Wharton MBA Acceptance Rate in 2024

What is the Wharton MBA Acceptance Rate? Explore acceptance rate trends, statistics, and factors influencing admissions at Wharton School, providing valuable insights for prospective students.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is an epitome of excellence in business education, renowned for its rigorous curriculum and distinguished alumni network. With an acceptance rate of 23%, gaining admission to Wharton’s MBA program is a coveted achievement for ambitious professionals seeking to advance their careers.

Obtaining admission to the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is a coveted achievement for many aspiring business leaders. With a reputation for academic excellence and top-tier faculty, Wharton sets high standards for its applicants. The Wharton MBA acceptance rate is critical for those navigating the competitive landscape of business school admissions.

Wharton MBA Acceptance Rate
Wharton MBA Acceptance Rate

Quick Facts: Wharton MBA Program

Acceptance Rate: 23%
Average GMAT Score: 728
Average GPA: 3.6
Average Years of Work Experience: 5

Undergraduate Majors Represented in Wharton’s MBA Program:

– Humanities: 38%
– Business: 34%
– STEM: 28%

Top Undergraduate Universities from Wharton’s MBA Class:

1. University of Pennsylvania
2. Harvard University
3. Princeton University
4. Yale University
5. Georgetown University
6. Stanford University
7. Brown University
8. MIT
9. UC-Berkeley
10. Cornell University

Wharton MBA Average GPA: 3.6

Recent cohorts of admitted students at Wharton MBA boasted an average GPA of 3.6. While there’s no strict minimum GPA requirement, aiming for a GPA of 3.6 or higher is advisable to bolster your candidacy. Aspiring applicants are encouraged to strive for academic excellence, with a 4.0 GPA being the ideal target.

Wharton MBA Average GMAT Score: 728

Scoring an average of 728 on the GMAT, successful applicants to Wharton MBA exhibit a strong aptitude for standardized testing. While Wharton doesn’t stipulate a minimum GMAT score, aiming for a 728 or above is recommended to position yourself as a competitive candidate. It’s worth noting that GMAT scores submitted should not exceed five years.

Wharton MBA Average GRE Score: 162

The GMAT, Wharton also accepts GRE scores from applicants. The average GRE score among admitted candidates is 162. As with the GMAT, while there’s no explicit minimum requirement, aiming for a competitive score demonstrates your academic readiness for the rigors of Wharton’s MBA curriculum.

Understanding the Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is an important metric that many prospective MBA applicants keep a close eye on. It reflects the competitiveness of the admissions process and gives insights into the program’s selectivity.

Historical Trends of Wharton’s Acceptance Rate

One way to assess the competitiveness of the Wharton MBA program is by looking at historical trends in the school’s acceptance rate. Over the years, Wharton has seen fluctuations in its acceptance rate, with some years being more selective than others. Understanding these trends can provide valuable context for prospective applicants.

As one of the top business schools in the world, Wharton’s acceptance rate is often compared to that of other leading MBA programs. By examining acceptance rates at other top business schools, prospective applicants can gauge the competition they will face when applying to Wharton.

Conclusion on Wharton MBA Acceptance Rate in 2024

The Wharton MBA acceptance rate is highly competitive, typically 20-25%. This indicates the rigorous standards and selective nature of the admissions process at the Wharton School, one of the top business schools in the world. Prospective applicants should prepare a strong application highlighting their academic achievements, leadership potential, and career goals to increase their chances of acceptance into the program.


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