Some Hidden Reasons Why You Are Losing Weight

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Americans love to lose weight and it is always their interest whether it is for a New Year or upcoming social event. A lot of people make use of different methods just to achieve their target; be it strict low-carb diet or juice cleanse. In most cases, internal health rarely factors into a person’s fat loss plan, but it is one of the most underrated things to consider by people. Several hidden reasons prompt the body to hold onto excess weight. Moreover, those factors render diet and exercise not effective until you address them.

Vital Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

1.     Blood Sugar Dysregulation: All the entire cells in the body require ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate. It is a chemical that offers energy for several internal processes which includes muscle contraction, nerve impulse stimulation, and chemical synthesis. The ATP is formed through a process known as cellular respiration, of which carbohydrates are the preferred fuel source. Also, insulin is necessary to human life, but it can promote fat storage if produced in excess. In some situations, the cells become fatigued and become less powerful to efficiently accept insulin which results to insulin resistance. This situation is very dangerous as it can lead to weight gain and eventually type 2 diabetes if not treated. Therefore, it is essential to maintain balanced blood sugar to help prevent unwanted fat gain. This can be achieved by simply reducing the consumption of processed foods and ensuring each meal contains protein, fiber, and fat. Those nutrients will slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream.

2.     Inflammation: It is common to understandably overlook the relationship from losing weight to inflammation. While some level of inflammation is important to fight off infections, problems can come up when it becomes chronic and unrelenting. One resulting situation is weight gain (when the body is experiencing inflammation). It is therefore important to investigate the major cause of inflammation to help restore optimal internal health and begin the journey to weight loss. Some other common causes of inflammation include carrying excess weight, food sensitivities, poor diet, birth control pills, gut infections, environmental toxins, imbalanced blood sugar and poor sleep.

3.     Hormone Imbalance: Hormones is a basic reason why people no longer explore the calories in vs calories out model. Approximately 50 of the chemicals circulate throughout the human body, secreted by endocrine cells which are located in glands. These substances then move to the bloodstream and activate target cells. The hormones have an incredible amount of influence on our weight because they regulate BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate. BMR is simply someone’s number of calories burnt in a day without physical activity involved. If there is an imbalance of some particular hormones such as cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, there would be decrease in BMR. Bringing back hormones into a balance stage is a multifaceted process. It often involves addressing adrenal function, liver detoxification, gut dysbosis, and insulin resistance, among other pieces of a very difficult puzzle. Among the most effective and acceptable methods that can help you restore optimal health is by working with a functional practitioner who uses a comprehensive hormone test such as DUTCH or Dried Urine Total Complete Hormones.

4.     Mineral Imbalance or Heavy Metal Toxicity: Although minerals can’t be broken down and turned into energy like macronutrients (carbs, fats and protein), they are cofactors for hundreds of enzymes involved in metabolism. Since metabolism controls the number of calories a person burns, mineral deficiencies can lead to weight gain. Heavy metal toxicity is now popular in this modern world as several factors are responsible for it such as contaminated water supply. A great way to assess mineral and heavy metal status is Hair Trace Mineral Analysis.

5.     Stress: Stress is an unavoidable condition for every individual most especially in this fast-paced world we live in today. From our jobs, financial struggles, kids, and relationships, most of us are constantly on-edge. Certainly, stress is rarely a purely psychological issue. In the real sense, stress signals the secretion of cortisol, a steroid hormone which can increase blood sugar levels even when there are no refined or processed foods. Here is how this halts your efforts in losing weight. This process can prompt the body to store fat, mostly in the abdominal area, since blood glucose links to insulin (the fat-storing hormone).


When there is no effort to help you reduce weight gain, there could be serious issue to that. Plateaus lead a lot of people to push harder in the gym and cut their calories even more to witness positive results. The fact is that not only is this method often unsuccessful, it also fails to address the major reason why weight loss isn’t happening.

Therefore, the basic reason for having difficulty in losing weight could be a symptom of something internal. There could be different causes which include hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, gut dysbiosis, or other invisible illness. The best way out is to realize the interconnectedness of every internal system so as to achieve optimal health and help lose weight as desired.

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