You’ll be Surprised By How Many Calories You Burn During These Daily Activities

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Calories are a unit of energy used as a food energy unit. They are two categories of calories, small and large calories. Counting the number of calories consumed and the number of calories burned is how to keep fit. Each food has its own amount of calories. Calories usually supply the body with fats, carbohydrates and protein.
Since calories differ from foods to foods, people who try to lose weight always check the foods they eat. This helps them calculate calories. Calorie counting allows a person to know how much calories they consume and how much they need to burn to keep them fit and slim.

This may raise the admiration of students and office pioneers, who must write a lot. According to research, 30 minutes of writing can burn 15 calories! Based on this calculation, you can burn 75 calories by typing for 2.5 hours. This is how much you lose by working in the gym for 15 minutes! So the next time you hesitate to take notes, do it for the body of your dreams.


This is the excellent news again for the potato couch who love to sit all day long. Whether you sit, read, work, write, watch TV or text messages, you can burn up to 31 calories once you sit for 30 minutes. The next time you sit down and feel guilty to skip the gym; do not feel bad because sitting for 3 hours equals 20 minutes in the gym. So just relax and sit!

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Working on your computer
Whether you’re working on your laptop or desktop in your office or at home, you can burn 42 calories by working for only 30 minutes. While it is good to take breaks and give your body some exercise while working on the computer, know that you burn calories even while you sit and work! Also, 3 hours of work can burn the same amount of calories that you are in 35 minutes at the gym.

The Students
This is another one for students. Most students like to stall and finish their studies in long sessions before taking the tests directly. You’ll be surprised when you learn that 1.5 hours of study can burn the same amount of calories you burn within 15 minutes at the gym. Yes, burn 54 calories in 30 minutes of study! Be sure to boost your energy before pulling out a long study session because you will burn a lot of calories.


After a hard day at the office or at college, you may not want to go to the gym. You just want to shower and relax. There is no problem because you burn 124 calories during a shower for 30 minutes, that is 12 minutes of work. Even a quick shower for 15 minutes can burn 62 calories.

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