case you are applying for freshmen honours programs or specific majors, especially technical ones, you may have additional requirements. Ensure to carefully check the official page for the specific program you are applying for.

UT Austin Acceptance Rate By Major

The University of Texas at Austin, popularly known as UT Austin, is among the most prestigious universities in the US.

Despite being one of the largest institutions with 13 schools and colleges, UT Austin still maintains a highly competitive acceptance rate compared to other standard state colleges.

In recent years, the acceptance rate at UT Austin has increased slightly, currently standing at 32%.

Out of approximately 66,000 applications received, about 17,000 applicants were admitted, with 8,500 enrolling.

UT Austin offers a wide range of majors, with some of the most popular ones including:

1. Engineering

2. Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs

3. Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services

4. Biological and Biomedical Sciences

5. Social Sciences

6. Health Professions and Related Programs

7. Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

8. Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services

9. Psychology

10. Family and Consumer Sciences / Human Sciences

Each of these majors attracts a significant number of applicants, contributing to the overall competitiveness of admission at UT Austin.

UT Austin’s Ten Most Popular Majors for 2020 Graduates

1. Engineering: 13%

2. Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs: 12%

3. Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services: 12%

4. Biological and Biomedical Sciences: 11%

5. Social Sciences: 10%

6. Health Professions and Related Programs: 5%

7. Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies: 5%

8. Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services: 4%

9. Psychology: 4%

10. Family and Consumer Sciences/Human Sciences: 4%

Least Competitive Majors at UT Austin

While UT Austin boasts a competitive acceptance rate of 32%, there are certain majors that are considered less competitive, offering better chances of admission for prospective students. Here are some of the least competitive majors:

1. Liberal Arts: Under this category, majors such as Psychology, Sociology, and humanities are included. Choosing to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts may increase your likelihood of acceptance at UT Austin.

2. Languages: In 2020, approximately 51% of UT Austin graduates were Languages and Linguistics majors. This major encompasses a wide range of languages including English, French, and others. Given its relatively lower competitiveness, pursuing a degree in Languages may enhance your chances of admission.

3. Possibly Fine Arts: Majors related to fine arts, encompassing fields such as music, arts, dance, and design studies, are also considered among the least competitive at UT Austin. If you have an interest in these areas, pursuing a degree in fine arts may offer a favorable path to admission.

Choosing one of these majors may provide a strategic advantage for applicants aiming to secure admission to UT Austin.

Most Competitive Majors at UT Austin

For aspiring students aiming to secure admission to UT Austin, it’s crucial to be aware of the university’s competitive landscape, with an acceptance rate of 32%. Certain majors are particularly competitive and may pose greater challenges for applicants. Here are the most competitive majors at UT Austin:

1. Business Schools: Programs within the McCombs School of Business are highly sought after, attracting a large number of applicants each year. The rigorous curriculum and prestigious reputation of the business school contribute to its competitiveness.

2. Engineering: With UT Austin renowned for its top-ranked engineering programs, majors in this field, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering, are highly competitive. The demand for skilled engineers and the university’s strong industry connections make engineering programs highly sought after.

3. Architecture: The School of Architecture at UT Austin offers innovative programs that prepare students for successful careers in design and planning. Due to its renowned faculty and cutting-edge facilities, architecture majors attract a significant number of applicants, making it one of the most competitive fields of study at the university.

4. Computer Sciences: Given the growing demand for computer science professionals in various industries, UT Austin’s computer science programs are highly competitive. The Department of Computer Science offers rigorous courses and research opportunities, attracting top talent from around the world.

5. Physical Sciences: Majors in the physical sciences, including Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy, are also highly competitive at UT Austin. The university’s state-of-the-art research facilities and renowned faculty members make these programs attractive to ambitious students seeking a career in scientific research or academia.

Students aspiring to pursue majors in these fields should be prepared for a challenging admissions process and may need to demonstrate exceptional academic achievements and extracurricular involvement to enhance their chances of acceptance.

UT Austin GPA Requirements

Securing admission to UT Austin, with its competitive 32% acceptance rate, demands a strong academic record, particularly in high school.

UT Austin sets a high standard with an average GPA requirement of 3.83. Applicants falling below this threshold may find their chances of acceptance diminished.

To maximize your chances of admission, aiming to be at the top of your high school class is advisable. Additionally, surpassing the average GPA requirement by achieving a GPA above 3.83 can further strengthen your application.

For applicants whose GPA falls below UT Austin’s standard, achieving a higher SAT score can serve as a compensatory measure. Demonstrating readiness to excel in college-level academics through a stellar SAT performance can enhance competitiveness among other applicants.

In summary, meeting or exceeding the GPA requirement while demonstrating academic excellence through standardized test scores are vital strategies for aspiring students seeking admission to UT Austin.

Student Life at UT Austin

The University of Texas at Austin boasts a vibrant and diverse student community, comprising a total of 40,048 undergraduates enrolled as of fall 2020. Among these students, there is a balanced gender distribution, with 44% being male and 56% female.

While a small portion, 8% of students reside in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing, the majority, constituting 92%, choose to live off-campus.

UT Austin offers an active and engaging extracurricular scene, with students having the opportunity to participate in over a thousand clubs covering a wide range of interests. Additionally, students can immerse themselves in the sizable UT Greek system, contributing to a rich and dynamic campus life.

Furthermore, UT Austin takes pride in its athletic programs, being a part of the NCAA and offering students various avenues to engage in sports and fitness activities.

In essence, student life at UT Austin is characterized by diversity, involvement, and a plethora of opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Financial Aid at UT Austin

Navigating the financial aspect of college education is a common concern for many students, both domestic and international. At UT Austin, there are options available to help alleviate the financial burden for eligible students.

Approximately 40% of full-time undergraduates at UT Austin receive some form of need-based financial aid. This aid comes in various forms, including scholarships and grants, aimed at assisting students in meeting their educational expenses.

On average, eligible students receive a need-based scholarship or grant of $9,342. These financial resources can significantly contribute to covering tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs, making the pursuit of higher education more accessible and affordable for students at UT Austin.

Therefore, for students seeking financial assistance to pursue their academic goals at UT Austin, there are opportunities available to help alleviate the financial burden and make their educational aspirations a reality.

Conclusion on UT Austin Acceptance Rate by Major

Understanding the acceptance rate by major at UT Austin provides valuable insights for prospective students as they navigate the admissions process. With an overall acceptance rate of 32%, UT Austin is a competitive institution known for its rigorous academic programs and esteemed faculty.

Certain majors, such as Engineering, Communication, Journalism, Business, Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences, tend to attract higher numbers of applicants, making them more competitive in terms of acceptance rates. On the other hand, majors like Liberal Arts, Languages, and Fine Arts may offer relatively more favorable acceptance rates for interested applicants.

Navigating the admissions process at UT Austin requires careful consideration of individual strengths, academic achievements, and alignment with program requirements. While some majors may present greater challenges in terms of acceptance, diligent preparation, strong academic performance, and a compelling application can enhance one’s chances of admission.

Ultimately, regardless of the chosen major, UT Austin offers a diverse and enriching academic environment where students can pursue their educational and career aspirations with dedication and determination.


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