UT Austin Computer Science Acceptance Rate 2024

Wondering about the UT Austin Computer Science acceptance rate? Discover the latest acceptance rate statistics and insights to help you gauge your prospects for admission.

According to the 2019 Best Graduate Schools report by News & World Report, UT Austin’s computer science graduate program is esteemed as one of the nation’s top 10, ranking among the top 5 public schools and representing the leading choice in Texas.

UT Austin Computer Science Acceptance Rate

How Competitive is Computational Engineering at UT Austin?

For the majors, the acceptance rates vary. The school generally admits around 25% of applicants for Aerospace and approximately 10% for Computational Engineering. However, please note that these acceptance rates may fluctuate annually.

What Are the Least Competitive Majors at UT Austin?

Among the least competitive majors at UT Austin are Liberal Arts, Undergraduate Studies, Social Work, and Education. These fields tend to have fewer applicants compared to others. Additionally, the typical admissions standards for these colleges and schools feature lower test scores.

How Competitive Is It to Get Into UT Austin?

Admission to the University of Texas at Austin is highly competitive, with only 38 applicants accepted. Last year, the school received a total of 50,576 applications, out of which 19,482 were reviewed. Students can apply using either the Apply Texas application or the Coalition application.

Does UT Austin Have a Computer Science Major?

Yes, UT Austin offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program, catering to students aspiring for careers in computer science post-graduation or those intending to pursue further studies in the field at the graduate level.

What is UT Austin Computer Science Known For?

The Department of Computer Science at UT Austin provides students with a comprehensive education in computer science and practical technical skills. Through rigorous coursework, hands-on research, and technology development, students have the opportunity to excel in fundamental computer science principles.

How Hard is it to Get Into UT Austin Engineering?

Admission to the Cockrell School of Engineering at UT Austin is highly competitive. While some students are admitted before their freshman year, many others face rejection. In addition to meeting high academic standards, such as achieving strong SAT Math scores and excelling in AP Calculus and Physics exams, applicants must compete for limited spots in the program.

How Competitive is UT Austin?

The University of Texas at Austin boasts a 32% acceptance rate, representing its highest acceptance rate for admissions. Among admitted students, half scored between 1210 and 1470 on the SAT, while ACT scores ranged from 26 to 33.

Is Computational Engineering the Same as Computer Engineering?

No, computational engineering is distinct from both computer science and computer engineering. While a computer engineer focuses on creating new computer systems, computational engineering involves utilizing computers to solve mathematical models for intricate systems, simulate behaviors, and analyze simulation outcomes.

What Are the Least Popular College Majors?

In the 2018-19 academic year, social sciences and history were among the least popular major categories, with legal professions and studies ranking the highest. Only 2% of students opted for communications technologies, while transportation and materials movement had a slightly higher rate at 2%.

Does UT Austin Accept by Major?

Despite offering automatic admission, UT Austin does not guarantee enrollment in every major. Major decisions are made following a comprehensive review of each applicant’s application.

Is UT Austin Getting More Competitive?

The competitiveness of admissions to UT Austin has been on the rise. 2019, there were 53,000 applications for the incoming Class of 2023, with around 17,000 applicants vying for admission. Since 2013, admissions to UT Austin have increased annually, intensifying the yearly competition.

How Difficult Is It to Get Into UT Austin?

Admission to UT Austin is challenging, with only 32% of applicants accepted each year. The university received 57,241 applications for the fall 2020 semester and extended offers to 18,290 students, with 8,459 ultimately enrolling.

What Class Rank Do You Need to Get into UT Austin?

What class rank is necessary for admission at The University of Texas at Austin? The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class was 3.0, corresponding to an 8 on a four-point scale. A- students are accepted and ultimately attend if the scale is 0, indicating they are primarily accepted. With an average GPA of 3.7, it is ranked fourth in Texas.

Boosting your chances of being admitted to UT Austin’s computer science program

What differentiates successful applicants from UT Austin’s computer science program admissions process? Reviewers are keenly interested in a track record of involvement in computer science-related activities, given the high volume of applicants. While prior experience in CS, programming, or robotics isn’t mandatory, it significantly enhances your application.

Today’s teenagers have access to abundant free or affordable resources for independent study, providing ample opportunities to distinguish themselves. Standing out amidst a sea of competent applicants is crucial.

While some candidates may be engaged in impressive projects, articulating their activities effectively in resumes and essays can be challenging. Demonstrating a genuine passion for computer science and its alignment with your interests is key.

Evaluators seek students who are eager learners, self-starters, and adept at both independent and collaborative work. Your application should convey a deep commitment to exploring and tinkering with computer science concepts in your free time.

Successful applicants in computer science come in diverse forms, often lacking conventional extracurricular or leadership experiences. Generally, independent study projects carry more weight than joining existing groups or projects.

Showcasing your enthusiasm, initiative, and genuine interest in computer science through your application will greatly enhance your chances of admission to UT Austin’s esteemed computer science program.

Conclusion on UT Austin Computer Science Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for UT Austin’s computer science program reflects the competitiveness of admissions to this prestigious institution. While exact figures may vary, the program attracts many applicants yearly, making it highly selective. Prospective students should know the rigorous standards and fierce competition associated with admission to UT Austin’s computer science program. Nonetheless, with dedication, strong qualifications, and a compelling application, applicants can enhance their chances of being admitted to this esteemed program at UT Austin.


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