Yale Som Acceptance Rate in 2024

Wondering about Yale SOM acceptance rate trends? Explore the fluctuations over recent years and discover the school’s commitment to fostering diversity and excellence in its student body.

In the 2022-2023 MBA application cycle, Yale School of Management witnessed a notable decline in applicants, mirroring trends at other top institutions like the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Responding to this downturn, Yale, like its peers, opted to increase admissions and admit more students while filling fewer seats.

For the MBA Class of 2025, Yale SOM saw its acceptance rate climb to 33%, a historic high according to records from Poets&Quants. This rate surpassed the 30% seen during the 2019-2020 cycle, influenced by the pandemic. Over the past two years, Yale’s selectivity rate has increased by nine percentage points, with last year’s MBA Class of 2024 boasting a 28% acceptance rate.

The rise in acceptance rate was primarily driven by enrolling fewer students—339 compared to the previous year’s 347, marking Yale’s smallest MBA class in recent years. However, the more significant factor was the admission of 119 additional applicants, constituting a 13.3% increase from the prior cycle. This admission surge represents the highest number at Yale SOM since the COVID-19 intake in 2020. Despite this, Yale’s yield—the proportion of admits who enroll—experienced a decline of approximately six percentage points, dropping from 39% to 33%.

Yale Som Acceptance Rate

Class StatsClass of 2025Class of 2024Class of 2023Class of 2022Class of 2021
Acceptance rate33%28%24%30%25%
FT Student Enrollment717738699695702
Average GMAT723723726720721
Median GMAT720725730720720
GMAT Range580-780630-780640-780640-780640-780
GRE Average329329330328329
Average GRE-Verbal164164165164165
Median GRE-Verbal164164166164165
GRE Verbal Range153-170152-170157-170152-170158-170
Average GRE-Quant165165165164164
Median GRE-Quant166166165164165
GRE Quant Range152-170154-170155-170153-170155-170
Percentage of students enrolled with GRE scores37%39%36%35%24%
Average GPA3.633.653.663.633.64
Median GPA3.653.693.693.653.66
GPA Range2.94-4.02.88-4.03.03-4.02.91-4.03.08-4.0

Yale Som Acceptance Rate

Amidst the current application cycle, Yale School of Management’s higher acceptance rate may offer hope to prospective applicants. Round 1 has recently concluded, with the Round 2 deadline set for January 4, 2024. However, Yale’s newly published class profile reveals intriguing insights beyond acceptance rates.

Yale is one of the few top U.S. business schools that disclose the full range of Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores leading to admissions. In 2023, an applicant secured admission with a GMAT score of 580—more than 140 points below the class average of 723. This marks a notable deviation from the previous year, where the lowest GMAT score for admission was 630.

While Yale’s class average GMAT remains steady at 723, the median GMAT has declined to 720 this year from 725 in 2022 and 730 in 2021.

There have been minor changes this year in terms of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), the alternative to the GMAT. Fewer applicants submitted GRE scores—37% compared to last year’s record-high of 39%. However, the cumulative GRE average remained at 329, with both Verbal and Quantitative scores remaining unchanged.

Yale also reports a slight decrease in the undergraduate GPA average to 3.63, down from 3.65 in 2022 and 3.66 in 2021. Despite a narrower range, with at least one applicant admitted with a sub-3.0 GPA for the second consecutive year, Yale remains committed to diversity and academic excellence.

Yale Som Class Stats 2021-2025

Class DemographicsClass of 2025Class of 2024Class of 2023Class of 2022Class of 2021
U.S. Underrepresented Minorities18%24%20%11%13%
Number of Countries Represented4648384647
Average Age2827272728
Average Years of Prior Work Experience5.


The latest Yale SOM MBA class showcases a dynamic blend of diversity and remarkable professional achievements. While the proportion of women decreased slightly to 40% from the previous 43%, the representation of underrepresented U.S. minorities also saw a decline to 18% from the school-record 24%. However, U.S. students of color, including Asian-Americans, constitute 48% of the new class.

International enrollment surged to half of the class, up from 48% last year and 44% in 2021. The average age of the cohort rose to 28 from 27, accompanied by an increase in average years of work experience to 5.1 from 4.7.

Bruce DelMonico, assistant dean for MBA admissions at Yale SOM, emphasized the school’s ongoing commitment to fostering diversity in its MBA ranks. DelMonico highlighted the diverse academic backgrounds of the students, representing 199 different schools, spanning from engineering to the arts. Notably, 16% are first-generation college graduates, while an equal percentage holds previous graduate degrees. Additionally, 6% are pursuing joint degrees with other Yale schools.

The professional credentials of the class are equally remarkable, spanning various sectors, industries, and companies. A significant majority, 81%, hail from the private sector, with the remaining 19% from the nonprofit and public sectors. The class boasts a diverse array of employers, including prominent names like SpaceX, Meta, Tesla, Alphabet, and IBM, among others. Noteworthy employers also include the U.S. Army, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Company, and Capital One. Moreover, the class comprises 23 veterans of the United States military and 29 Silver Scholars, further enriching the diverse and impressive profile of the cohort.


Undergraduate MajorsClass of 2025Class of 2024Class of 2023Class of 2022Class of 2021
Humanities/Social Science25%19%28%29%28%
Prior IndustriesClass of 2025Class of 2024Class of 2023Class of 2022Class of 2021
Consumer Packaged Goods5%3%3%6%3%
Financial Services24%20%17%23%20%
Healthcare (including products and services)6%7%5%4%5%
Real Estate2%2%1%2%

Conclusion on Yale Som Acceptance Rate

Yale School of Management’s acceptance rate has fluctuated notably over the past few years. Despite minor variations in acceptance rates, Yale SOM remains committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community. Its recruitment strategies and admissions processes reflect the school’s efforts to prioritize diversity and excellence. As a result, Yale SOM continues to attract a talented and diverse cohort of students, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic learning environment for all.


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